Zing went the strings of my heart.

Those folks at the Hargrett Library have got it going on.



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  1. Don Monk

    This played all day every game day at the frat house. I was fortunate to see him perform it live in front of the student section in the east end zone in 1980. A music legend and adopted DGD.

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  2. 86bone

    I will comment…30 min. ago I hung up with a friend who lives just south of Nashville, and his family is originally from Texas. He just took his senior in high school daughter on an SEC tour of schools. He asked me to guess her favorite…it was a no brainer! Of course I said Athens, and he immediately said how did you know?
    I will try and make this crystal clear, there is and never will be another place like Athens and UGA! All things add up, just like this Hargrett Library collection, the list is never ending! It’s as perfect a college experience as one can have, and some then make their home in Athens forever. We love our farm in central Texas, but it’s a far cry from Athens GEORGIA!!
    Go Dawgs🐾🐶

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    • RangerRuss

      Absolutely gotdam right!

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      • rigger92

        Wifey and I met there in ‘90. She drove one of the bus routes (she never let me drive the damn thing in the way back coliseum lots). Married in ‘92, still today. She was flag line, I was trumpet 1 in the band laying out Battle Hymn. We both had superb life in Athens eating a can of tuna in the Tate center with bread and packets of mayo and mustard. I could park on the road behind the Jewish center if I got there before 07:00, I could park in the Tate lot for free if I stayed in the Fine Arts building past 18:00. The mix of being a hard core student and a hard core Herbie Balls way too late at night was just magic. The hot dog guy in front of the ROTC place/English building. The magic of memorial hall with those forms and the slits in the wall? Gawd, what an experience. After we married we got an apt. At Tara apartments. Loved that place and fishing in the pond at the rec center.

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    • Down Island Way

      Gawds country….

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    • Salty Dawg

      I wouldn’t trade my time at UGA for love or money! A great time at a great place! WOOF!

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  3. rigger92

    Hey, all you Athens folks, I just put a new CT scanner in St. Mary’s today, was nice driving through campus seeing things starting to pick up for the school year.

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  4. I have one of those “Bulldog Bite” records somewhere.

    Clisby’s daughter, Caroline, and I went to Holy Innocents’ together in the 70’s & 80’s. Unfortunately, she never brought him for Show & Tell.

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  5. archiecreek

    “Give Herschel Walker the Ball”
    an all time favorite by Bobby Joiner!!

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  6. Salty Dawg

    Awesome, Senator! I feel congratulations are in order, in a way! Congratulations!

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  7. pedropossum

    The Irish went down to New Orleans…they were looking for a bowl to steal

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  8. interstellarboy

    So with all of these old UGA songs here, does anybody remember a song that the chorus went Georgia Bull D.O.G.S. Dawgs? It was in the early 80’s.


  9. jcdawg83

    Our maid in the late 60s was a close friend of James Brown. She used to bring grocery sacks full of Motown 45s James would give to her to our house and we would play them at full volume on the “hi-fi”. When she worked on Saturdays (rarely, usually when my parents went to Athens for games and she was there to keep an eye on us), my brother, Juanita and I would all listen to the game on the radio and live every moment of the game. There was no bigger Georgia fan than Juanita Walker and the three of us acted a total fool when Georgia won the game. Juanita always said “James loves the bulldogs!!!” when she talked about James Brown because we had Georgia stuff in our rooms.

    My father was in real estate and he had some dealings with James Brown. He and James were not “friends” but they were “friendly” and knew each other. When James performed at halftime in 1976, my father saw him at the stadium before the game and they exchanged Augusta native greetings. James was a true Georgia fan, he wasn’t simply playing on the popularity of the team.

    Other programs can claim celebrity fans but only Georgia can claim the “Godfather of Soul” as a fan.