“I’d rather limp than get it fixed.”

For a 210-second interview, there is a lot to unpack here.

For one thing, it sounds like he believed he was ready to go before Courson was ready to bless his knee.  For another, maybe we didn’t fully appreciate what Daniels was going through emotionally during his 18-month absence from the game, after a season that wasn’t a triumph.

In any event, he sounds fully invested in both himself and the football program now.


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27 responses to ““I’d rather limp than get it fixed.”

  1. 81Dog

    JT sounds calm, confident, and collected. I’m ready to kick the tires and light the fires!

    Also, he ain’t wrong about the offensive talent on hand. We got the claim check. It’s time to go pick up the baggage! 🙂

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    With youngsters like that, you probably want them confident and thinking they’re ready to go before the doctor releases them. That’s a positive.
    Thank goodness he lost the mustache.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    The more I hear him talk the more impressed I am with him.

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  4. I hope for all of us that JT gets the season he seems to deserve. He’s only been here a little over a year now but is rapidly earning the title of #DGD.

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  5. TripleB

    He sounds good. Never heard him talk before, but I can see how the team could get excited behind him. Making me ready to see it happen.

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  6. unionjackgin

    We certainly have had some interesting cats play QB in Sanford in the 2000’s but I don’t we have had anyone like JT. He is a different type of cool.

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  7. classiccitycanine

    Interviews with athletes would be a lot more interesting if more people talked like JT. Listening to him made me wish kickoff was this weekend.

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  8. Harold Miller

    That’s some super erotic Dawg porn there.


  9. bucketheridge

    I wasn’t nearly as high on JT after the season as many here, and I’m still probably lower than most, but the more I see of JT off the field the better I feel about him on the field.

    This also occured to me when on of the interviewers mentioned that seeing the psychiatrist is a personal decision. I understand that but as we realize that mental health is just as important as physical health then why aren’t teams having all players see mental health professionals like we do athletic trainers?

    I recall Saban having a mental health ‘guru’ who has been his ace in the hole in that aspect much like Cochran was in the weight room.


    • jcdawg83

      I don’t think he’s a superstar qb but he is one cool cat.


    • theotherdoug

      The host said seeing a psychiatrist was a personal decision. Smart has one on staff because he thinks it’s key to winning.

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    • otto1980

      I don’t so much think JT is better than Fromm, Eason, Murray etc. but this video does make me want to like him more. I like the quiet confidence, Montana seemed to have that. He looks to have everything needed to take this team to a SECCG against Bama and is capable of winning.

      Last year, JT didn’t seem to say much and not much was known about him. He was a Cali kid who had a big arm. We didn’t know if he could make the reads and decisions. UT had a string of west coast QBs under Fulmer which never seemed to live up to expectations. A QB has to be smart and calm under pressure against SEC Ds, even in this more offense friendly age.

      I do have higher hopes that our OC will keep the gas down and the playbook open than the OCs the QBs mentioned above had.


  10. jcdawg83

    JT is redefining cool. Male students should wear black suits with black ties and “G” lapel pins to games this season. The only thing he was missing was an old school fedora.


  11. Terry McCullers

    He sounds like he’s ready. Can you imagine what the talk is in the huddle with this guy at the helm? Proud he’s naDAWG


  12. Tony BarnFart

    You know, this doesn’t have to be JT’s final season. Wasn’t he technically only a RS sophomore last year since he ended up getting a RS in 19 after tearing the ACL in game 1. Plus an extra Covid year… plus NIL.

    /i’m just saying. I hope we have the kinda season he has no choice but to leave.


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Actually I think JT could get THREE more seasons hypothetically. He played one full season at USC. His injury came in the first game of his second season and could qualify as a medical hardship—i.e. he doesn’t lose his redshirt year. Last year he only played in 4 games so that could be his redshirt season. Leaves 3 years of eligibility left going into this year. I’m hoping he makes so much money off NIL that he stays for 3 full years. He could break every Georgia, SEC and possibly National record passing and QB win totals. He could win the Heisman—he’s that good.


  13. Dawg93

    Really interesting kid and it sounds like he’s in a great spot mentally as we head into the season. And he’s confident in this offense, that’s for sure. Ready to tee it up . . . . .


  14. sirjackshea1980

    Dont analyze, just listen to the kid.

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    • That’s exactly how I feel…This interview gives a great perspective on the mental/emotional toughness of these young athletes…after seeing this and what some of our young men & women are doing in the Olympics…I have a tremendous amount of respect for these young folks…a lot tougher than the average fan (myself especially) can ever comprehend

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  15. californiadawg

    Need a cigarette after the last 20 seconds of that video.


  16. bigjohnson1992

    Interesting and revealing that he said the STAFF didn’t think his knee was ready. His words.