HBTD! in the movies

Reader Walt sent me this link to a transcript of last year’s Nomadland, in particular this bit of dialogue:

FERN: You made it, Swankie.

Thanks, man.

Then I’m gonna get the big G right here. For Georgia. And the big bulldog right here. It’ll be a full half sleeve for the Georgia Bulldogs.

I wonder if anyone in Montana caught the movie.


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17 responses to “HBTD! in the movies

  1. Someone needs to let Stewart Mandel know about this.


  2. Down Island Way

    Reppin’ the “G” is always Swanky…


  3. I’ll have to check this bad boy out.

    Frances is an amazing actor…her work in the Coen Brothers films showed so much range…I know most people automatically go to Fargo…but I loved her in Raising Arizona…you tell em, Dot

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    • RangerRuss

      Damn, FD. I’ve watched that movie twenty times and just never realized Dot was played by McDormand. She was also excellent in Blood Simple.

      As an aside, you reckon you could post up Brothers In Arms – Miami Vice Scene? I’m much too simple a fucktard to do that anymore. Thanks pal.

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  4. RangerRuss

    Never heard of Nomadland but plan on watching as it co-stars David Strathairn, an under recognized but great actor. He played Bruce McGill’s(D-Day) former partner in the Miami Vice episode Out Where The Buses Don’t Run. That’s about the only episode of a cheesy series I’d watch again. Starts with Baba O’Riley playing and ends with Brothers In Arms.
    “He was my partner, you understand? You understand?!”

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