Do you wanna know a secret?

Wolken’s right.  By far the most amazing thing about the relocation of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC is that the three parties were able to keep it under wraps as long as they did.


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  1. Ran A

    No doubt. Now if the other four conferences would quit acting so ‘butt-hurt’ over this.

    Oklahoma and Texas approached the SEC – not the other way around.
    Big 10 took Maryland and out of the ACC. And added Rutgers NYC
    Pac 12 tried to grab 1/2 of the Big 12 a few years back.
    The ACC – oh wait, it’s the ACC, nobody wants in.

    If these two schools would have approached any of these conferences, they would have jumped at the chance. So all of this whining and gnashing of teeth got old fast.

    And it will not go away. Here’s the truth Dawg Fans – Georgia will have to win the SEC regardless of how the Clemson game turns out, because there is no way in hell that two SEC teams will make the play-offs.

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    • Other than the fact that the ACC pretty much gutted the Big East when they took Miami, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville (pretty sure they were in the Big East at the time), and Boston College, the ACC is as pure as the driven snow.

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  2. Faltering Memory

    They should be called before Congress to give lessons on how they did it.

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  3. miltondawg

    “Wolken’s right.” I certainly don’t think that very often.


  4. akascuba

    The secret was better kept than the Manhattan project.

    As for the other conference commissioners their just butt hurt OU and UT colluded with each other. Then called Greg Sankey asking can we join the South Eastern Conference?

    Football really does mean more in the SEC and everyone knows it.


  5. The Decider

    I would love to know if OU approached UT with the proposal to the SEC or vice versa


  6. bigjohnson1992

    That’s what he says. That’s what he has to say. Come on now. He knew 100%.