Best SEC college football bets

Per ESPN ($$):

Georgia Bulldogs +750 to win national title

Connelly: I’ve joked all summer about how I’m confidently and boldly stepping on the Georgia rake once more, ignoring decades of Dawg underachievement because their quarterback looked good for four games last season. I think we’ve gone a little far with the underachievement talk, though. Georgia was one play from the national title in 2017 and one play from a repeat CFP appearance in 2018. And even though they HAVE underachieved the last two seasons, they’re also 20-1 against teams that didn’t have top-5 offenses. And before he shined late in 2020, JT Daniels was a five-star quarterback holding his own at USC. All this is a long way of saying that Georgia is one of the most talented teams in the country and basically needs to split two key games — vs. Clemson in the season opener and vs. Alabama (or Texas A&M, or whoever) in a potential SEC Championship matchup. And if they reach the CFP, they’ll either be the most talented overall team or very close to it. Seems to make +750 odds worth it.

Good thing I don’t have a ranch to bet.

Also, this is exactly how I feel about Auburn’s chances to win more than seven games this season.

QB Bo Nix returns and I expect his inconsistent play to follow suit. I suppose new offensive coordinator Mike Bobo could unlock him but I will continue to fade that until it actually happens.

Tank Bigsby averaged 13.8 carries per game last season under Gus.  Is there any chance, barring injury, he’ll be under that number in 2021?  Not if Nix and Bobo have anything to do with it.


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6 responses to “Best SEC college football bets

  1. Never understood all the high hopes for Nix. I read amazing things about him before I ever watched him play…. once I did I thought he possessed obvious talent, but looked confused half the time. Definitely not a “top tier” QB.


  2. akascuba

    It’s things like this is the reason I don’t bet. Three weeks ago with a full roster every thing seemed possible 15-0 baby. The weekly injury or not at practice list is making it already difficult to not feel a little here we go again.

    On the bright side we get Clemson week one. #Clemson sucks will never get old.

    Pressure Nix and he runs almost every time. He struggles to make good quick decisions. Expect Tank to average 20+ carries as they transition to a Man Ball running game. Their roster has also dropped off. They no longer have difference makers at the LOS. Auburn will be lucky to make a bowl game.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    In order to have a good year, CMB would have to turn Nix into Aaron Murray. I just don’t see that happening.


  4. bmacdawg87

    “Stepping on the Georgia rake once more” Welcome to our lives, Bill. It hurts like hell every time.

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  5. TEXBaller

    I love Ole Miss ov 7.5 wins -140…..Ky ov 7 wins -135….LSU und -8.5 wins -125. I’m off the DAWGS for the natty without “sensitive” Gilbert (14).


  6. Down Island Way


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