Big Game Bob twists the knife again.

Cold, man, cold.

Not that it isn’t true.


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11 responses to “Big Game Bob twists the knife again.

  1. KingMackeral

    Wow. That statement will be around — referenced — for a LONG time.


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I look forward to Garth Brooks comment from the OSU side.


  3. “And all Oklahomans — no matter who they root for — can trust that when the state’s flagship university makes a decision, it always puts Oklahoma’s interests first.”

    What bovine excrement that is right there, Bob.

    I hope they draw Bama in Norman in their first year. Boy Wonder Riley gets smacked down, and Oklahomans learn they are in a different neighborhood.

    I hope we get Texas in year 1 and avenge that dreadful performance in New Orleans on New Year’s night 2019.

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    • akascuba

      Did big game Bob drop his keyboard and walk away after hitting send?

      Choklahoma where the wind blows cold and CFB playoff loses sure bet.

      Since scheduling was mentioned. Imagine if you will Greg McGarity still AD at the first meeting. Aww yeah we’ll play Auburn on the road till ….it’s blank OK guys where do I sign.

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  4. 81Dog

    The irony of Big Game Bob crowing about moving to a better league after nearly 20 years of sneering at said league’s supposedly overrated reputation is pretty impressive.

    I’m not scared of the added competition, such as it may be. I hate what I anticipate will be the loss of many traditions and rivalries to pick up 2 teams nobody in the SEC fanbase (maybe TAMU) cares anything about. Extra money sound great, until you realize the suits in our administration (and other administrations) will be the ones spending it. Nicer offices and bigger paychecks all around, yay!

    This was a done deal months before word got out. All this right now is kabuki theater.


    • Arkansas and LSU care a lot about Texas.

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      • 81Dog

        They both recruit in Texas. Hard to see how giving up the “play in the SEC” selling point helps either. Arkansas may have some latent rivalry issues from 30 years ago, but they’re lucky to be in the SEC anyway. I’m not sure LSU cares much about Texas as a rival. But, YMMV!


    • Harold Miller

      How dare you smear his narrative with your facts.


      • 81Dog

        Sorry, Coach Royal. I meant to say I am so grateful a superior program like Texas is coming to show all us ignorant, broke rednecks how preen and strut. The SEC is clearly in the verge of collapse, and desperately needs a team with tremendous resources and mediocre football to save us! 🙂


  5. One byproduct of conference realignment is always bruised egos, because someone’s always gonna get left behind. It’s a real gut punch to discover your team isn’t as desirable as you thought it was.

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  6. Scotty King

    A few thoughts here:

    Riley is adored, yet Kirby has won exactly the same number of NC.

    Ryan Day (The Great One) has won as many as Mark Richt.

    Ditto Jake Fromm and Justin Fields.

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