Musical palate cleanser, the king is dead, long live the king edition

Yesterday marked the 44th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, and every time I see a clip from his 1968 comeback special, like this one…

… I’m reminded of Steve Simels’ observation that everyone who thinks Robert Plant is a great vocalist needs to listen to Elvis to find out how it’s really done.


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21 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, the king is dead, long live the king edition

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    The King isn’t dead! He sat right beside me at the lunch counter in 96 South Carolina last week.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Okay, I may have told this story before, but I need to tell it again. I once had a client (Jane Doe for purposes of this story) who was in trouble for various reasons and who claimed she was Elvis’ daughter, and that her mother had a liaison with the King, and as further evidence would break into song claiming she sang so well because she had Elvis’ genes. I checked her date of birth and said to her that she was born over two years after Elvisdied, so no one is going to believe that story, and she turned to me in all seriousness and said “He didn’t really die.”

      Her case did not go well.

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  2. RangerRuss

    Got a speaker hooked to my laptop. @:04 in that video the wife goes, “WOOOOO!” from two rooms away.
    Just like chicken fried in Crisco, everyone else is a distant second to Elvis including that gotdam hippie Robert Plant.

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  3. J.R. Clark

    Elvis was the great uniter…hippies, cops, and rednecks all loved him.

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  4. Scotty King

    That’s what I’m talking ’bout! Excellent!


  5. cowetadawg

    As a huge fan himself, Robert Plant likely agrees. FWIW, me too.

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  6. Ran A

    I had gradated High School that May. Same time Star Wars came out for those who are younger (and that’s most of you – I’m sure). I would love to give you a comparison to Elvis. In today’s artist – there isn’t anybody. Closest my life time – Michael Jackson and as strong as Jackson was, nobody could touch the King.

    There was a girl (nice looking) who was obsessed with Elvis. To the point of where I honestly thought she might want to get some help. It was a big High School and I hardly knew her. But every year on the anniversary of his death I think of her. I have no doubt that ‘Debbie’ lit a candle honoring the king yesterday.


  7. That settles it, fried peanut butter banana sammich for breakfast…TCB baby

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  8. Elvis is still the GOAT. My parents love him. My older sister still talks about seeing him live in the 70s. Even my kids will listen to some Elvis on the satellite radio. His music is absolutely timeless.

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    • I took my wife and 3 kids to Graceland this past April as we swung through Memphis at the tail end of a spring break vacation. (Two of mine are in college and would rather be doing keg stands than listening to Dad’s Memphis mafia take) Not sure if it was COVID or just a generational thing, but it was a ghost land. I hadn’t been to Graceland in 20 years…for me , I still think there’s enough DNA in the jungle room to make us a mini E.

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      • Muttley

        I was in Memphis as a kid on a church trip when some local Elvis fanatics took us to the gates of Graceland- not yet open to the public- and then to the house of Dr. Nichopoulus, who killed him, and was still awaiting trial, I think, They shined their brights into his living room (it was early evening) until he came to the window about it; then we screeched off. They told us they kept it up regularly.

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  9. Muttley

    Great pick. I used to live right by NBC and I’d think of that special every day as I drove past it. I think Elvis mixes in some of the lyrics here from the original (censored) version, “One Night of Sin”. (Check it out sometime).

    I honored the day with a screening of an under-the-radar personal favorite, “It Happened at the World’s Fair”. That’s the one where a young Kurt Russell kicks him in the shin to help him meet nurse Joan O’Brien.

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  10. Got Cowdog

    I can’t see the video because of the district firewall, but I don’t need to…
    “One niiiight with you…”

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  11. Morris Day

    Elvis is dead and I don’t feel so good myself.


  12. Dawg19

    This is still the best comedy tribute to Elvis.

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  13. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles


    4 Kings…
    Jesus Christ
    Richard Petty
    Elvis Presley

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