Screen game

Data point to take notice of here:

One thing that stat made me curious about was the number of Travis Etienne’s receptions last year:  48, third on the team and third nationally at the position.  That’s not to say all of his receptions were off screens, or that Clemson didn’t run screens to other receivers, but it does make me wonder if the Tigers have another back on the roster capable of taking up some of that slack.

I also wonder how much of that pressure will fall on Georgia’s inside linebackers.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Screen game and wheel game.

    Here’s thinking Clemson is going to do everything they can to get mismatches with their RBs catching the ball in that first game.

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    • junkyardawg41

      I think you are spot on. The first thing that came to my mind is @SB misspelled “Wheel Route.” The counter to covering the RB screen game is the delayed wheel route.


  2. practicaldawg

    Screen game innovation will be something to keep en eye on this year now that defenses are hoarding safeties to guard against the long ball. The puck never stays in the same place.


  3. fisheriesdawg

    Makes me think back to Jason Campbell’s (at the time) surprisingly high completion percentage and total passing yardage numbers.

    Then you’d watch 2004 Auburn and realize their offense was based around throwing a bunch of dumps/flares to Ronny and Caddilac in the flats and letting them do their thing in space. It was a great strategy for the time in hindsight given the tools Auburn had available and the way defenses were structured.


  4. biggity ben

    I’ve heard good things about Shipley already. I think that is your screen guy…if a true freshman can be ‘the guy’ that is.

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  5. bmacdawg87

    Heard Dabo on Sirius XM yesterday afternoon and he made the comment that he thinks this year’s RB group may be the best “Top to bottom” he’s ever had there. He was asked if he had an “Alpha” and he said they had a bunch of Alphas. Granted this is coach-speak and what is he really supposed to say there, but what that tells me is they don’t have a back that has stood out over the rest so far. I’m sure they’ve got some solid backs but to me that’s good to hear from Georgia’s perspective.


  6. bcdawg97

    Again, chatting with my Clemson boss, he’s pretty stoked about their RB corps. No big names yet but that’s just because Etienne sucked up all the oxygen. He thinks their RB are getting overlooked. They’ve recruited well there.


  7. 69Dawg

    Well the best defensive scheme is useless if the players don’t do what they are asked to do. Clemson as reported by everybody that has watched tape is a misdirection screen team. They will actually move the oline in the opposite direction the screen pass is going to go and throw back. Eye control will be paramount and our guys need to play their assignments and not just play get the man we think will have the ball.


  8. siskey

    The best defense for screens is playing man to man which leaves our CBs one on one with their WRs.


  9. beatarmy92

    I don’t think those screens are limited to backs though. Clemson runs quite a few variations of screened to WRs too. That’s going to be pressure on corners and the Star.

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  10. Down Island Way

    Etienne was similar to that FU dude that gave UGA football migraines in that once he took two steps and shifted gears he was gone, if those are basic klempzen go to plays on specific down and distance, hopefully it has already been noted…this is really going to be a fun game to see live…