Run the damned ball (explosively), Monken!

This is a long answer from Georgia’s offensive coordinator.

On the fall off in explosive plays from the running backs. What can you do to get those long, game-changing plays? How are the RBs doing?

“First off, we’ve got an excellent group of running backs and all five can play here. Dell does a great job of keeping those guys fresh. They’ve been pretty selfless in terms of understanding that it probably benefits them to not have the wear and tear on them. Obviously, we have to become more explosive in the run game. I think we were consistent for the most part. Obviously, we had a couple of games with Mississippi State and the bowl game where we didn’t nearly run it as well as you would like to be able to control the game because you can’t control the game if you can’t run it. Obviously we’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball to the perimeter because there is more space out there. That will help us. Obviously, formationally we can do some things differently. Then there were some games that obviously, the Kentucky game we ran the ball well but it’s more in terms of 5, 6, 7 or 10 here but we definitely have to be more explosive and you know that Vance that’s how you win the game is to be explosive and not turn it over. So there’s a balance. You’re exactly right. We’ve got to become more explosive in the run game and we have to do it without having a dual-threat quarterback. That will add to that as well. At times, you may not get the QB draw or the scramble run or the zone read. That’s no excuse. We’ve got good enough running backs. We’ve definitely got to be more explosive.”

To start with, you have to like the way he shoulders the blame for the running game not being as explosive as it needs to be.  He’s got sufficient talent for the job; he’s got to find ways to create bigger plays in the running game.

Here’s the data regarding explosive plays from the backs:

Okay, there’s something that Jim Chaney did well (although it certainly helped to have Chubb, Michel and Swift).  Coley was essentially the equivalent of a gas station attendant who mistakenly put the wrong grade of gas in the tank (not that Fromm’s woes in the season’s second half helped).  Last season’s rebound was nice, especially since teams focused on stopping the run game, but as Monken indicates, it was nothing but a good start.

That all being said, you’ve got to have more than a little faith in a guy who drew up a formation on the first play against Florida that resulted in this…

… to find a few more explosive running plays.


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24 responses to “Run the damned ball (explosively), Monken!

  1. jdawg108


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  2. theotherdoug

    Monken needs to get the defender out of the box. Daniels and the receivers are good enough to force teams out of the box, so I think this year there will be some big runs.

    Oh, and when the run is working Kirby is going to be all for running the ball until they stop it.


    • rigger92

      The way Monken talked in that presser it sounds to me like he is plenty happy with controlling a game by keeping the ball on the ground too. In that highlight reel posted here our OL is just getting pushed around, especially on the right side. Luke, you’re our only hope…..


    • bmacdawg87

      You’d be a fool not to. If you can run at 7-8 yards a clip, you keep doing it, regardless of what a bunch of pass happy fans that want us to run a Mike Leach offense, just cuz it ain’t”Manball” think


  3. gastr1

    Obviously some missed gaps by Florida in that run by Zamir White. But also obviously, the WRs have to block well for explosive running plays to happen, and I think that’s been an issue for a couple of years.


  4. Teacher Martin

    He sure was stated the “obvious”


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    “…we’ve got an excellent group of running backs and all five can play here.”

    Five? Is Lovesea Carroll still at DB? Doesn’t sound like he’ll get a shot at touching a ball in ‘21, even in practice.


  6. TripleB

    I like our backs on the perimeter. I agree when he says we need to do that more. Sometimes I think we obsess with gut runs. I have come to hate that play where we hand off up the gut from the shotgun. I’ve had that complaint since Bobo. It may be worse to me now because there is no fullback.

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  7. jcdawg83

    Personally, I like 10 7 yard runs better than 1 70 yard run. There is not much more demoralizing to a defense than seeing the opponent gash you for big gains play after play on the ground. One big run usually comes from one defender missing an assignment, falling down, taking the wrong angle, etc. and the back breaks through and outruns everyone to the end zone. Being run over play after play after play tells you the other team is just better than you and you can’t do anything about it.

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  8. Have to get better WR blocking to have those backbreaking runs. It really fell off after 2018.


  9. moe pritchett

    The UGA staple of the toss sweep. Should be deadly with this backfield.


  10. originaluglydawg

    Will not having a stronger passing attack loosen up the linebackers and DBs enough to really improve the running game? This offense is going to be so multi-threatenal that no matter what a defense does it leaves at least of couple of options open to be taken advantage of. They will have little choice but to play it as straight up as possible and hope their players are up to the task of limiting explosive plays. I don’t think there’s many defenses up to that task.


  11. uga97

    What did Monken mean about the odd dynamic of the OL having a 3 month summer between spring & August camp? He’s 55, been a football coach his whole life and every kid on the planet takes a break then. Did they get fat? Did they forget the playback? Did they not workout? ..never mention Matt Luke once there..kind of a strange comment.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Coley was essentially the equivalent of a gas station attendant who mistakenly put the wrong grade of gas in the tank …”

    Damn I like a fresh phrase like that. It takes fewer words to say “Coley was an idiot”, but this is so much better.

    I hope this is an explosive season all the way around: passing, running, defense, special teams, etc. But professionally controlled like the guys that take a building down without harming the buildings next to it.