“That’s Alabama value.”

If Nick Saban isn’t handing this quote out to every kid on the recruiting trail…

… he’s not Nick Saban.  Shit, they ought to print that on t-shirts.


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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    REC nods in approval


  2. Derek

    Shaw’s not wrong tho. And we know Nick was using this pitch before Shaw spoke. Because Saban used that pitch before Shaw spoke.

    Good to know that bryce young can earn money for doing nothing but being enrolled at alabama like every other student can. You know, “fairness.”

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    • spur21

      Life ain’t fair unless you live in a bubble – get over it.

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      • Derek

        I had no idea! Thanks….

        for missing the point entirely.

        The pro nli folks said that the players would earn the money, like Rick Rubin starting a record label out of his NYU dorm room.

        I called bullshit saying instead that the vast majority of most player’s nli value will be tied to the brand of the school he played for.

        Now you’re all caught up.


        • RangerRuss

          DammitDerek! Somewhere, some college kid might be making some easy money and blowing it on weed n tats and otherwise having a good ol time. We just can’t have that, can we?


          • Derek

            Never had a problem with money in their pockets. I have issues with the distribution method. I also have a problem with pissing on my back and telling me its raining. If during the debate someone had said that I hope JT gets some of that Charley Trippi, Vince Dooley, Herschel, Pollock, Erk, Terry Hoage, et al money at least they’d have been intellectually honest. But thats not what happened.


    • Market decides what fare market value is. Kid did ‘nothing’ but work his tail off through high school to get recruited by Alabama then make the starting roster. I got no issue with it. Doubt anyone else on the team does, other than people with preconceived notions of what ‘fare market value’ should be to a college athlete. Absolutely Saban used this as a pitch given the circumstances. Dude can turn just about anything to his recruiting advantage.


    • drunkenmonken

      I think Shaw confused bama bias with Alabama value.


  3. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    NIL created a new reality for recruiting. Let’s just hope Kirby is as ready as Nick is. I have to believe so.


  4. 81Dog

    Welcome to football Venezuela. The handful of football oligarchs will sneer at the masses of impoverished programs living in the football favelas. I’m sure everything is going to be peachy, though. With any luck, in 5 years it will all be on PPV, like boxing. The oligarchs will make crazy money and everyone else will be like Goldie Hawn’s team in Wildcats.

    When was the last time you heard “regular people” talk about boxing? I couldn’t name a single champion. In any class. Ali v Frazier? That was appointment sports, Ray Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, all household names. But hey, Floyd Merriweather got 200 million to carry an MMA guy for a few rounds, everything is great!

    The suits who run universities are getting worked by the TV suits, again. Sure, they’ll crow about “all that money” for the first couple years of the rights deal, and play midweek games, 10am local time games, ditch rivalry games. Because “all the money.” The TV suits will laugh as it becomes clear they locked the University guys into a below market deal for the last 85% of the deal and laugh all the way to their estate in the Hamptons.

    They’re going to wreck the things we value about CFB for cash. Nobody in the SEC is going broke, nor will they if they held at 14. Disney is offering candy to our too clever by half presidents and inviting them into the ESPN van, and the arrogant bureaucrats, who are convinced they’re geniuses because everyone smooches their butts all day at the U (think Mike Adams) are going to take the candy and brag about how clever they are. They are totally overmatched, just like always, but they don’t see it.

    I get by fine without the NFL, NBA, the Olympics, etc. CFB is telling me to add them to the list. When all the games are only available on ESPN + for $100 a month, they will get their wish. You think ESPN will pay off the Big 12 so TX and OU can join the SEC out of charity? Guess who will eat the cost of that. Not ESPN. Not TX or OU. Suckers like us will get stuck with the check.

    Not this sucker. 🙂

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  5. David Shaw got a seven-figure deal before he’d ever coached a game.

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  6. Remember the Quincy

    I’ll bet Young isn’t even sniffing 7 figures, maybe not even 6 figures. No one can verify or dispel what Saban said. All he has to do is say it and every blogger and sportswriter on the planet takes it as the gospel truth.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep, until its verified somehow I’m skeptical too. Young is not a returning proven QB, though I could see a returning stud (like Lawrence was last year) getting some major bucks. Once Namath left Tuscaloosa and went to a huge market in NYC, and proved he could play, the money rolled in.


  7. uga97

    Abd Shaw can thank Nicky for their current salaries. David’s been mighty whiney this year…maybe he should checkin with Larry Scott about what happened to his school’s conference value.