TFW you can’t leave your hat on

Hey, remember that innocent question I asked yesterday?

On a more serious note, let’s say these other conferences really intend to sulk badly enough to risk costing themselves prestige and money. Is there any possibility those feelings would carry over to the selection committee’s deliberations?

Maybe it’s not that innocent.

The man in charge of Kansas State’s athletic department is about to serve on one of the most prominent working groups in college football.

Gene Taylor has been chosen to join the College Football Playoff selection committee ahead of the upcoming season, according to a pair of K-State sources.

… Taylor will replace Texas athletics director Chris Del Conte on the selection committee. Del Conte was announced as one of the playoff committee’s five newest members in January, but he is stepping down from his role with the playoff because of the conflicting interests that now exist with Texas departing the Big 12 for the SEC along with Oklahoma, according to sources.

The Big 12 will turn to Taylor as its representative on the committee.

I hope these people aren’t going to make me long for the days of the Coaches Poll being part of the BCS.


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11 responses to “TFW you can’t leave your hat on

  1. 81Dog

    When you decide to strong arm people because you think it’s best for you, and you can, don’t be surprised if the people you strong armed happily take the opportunity to shank you in the kidney when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes, seeing an arrogant SOB denied something to which they feel entitled is worth it, even if you have to bleed a little bit, too.

    This is a principle that plays itself out daily in divorce cases, but really also in the dissolution of any enterprise. When you go out of your way to screw your partners, they remember that. Texas is the husband who has done this to multiple wives, always looking to trade up. You think their latest ex is going to be all kumbaya to Texas and the new trophy wife?


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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    If they truly, truly ‘take their hats off at the door’, Chris Del Conte didn’t need to resign this year. I know about ‘optics and appearances’ but see what I mean?

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    • originaluglydawg

      Instead of saying “Bias can’t possibly happen” this says “Bias could happen but at least one member is too honorable to allow it”.
      Del Conte is being honest.
      I don’t have a lot of faith that every committee member is that noble.
      Plus, I think ESPN influences the way the committee figures. They might as well put Herbstreit on the committee and give him two votes.
      I’ve missed the old Bowl system with an AP poll and UPI poll Number One and final top ten named afterwards. It made a lot of games more interesting and pertinent.

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  3. classiccitycanine

    It’s mind boggling that active administrators are included in this committee. It’s a classic conflict of interest.


  4. SoCalDawg

    DelConte “stepping down” is doing some heavy lifting there it seems.

    “”Given what has occurred,” Bowlsby told ESPN on Wednesday, “we felt we would be better represented by another of our ADs.””

    Totally agree w/ Hogbody, if this were an unbiased group, you’d not need to be “better represented” by another AD.


  5. godawgs1701

    This is a great opportunity to fix this stupid committee. There’s no reason that current administrators need to be a part of it. Sure, you have to leave the room when your school is being discussed, but what about your conference mates? Your rivals? And having former coaches on the committee? There are certain former coaches out there that I could see taking an opportunity to stick it to a former rival coach or program – one who springs to mind would be Phil Fulmer, heaven forbid he ever ends up in that conference room. No, it really only makes sense for this to be a media panel, same as it ever was with the AP poll. I know we whine and complain about biases among ESPN personalities, but I think that sportswriters and broadcasters as a group probably are going to have the most knowledge about the teams and they’re going to be able to come the closest to a fair evaluation. After all, they may have some hidden bias deep inside that they’re trying to keep in check, but they don’t really benefit financially if a certain team or conference gets in. The AD at Vanderbilt benefits if one SEC team gets in and benefits more if more than one does.


    • whybotherdude

      Why not have ex-nfl players from Group of 5 teams pick the playoff teams? They know good football when they see it and they shouldn’t be biased to any teams that is actually gong to be in the playoffs.


  6. whybotherdude

    AD’s can say what they want but ESPN picks the top 4 teams, the playoff committee members just get to take trips every weekend to spend the schools money on trips.


  7. 69Dawg

    Well I don’t think Texas is the actual target of the switch. OU and the SEC are the ones that are going to get the shaft. No way SEC gets two in this year, so we had better beat BAMA.