Whole lot of nothin’

Jere Morehead’s Q&A with Seth Emerson ($$) is a tour de force of deflection.  A sample:

I think people understand that when Texas and Oklahoma come to you it’s too compelling to not discuss. But to people who worry that it’s becoming too big, that college sports are going to super leagues, that you’re losing intimacy and regionality that makes college sports and college football special, do you share any of those concerns?

Well, change is never easy. But these were the same arguments made a decade ago when Texas A&M and Missouri joined the Southeastern Conference, and I think they’ve been very strong and capable members. So I think we have to adapt to a changing landscape, and really just always keep at the forefront that our focus is on our student-athletes, and on what’s best for our young people in the decades ahead.

Yes, this was all about doing it for the kids.  Isn’t it always?

If we’re to believe Morehead, the SEC presidents haven’t discussed conference consolidation, yet it’s “transformative”.  They haven’t discussed scheduling.  Nor have they discussed a particular time frame for when the new schools will actually participate in conference play.  The CFP never came up in discussion.  As a bonus, he has no strong opinion on Georgia’s current conference rivalries.

Honestly, I give Seth some credit here.  I would have given up half way through.  Instead he managed to finish on this high note:

Is there anything else on this that you want to add?

I would just emphasize that (Texas and Oklahoma) are two great institutions, great athletic programs, a lot of tradition, culture and success. And we think they align very well with the current members of the Southeastern Conference.

The whole thing is truly five minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Thanks, Jere.



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14 responses to “Whole lot of nothin’

  1. Munsoning

    Jere ought to offer a MasterClass (TM) in Adminspeak. It’s like Newspeak, but even emptier of meaning.

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  2. Remember the Quincy

    It was a total waste of a click. At least I read it while I was sitting in my car waiting on my dinner to be delivered curbside.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    So Jere says that 14 academic institutions analyzed the benefits and costs of adding two new members but no one thought to ask how to structure those two new members into sports schedules? Damn, he is insulting UGA and the rest of the other SEC universities.
    My bet is that the current members have been working on plans.

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  4. CB

    Yeah, they’re gonna do away with the annual Auburn/Georgia game.


  5. Doggoned

    Guys in this position get incredibly large paychecks and hold positions of supposed supreme importance, but they say nothing and reveal nothing. Ever. They’re private-sector politicians. Hardly my idea of leadership or someone to emulate. Does anyone ever dream of growing up to be one of these?

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  6. fisheriesdawg

    He’s a college administrator AND a lawyer. There’s no way in hell he’d ever say anything of context to a reporter on this topic.


  7. classiccitycanine

    So he can’t even bring himself to defend our rivalry games? WTF…


  8. Russ

    At least he’s not Adams.

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  9. Dawg in Austin

    I had the same reaction: ESPN wasn’t available so they sent the front desk person.


  10. our focus is on our student-athletes, and on what’s best for our young people in the decades ahead.

    That lie is insulting and pathetic.