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An NIL match made in heaven

Honestly, I’m surprised this took so long.



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A couple of housekeeping notes

Time to do a little temperature taking with y’all.

I received my annual notice from FunOfficePools.com about setting up this year’s pick ’em.  I assume there’s enough interest in running the Fabris Pool again, but it wouldn’t hurt if you’d confirm your interest in the comments.

Speaking of confirming interest, Peyton and I are ready to bring the Mumme Poll back after last year’s sabbatical, if you’d like to have a go of it.  The format will be unchanged, which means we’ve got plenty of time before it starts.  Again, please let me know in the comments if you’d participate.



UPDATE:  I just sent out the Fabris Pool invites.  Check your emails.


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Chill bumps, man.

That’s what I’ve got.

Okay, okay, here’s what he says ($$).

1. JT Daniels, Georgia (No. 1 last year, No. 8 in 2019)

I already declared Daniels the most likely Next Mac Jones (and named Georgia as the most likely Next Clemson) earlier in the offseason, so it was pretty obvious that he would end up the No. 1 name here. As I wrote last year, “With great quarterback play, the Dawgs go from SEC East co-favorites to, potentially, national title co-favorites.” The only thing that changed since then is that we got a brief, four-game glimpse of what Daniels was capable of late last season. If Daniels turns small-sample dominance into large-sample prowess, the Dawgs have everything they need.

No pressure, JT.


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Somebody else’s Power Poll

I’ve never been one to post a preseason SEC Power Poll of my own, but in the interest of generating a little discussion this morning, here’s Paul Myerberg’s:

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Texas A&M
  4. LSU
  5. Florida
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Kentucky
  8. Missouri
  9. Auburn
  10. Mississippi State
  11. Arkansas
  12. Tennessee
  13. South Carolina
  14. Vanderbilt

It’s hard to quibble with much there.

  • LSU is this season’s wild card, if you ask me, so it’s possible it could be even higher on this list if the new coaching hires work out.  It could be a lot lower if they don’t, though.
  • Picking Ole Miss at six means either you think the defense will improve or the rest of the SEC is pretty weak.
  • Auburn at nine means you share my opinion of Bo Nix’ prospects this season.
  • The bottom of the SEC East is really, really bad.



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‘Oh my goodness, we have to play Georgia this week.’

Shot ($$).

“It was never about, ooh, man, I want it to be the first game,” Smart said. “A lot of people say your opening game affects your offseason workouts. I don’t disagree with that, but I also don’t think we’re going to work out any less or any less intense regardless of who we’re playing…”


Murray, now an analyst for CBS, does disagree with Smart about big openers as motivation.

“It was so much easier for me those two seasons to get guys to show up for workouts,” Murray said. “Some of the time being able to tell those guys, ‘Hey you don’t want to get embarrassed Week 1 by Clemson, you don’t want to get embarrassed Week 1 by Boise State.’”

Human nature being what it is, I tend to side with Murray’s take.  Few things focus a young mind like avoiding potential embarrassment.  What say y’all?


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Doomed, I tells ‘ya

Seth Emerson, doing his best “remain calm, all is well” take:


UPDATE:  Well, this certainly blows.


UPDATE #2:  Argh.

A pair of Georgia players who were expected to be key contributors are expected to miss at least a few weeks after sustaining similar foot injuries in Tuesday’s practice. Trusted sources have told Dawgs247 that sophomore tight end Darnell Washington and junior defensive back Tykee Smith are out at least three weeks.

The Bulldogs begin the 2021 season in 18 days against Clemson, meaning that it is highly unlikely that either will be able to play in the opener. Persons with knowledge of the situation tell Dawgs247 that that both players could be week-to-week after that.

I guess that’s what everyone means when they say Kirby Smart can’t develop players.


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TFW you **really** don’t have time for that shit

I’d really love to be a fly on the wall when Nike meets with Alabama to inquire about spiffing up jerseys.


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You assholes are so demanding.

If they do, stay tuned for Athlon’s 2022 follow up, “What Took Georgia So Long To Meet the Expectations of Its Demanding Fans?”.


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Your preseason camp Dawg porn


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The opposite of a cannon shot

In Columbia, Luke Doty’s out with a sprained ankle and likely to miss the season opener.  No worries, though, mon.

The Gamecocks will turn to their 12th man.

That’s certainly something.


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