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(Chicken) Shit’s getting real, now.



Who’da thunk it would be two Cali kids pushing Southern chicken?

(Also, note that JT’s reppin’ the “G” in that pic.)



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“Explosive” is the new “utilize the tight end”.

Or maybe it’s the new “havoc”.  I get confused sometimes.


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PAWWWLLL, still in

Man, Finebaum continues to hammer the Georgia love.

“… I think Georgia is primed. I think this is the best Georgia team that Kirby Smart has had. He had a really good one his second year. Let’s say they get past Clemson — and I would predict that they’re going to. They have a couple of other games that matter. They have Florida, of course, and then they have the likely Alabama game. I think they can get to the playoff, even by losing to Clemson. But of course, that’s not going to happen.”

Why do I feel like I’m being set up?


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“And if we do that, we’ve got a beautiful thing going.”

It’s the first time I’ve heard Coach Addae talk, so I’ll forgive him the coachspeak.

Besides, I’m hoping he’ll be doing his real talking with the results on the field.


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Like shooting hypocrites in a barrel

The problem with throwing shade at Greg Sankey is that every P5 conference lives in a glass house ($$).

For about a month, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has listened to the wide range of reactions to his conference’s impending expansion, the most pointed being Washington State president Kirk Schulz’s referring to the SEC as “predatory.”

Now Sankey has a response.

“I certainly like the president at Washington State,” Sankey told The Athletic. “I think he’s forgotten that in 2010 the conference in which he currently resides recruited half of the Big 12 members to join its league.”

Ummm… he didn’t forget.  He was hoping nobody would notice.


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A GTP Gift Guide update

A mood and a credit card can make for a dangerous combination.

Spurred on by those Chuck Taylors I posted about a couple of weeks ago, I found myself hunting for some new UGA gear.  To my wallet’s detriment, I appear to have been successful.  I thought I’d share the fruits of my labor with you in case you’re looking to scratch a similar itch.

Here are three sites for you to explore:

  • Homefield Apparel.  I give these guys credit for being shrewd marketers.  They specialize in clothing featuring vintage designs and last week announced they were offering Georgia gear for the first time.  They teased the opening on social media for a week, partnered with a few Georgia fan sites that offered 15% discount codes and did a bang up job on the business last Saturday.  Personally, I don’t think their offerings for the most part lived up to the hype.  Don’t get me wrong — there’s some good stuff there and I certainly placed an order.  But they’ve been more creative with some other schools than what I saw for us.  That being said, the Georgia Baseball Retro Crew Sweatshirt is sweet.
  • Vintage Brand.  I don’t know how I stumbled across VB, but I’m glad I did.  “Relive the history of college sports with reproductions of authentic graphic works of art originally distributed by the Georgia Bulldogs, but now provided only by Vintage Brand.com. All vintage images are from the past and are actual reproductions of historic graphic works of art. Vintage images are in the public domain and any goods bearing these public domain images are not sponsored by or affiliated with any college” is the disclaimer at the site and I guess I didn’t appreciate how much cool stuff is in the public domain.  Shirts, hats, koozies, wall art, etc. — there are images going all the way back to 1938 on their offerings.  (The hats were the only items that didn’t really connect with me.)  Prices reflect a 30% discount this week, but if you sign up for emails, first time customers can stretch that to 40%.  I picked up a couple of t-shirts for about $20 apiece.
  • Reyn Spooner.  Not looking for vintage gear?  That’s fine.  RS offers something a little more exotic (and expensive) for Dawg fans.  I ordered the Pua Polo and intend to wear it proudly in Charlotte.  I’ll probably go back for that Bucket Hat, too, once it’s available.

Disclaimer:  I haven’t received any of my orders yet, so all I can speak to now are the designs, not the execution.  I’m going to wait to add this stuff to the Gift Guide until I get my hands on it.  If it turns out that the quality of something sucks, I’ll post a follow up.  In the meantime, happy hunting!


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Sometimes, getting it wrong is useful.

If you think, like I tend to, that the AP Poll is more useful as insight into the media’s thinking than as an accurate gauge of the 25 best teams in the country, Matt Brown ($$) points out that it’s the whiffs that are more illuminating than the hits.  Here are some historical takes worth keeping in mind:

  • The national champion will come from the top six.  Since 2010, an outsider has only won it all once.
  • Alabama probably won’t win the national title. The AP has only seen its number one team win the natty once in the last 16 seasons.
  • Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State won’t all make the Playoff. In fact, two of Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State probably won’t make the Playoff.  Last year — outlier, remember? — was only the second time in the last 23 years that three of the four teams in the preseason AP top four finished the regular season in the top four of the BCS/CFP rankings.  There’s never been a season when the AP went four-for-four.
  • At least one preseason top-10 team will finish unranked.  That’s happened 27 of the last 32 seasons.
  • It’s likely that two preseason unranked teams will finish in the top 10.

The first three are good news for Georgia, methinks.


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Growing pains

The difference between being a head coach and a fan blogger:

“Yeah, I never feel that way,” Bulldogs sixth-year coach Kirby Smart said. “I certainly don’t coming off some of the years that we’ve had recently. There were some years there with (Jake) Fromm, Andrew (Thomas), D’Andre Swift and all that crowd where you could say, ‘Well, we feel like we’re ahead. We’ve got a lot of guys who know what to do,’ but we weren’t defensively. We had to go kind of at the defense’s pace.

“I would have said this year if we were perfectly healthy that we would have been ahead offensively than we were defensively, but with some of the injuries, it’s forced some guys up.”

In six preseasons under Smart, I have never sensed that the offense was ahead of the defense.  (Hoping isn’t the same as believing.)  So much for my instincts.

There’s one other interesting quote in that piece.

“I liken what (freshman receiver) Adonai Mitchell has had to do this fall camp and spring to what Jermaine Burton was going through last year,” Smart said. “I thought that (offensive coordinator Todd) Monken made a good decision to throw Jermaine out there and make him go play early — even in the Arkansas game. It was tough, and we went through some growing pains, because he missed some things. He didn’t get some signals and jumped offsides, but it paid off in the end because he got a lot more confidence.

Burton finished the season with 27 catches, three for touchdowns, and averaged almost 15 yards per catch.  If they’re seeing that kind of potential in Mitchell, I can definitely live with it.


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The cost of doing (their) business

Well, ain’t this a kick in the pants.

The NCAA has told its 32 Division I conferences that they are on the hook for 90 percent of the $37.9 million in Alston plaintiff’s legal fees accrued during the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, according to a confidential August 4 memo obtained by On3 Sports that the NCAA sent to all Division I conference commissioners.

The three-page memo details that the 11 co-defendant conferences are required to pay 64.2 percent of the fees ($24,355,875). The 21 conferences that were not co-defendants in the case still are required to pay a combined total of 25.8 percent of the fees ($9,773,233). The NCAA Board of Governors accepted a recommendation that the association will pay 10 percent ($3,792,123).  [Emphasis added.]

You’re a conference that wasn’t even part of the lawsuit and the NCAA is telling you that you have to pony up and your group has to put in more than twice what it’s contributing?  And that the NCAA will put less in the pot than it paid Emmert and Remy, the architects of the legal disaster they’re asking you to help pay for?  If that’s not chutzpah, I don’t know what is.

If I were one of those commissioners, it sure would be tempting to go all Michael Corleone on the NCAA.


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The coolest cat in the SEC

At least Dan Mullen would like to think he is.

Hard to believe every other coach in the country isn’t breathing his dust on the recruiting trail.


UPDATE:  Jeez, Mullen’s reaction to the news about Texas and Oklahoma jumping ship ($$) is too perfect not to share.

I was at our lake house. I was surfing or doing something, hanging out there, and I saw some report.


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