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Clemson confidence

It’s one thing when a Vanderbilt opens up practice to the media.  It’s another when Dabo Swinney does it ($$).

Dabo Swinney found himself feeling extra generous Friday afternoon. Yes, the first day of preseason camp always brings fresh excitement, the promise of a new season and buzzing energy. But this year is different.

“It’s been a long 18 months with everything that’s gone on,” the Clemson coach told a couple of dozen reporters ahead of the Tigers’ first practice.

“So I’m going to open practice up.”

In a move that some of his more paranoid peers usually avoid, Swinney allowed reporters to watch all 20-plus periods Friday afternoon, with a promise to follow suit Saturday.

He’s got a strong reason to feel good.

Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross has been medically cleared to play this season, coach Dabo Swinney said Friday.

Despite that clearance, Ross must wait on his return to full-contact practice a little bit longer as he sits out the next week due to COVID-19 protocols.

Ross has been out since March 2020 with a congenital fusion in his spine, a condition he was born with but was unaware he had until he felt as if he had a stinger in his neck during spring practice.

Ross will have a year and a half’s worth of rust to shake off in the opener, but Clemson’s offense should be more formidable with him than without him.

One other noteworthy mention from Raynor’s piece:  it might be worth keeping an eye on true freshman running back Will Shipley, who’s been getting a fair amount of buzz.  I assumed that the Tigers were going to use a committee at the position to make up for Etienne’s departure, and that’s still the likely case, but Shipley may be a special talent who steps up and grabs a bigger role for himself than anticipated.


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Your Daily Gator has some ‘splaining to do.

Swamp247 is a target rich environment this morning.  Here’s a dude who wants Gator Nation to know why they should be happy about the state of Florida’s recruiting:

I just… can’t.


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Your Daily Gator predicts world dominance.

Crying in Gainesville?  There is no crying in Gainesville, damn it.

That is the sound one makes when one is trying to convince oneself.


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They grow up so fast.

Quite a how it started/how it’s going set of pics of Georgia’s running back:


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