JT Daniels: point/counter point

Bill Connelly goes all “Jane, you ignorant slut” … on himself ($$):

On one hand, Daniels’ torched three sketchy defenses but made mistakes against an awesome Cincinnati defense; he lost go-to receiver George Pickens to a spring knee injury, too, and it’s uncertain when or whether the junior will play this season.

On the other hand, (A) Daniels’ excellent Total QBR was opponent-adjusted, and (B) he will still have Kearis Jackson, Jermaine Burton and Dominick Blaylock (injured in 2020) at his disposal, plus two sophomore TEs (Darnell Washington and LSU transfer Arik Gilbert) with otherworldly potential. Add in one of the best RB rooms in the country (led by Zamir White), and you’ve got a ridiculously high ceiling.

You know, we’ll probably be happy if Daniels lands somewhere in the middle.  (Which is not to say I’m not greedy for more, Monken!)


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18 responses to “JT Daniels: point/counter point

  1. JT and Monken are going to make this a remarkable offensive season. Barring more injuries, the pieces are in place to dominate defenses. Go Dawgs

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  2. akascuba

    Who is this “we’ll probably be happy” group you refer too. JK
    I’m very familiar with the greedy for more group.

    Good news is it’s only a month till JT and company get their first opportunity.

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  3. 81Dog

    If JT is 100% healthy and confident in his, repaired knee, its going to be quite a show when the UGA O is on the field.

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  4. Tony BarnFart

    what’s the health status of blaylock and rosemy-jacksaint ?

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  5. stoopnagle

    Man, just hit the open guy and feed the beasts in the backfield. He does that, we’re going to be hell on wheels.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    A very specific question. (I don’t know why but I’ve been looking for a place to ask it)
    Is it feasible to expect Darnell Washington to line up in the backfield to power the ball downhill on short or goal line situations? Is he quick enough off the snap to be a better built albeit somewhat lighter version of Refrigerator Perry (if you remember him)?
    At the very least it would pack the defense a little tighter.

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  7. Greg

    One thing that he got right, is that was indeed an awesome defense…a senior led defense.

    The mistakes that he said he made against Cincinnati, was more on the left tackle letting them get through.

    Wish some would actually watch the game rather than looking at the stats before spouting off…….but then again, let them do it, it keeps them humble (team).

    Here’s hoping that the left tackle position is worked out before the Clemson game….and by that, I mean the best man starts the first game, not the one with the most potential.

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  8. CB

    Not so mention Arian Smith and Rosemy-Jacksaint with a chance of Adonai Mitchell and a handful of other talented prospects. JT has proven he can sling it. I believe the trajectory of our season will depend on how well he limits mistakes.

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  9. 69Dawg

    Since we rotate our wideouts and TEs I hope they can run their routes well enough that JT can count on them to be where he thinks they will be, Scares me when you have to count on a quarterback to be able to be accurate when he has so many different targets to keep up with.

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  10. Dawg19

    He jumps from point to point with the frequency of a cheap ham radio.

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