From Larry Culpepper…

… to D.J. Uiagalelei.

As the first household brand to partner with a major college football player for a national ad campaign, Dr Pepper has struck a deal with Clemson quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei to feature the sophomore in television commercials that will air across the country.

Uiagalelei, the heir apparent to Trevor Lawrence, has started just two games in his college career. Yet he’s become the face of a national ad campaign for a giant American brand.

Welcome to the world of NIL.

“Every time I turn on the TV every Saturday, I always see a commercial with Dr Pepper,” Uiagalelei said in an interview with Sports Illustrated earlier this week. “When they reached out to me, it was a no-brainer.”

Uiagalelei, a 6′ 4″, 250-pound California native with a rocket arm, will play himself in Dr Pepper’s latest version of a long-running ad campaign built around a fictitious college football town called Fansville.

… This is Dr Pepper’s first such agreement with a college athlete since the NCAA granted athletes the right to profit from their name, image and likeness.

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved to see this.  There’s no way his offensive linemen will block for him in the opener now.  Jealousy, for the win!


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39 responses to “From Larry Culpepper…

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I miss Larry Culpepper. I’m not a fan of the stupid soap opera commercials they’ve been doing since they unceremoniously dismissed Larry.

    The only decent Dr. Pepper commercial since then was the guy at the grill whose girlfriend can’t taste the difference between charcoal and propane. Other than that one, they pretty much suck.

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  2. spur21

    LOL “Jealousy, for the win!”

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  3. Faltering Memory

    To say nothing the deal gives our DL (and others).


  4. Or, when he get’s sacked the LB says, “I’m your Pepper now, bitch!”

    Sorta like Bob said it…he wants the whole thing

    Remember to have your pets spayed & neutered

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  5. RangerRuss

    Dr Pepper sucks. It really, really sucks.
    Beer not only quenches your thirst better. It tastes better too, idiot.

    Clemson sucks.

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  6. Just as long as the refs aren’t getting paid under the table by Dr. Pepper….which is probably happening as we speak.


  7. mg4life0331

    Ice cold Dr Pepper here!

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    Battleship….who knew?



    Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan…Dr. Feelgood.

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  10. waltergeiger

    10 sacks
    4 interceptions
    2 fumbles

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  11. ugafidelis

    On a more serious note, 6’4″/240?? That’s sCam Newtonesque. He’s going to be a bear to handle!

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  12. 69Dawg

    This does remind us that the schools are not allowing their players to use the school’s copyrights, yet. That’s going to change when the money gets real.


  13. classiccitycanine

    All the more reason to beat him in Charlotte! Also, I hated Larry Culpepper after a while.

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  14. Jack Klompus

    Wow, that’s a big endorsement, especially if he’s on the headlining commercials.

    He has no clue about the tax bill he’s about to incure!!!!!

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  15. Whiskey Dawg

    Fansville, read just this morning about the big Chlamydia outbreak there. Blamed on a local quarterback.

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  16. uga97

    DJ is now “The Sweet One”….?

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  17. godawgs1701

    My reaction is the same as it is for every college player getting paid: good for him! And, as I haven’t consumed a Dr. Pepper in more than a decade, nor any other soft drink that wasn’t serving as a delivery system for brown liquor, I can confidently say that I won’t be consuming the product the orange person endorses, just as I certainly will not be consuming any Milo’s sweet tea now that they’ve cast their lot with Bo Nix and the orange people in Auburn.

    I just hope DJ was smart enough to request his payment up front, lest the soda people get less fizzy when he goes flat against Georgia in the opener.

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    • rigger92

      Yeah, i love me some bourbon but the cheap stuff with Coke works just fine too. That Dr. Pepper stuff is what the wifey wants, the diet version and it is horrendous. She has been on the Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite lately though, so things are looking up, lol.

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  18. mg4life0331

    “There’s no way his offensive linemen will block for him in the opener now”

    That might not age well lmao

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  19. NotMyCrossToBear

    Anyone know how much he’s getting paid?


  20. bucketheridge

    A Sophmore who’s only started two games but also the quarterback of the team with the easiest road to the playoff.

    How sweet would it be if his first commercial during our game comes right after we intercept him?


  21. 123 Fake St

    Maybe these commercials will help us pronounce his last name.