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TFW they expect you to do something



I’m sure this will work out just fine.


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Embarrassment of riches

I don’t remember this quote from last season, but it’s great ($$).

“For a while, everybody was on my ass about not getting it to George (Pickens),” Monken said. “Then Jermaine (Burton) made some plays, and everybody wants to throw it to Jermaine.”

Hey, man, if you can’t stand the bulletin board heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Seth points out that Monken’s got more skill position dilemmas than just that one.

Well, there’s no Pickens in 2021, at least not for now, and yet there still may be plenty of people getting on Monken’s butt this year.

And not just the passing game. As Monken pointed out, his running backs last year “probably would like more touches.” And yet they all proceeded to return for 2021.

There are a couple of obvious ways for him to spread the wealth — run more plays and keep the offense opened up in the second half in blow outs.  But, really, this is an offensive coordinator’s first world problem.

If they can figure out a starting five on the o-line, it should be a blast watching Monken try to keep fans off his butt.


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Here are Mike Farrell’s five top candidates for SEC MVP (they’re not in alphabetical order, so I presume he’s ranking them in order):

  1. Tank Bigsby
  2. Bryce Young
  3. JT Daniels
  4. Emory Jones
  5. Derek Stingley Jr.

It’s a curious list, to say the least, starting with the top spot.  In a quarterback-driven era, the idea that a running back, even one as good as Bigsby is, would carry a team is quite the conceit.  The reality is that Auburn isn’t going past seven or eight wins without Nix taking a major step up this season.

Emory Jones over Matt Corral?  C’mon, man.

Stingley is the best player in the conference.  But he’s a DB and DBs generally don’t win MVP awards.

Whom would you pick for that list?


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In the end, it’s always about one thing.

You get one guess.

Remember, these are the same people who just passed NIL legislation.  ABC, baby.


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Help us, Obi Wan pols. You’re our only hope.

If there’s one fixed economic rule for our times, it’s this:  scratch a sports capitalist and you’ll find a socialist lurking underneath.

Members of the Senate panel focused their questions on the economic impact to Texas cities such as Fort Worth, Waco and Lubbock, the homes of the Big 12 Texas schools being left behind. Baylor President Linda Livingstone told the committee that “the livelihood” of some Texas communities was at stake since the opponent mattered in ticket sales and attracting larger crowds.

Rhoades said the financial implications could put into question upcoming projects — including the building of a new basketball arena — and affect academic opportunities for students. Rhoades said the school, like others impacted, will also struggle to attract and keep talent on the field and in coaching staffs.

“The economic impact is real,” Rhoades said less than four months after the men’s basketball team won the NCAA championship. “If we are no longer a member of a Power Five, we will sell less tickets, we will sell less merchandise, we will raise less money and we will have less corporate sponsorship.”

Every damned time.

Evidently, Oklahoma and Texas are supposed to come to the aid of their less fortunate brothers.  If they won’t volunteer for the job, then what’s wrong with having the state step in to make them do the right thing?


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So much winning

TCU’s Chancellor sounds like… well, you decide.

I’d probably use another adjective there.  But I give him credit for finding a way to stretch the ol’ “doing it for the kids” excuse.



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TFW the 800 lb. gorilla flexes

Now you don’t talk so loud
Now you don’t seem so proud
About having to be scrounging your next meal

 — Bob Dylan, “Like A Rolling Stone”

Boy, did somebody change his tune yesterday.

Why do I have the feeling that “We” is doing some heavy lifting there?

It’s more likely that after having time to reflect, Bowlsby realized that whenever OU and UT leave, Mickey has the right to renegotiate the broadcast rights fee and it’s probably not the best negotiating tactic to call the more powerful “partner” out publicly.

Particularly when you get your legs cut out from underneath you like this:

Hartzell was asked whether the school had included ESPN in its conversations about moving to the SEC and said: “Absolutely, categorically, no.”

Hartzell said Texas initiated contact with the SEC, reaching out to the conference in the spring. He said the idea of joining other conferences such as the Big Ten, Atlantic Coast Conference and Pac-12 was considered internally, but Texas never contacted those leagues.

And we probably shouldn’t forget that Oklahoma publicly aired grievances of its own about the conference’s current broadcast partner.

All of which makes this a particularly hollow complaint.

The coming mea culpa from Bowlsby is going to be cringe worthy.  But at least he’s got a contract through 2025!


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Eat, or be eaten

A moment of truth from Bob Bowlsby:

It sure feels better when it’s your conference doing the ditching than when you’re the one left picking up the pieces.


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Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Yesterday, the Texas Senate held a hearing on the state’s flagship university’s decision to leave the friendly confines of the Big 12 for the SEC.  Given there isn’t a damned thing the legislature can do about that, it was the perfect setting for politicians to show their butthurt and posture for the public about how awful Texas is.  Empty gestures, for the win.

Some of the posturing sounded like it was ripped straight from the pages of your favorite school’s message board (hell, for all I know, it was).  Here are a few tasty morsels:

LOL.  That showed ’em!


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