‘Oh my goodness, we have to play Georgia this week.’

Shot ($$).

“It was never about, ooh, man, I want it to be the first game,” Smart said. “A lot of people say your opening game affects your offseason workouts. I don’t disagree with that, but I also don’t think we’re going to work out any less or any less intense regardless of who we’re playing…”


Murray, now an analyst for CBS, does disagree with Smart about big openers as motivation.

“It was so much easier for me those two seasons to get guys to show up for workouts,” Murray said. “Some of the time being able to tell those guys, ‘Hey you don’t want to get embarrassed Week 1 by Clemson, you don’t want to get embarrassed Week 1 by Boise State.’”

Human nature being what it is, I tend to side with Murray’s take.  Few things focus a young mind like avoiding potential embarrassment.  What say y’all?


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21 responses to “‘Oh my goodness, we have to play Georgia this week.’

  1. I can totally see this…a big opener has to be a hell of a motivator for the players to practice.

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  2. Agreed. And this is the biggest opener since 2013 — which, of course, was also Clemson. You can’t tell me the players are more motivated to prepare for this than they are, say, ULM or Buffalo. And it’s not just the quality of opponent…. they’ll be on network TV in Prime Time.

    Here’s a list of Week 1 games over the last 10 years:

    2021: #3 Clemson (Charlotte) 7:30pm ABC
    2020: @ Arkansas 4pm SECN
    2019: @ Vandy 7:30pm ESPN
    2018: Austin Peay 3:30pm ESPN
    2017: App State 6:15 ESPN
    2016: UNC (Georgia Dome) 5:30pm ESPN
    2015: ULM Noon
    2014: #16 Clemson 5:30pm
    2013: at #8 Clemson 8:00pm ABC
    2012: Buffalo SECN

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  3. stoopnagle

    Well, it didn’t work for Aaron with Boise. And he even got the PRO COMBAT UNIFORM HYPE to help him out there. LOL.

    I guess we’ll see. Given we’re pretty good, I think it’s a good deal because both teams are going to have it to look forward to on a similar level.

    But I look at UCLA right now and they’re going to play week 0 vs Hawaii, work out some kinks, get right, and then play LSU in week 1. So, I think that works for them in a way it wouldn’t for UGA.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, not sure I would have brought up Boise. I remember we had the largest OL in all of football (college or pro). Somehow didn’t work out that well.

      And, man, did those uniforms suck!

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      • tiredofidsearch

        Yeah but differences between that game and this one coming up. This one Clemson is favored and a lot of “experts” are picking them. Against Boise, if I remember correctly we were favored and it went to our heads and we played like crap (used to happen a lot).


    • Dawg93

      But we did win the East that year, first time since 2005.

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    • 81Dog

      Clemson opener 1 wasnt exactly a smashing success, either. But AM is probably right.


  4. sniffer

    Few things focus a young mind like avoiding potential embarrassment.

    Love to know what was going on in the minds of our young men getting ready to play Bama in ‘08 and ‘15. Can’t speak for the players, but those are my two most embarrassed moments to be a dawg.

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    • W

      Yea no good. Black helmets in Jacksonville was mine. What a dumb thing to do. Fake juice fail pt 2.

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    • And we were ranked HIGHER than Bama going into each of those games.

      As much respect as I had/have for CMR, those two games were the clearest indications that he had a problem helping is teams prepare (mentally) for big games.


  5. rigger92

    Ehh, Kirby’s job is to downplay the importance of the game to the media. Aaron’s job is to sensationalize it.

    I do agree that it’s got to be an intensifier for the team. Hell, when I was a musician and I knew we were opening the season with a big show, I spent months shoring up certain skills I knew had to be spot on out of the gate. If we opened with Mozart I just practiced and maintained normally.

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  6. Big game for Clemson too


  7. unionjackgin

    Aaron knows from experience what it is like to lose that first game to Boise and Clemson. Sometimes you can only impart wisdom from the experience of disappointment.

    This isn’t a knock on him – he is a prime example of a DGD. 2013 was just a disaster of injuries and he willed us to victory in Knoxville when it seemed like everybody tore up their knee only for him to try play himself on one leg after tearing his own ACL. It was gut-wrenching to see him helped off the field against Kentucky.


  8. Anon

    That Boise game —- embarrassing

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      You ain’t kiddin’, Anon.

      I sat in a bar in Des Moines, one of two people rooting for the Dawgs.


  9. godawgs1701

    I think Kirby has a reflex that causes him to just reject any premise offered by a reporter, no matter how credible or reasonable that premise is. He has a need to disagree with any reporter question and if possible to also make the reporter sound or look stupid for asking. He simply can’t help himself. Kirby’s the only person I’ve ever seen push back on the idea that a major opening game isn’t useful for offseason preparations.


  10. theorginaldawgabides

    If college football keeps going towards an NFL lite model, might as well add a preseason game against a cupcake. Could be a way for these FCS teams to still get a payday.

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  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Few things focus a young mind like avoiding potential embarrassment. “

    Life retorts: Hold my beer.