Is Warren Ericson about to get Wally Pipp’d?

Sedrick Van Pran, come on down.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart doesn’t make starter announcements. Never has. But he came close to doing so Thursday night when he sent Sedrick Van Pran up to the Butts-Mehre’s second-floor studio for post-practice interviews.

Smart generally doesn’t designate spokesmen who don’t have a significant role on the team.

Indications are Van Pran is about to. The redshirt freshman center from New Orleans and has never started college game, but it’s looking like that’s about to come against No. 3 Clemson and its renowned defensive front.

If they move Salyer inside to guard, that means they can flank Van Pran with he and Shaffer, which makes for some experienced bookends.  If not, it’ll be interesting to see who pairs with Shaffer at the other guard spot.

Whatever Matt Luke is deciding, sooner rather than later is probably a good thing.



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21 responses to “Is Warren Ericson about to get Wally Pipp’d?

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Good Lord, we’re a mess of injuries before this first game, and all at important positions on the offense and the most important position on the defense. I heard that Fitzpatrick is even hobbled with something?

    It’s a good thing Kirby and his coaches have recruited so well. I’m going to Cherokee Casino next weekend. Thinking about letting my money talk for me.

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  2. I would think Ericson could play guard with the cast/brace he has on his hand much more effectively than center. Ericson does play guard as well, correct?

    Maybe that is the reason Van Pran is getting the nod at center. Hopefully, it is also because he is playing well there as well and isn’t more towards that Ericson has issues performing snapping duties.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It is at least a good sign that regardless of Ericson’s health they have confidence in Van Pran. It may also be a sign that left tackle is shaping up so that they can slide Salyer in next to Van Pran. I think it is a positive thing right now.

    I have wondered about the Clay Webb situation, but he doesn’t seem to be in the mix at all.

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  4. Jack Klompus

    I don’t love where this is all going… where is Central Michigan when you need them?

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  5. Anon

    UGA spring game happened to be on the other night. I watched again. He looked impressive. Moves good. I’d be ok with him there.


  6. Beating out Erricson and also the former #1 player in Alabama out says a lot about this guy.

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  7. aim260

    CVP was considered by those in-the-know to be a steal, as he was overshadowed by the Broderick Jones recruitment win.

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  8. akascuba

    It also requiem the RB on all pass plays to be one that can block. Based on past performance that either means someone has learned how to block or he won’t get much PT in the opener.

    To answer an earlier question Fitz was listed on the hobbled list with a lower body injury. Should be able to go in the opener.


  9. D as in Dawg

    I hope I’m wrong, but this has all the makings of an UGA flop. I know. Shut up. But guys, come on, I sat here unfazed when we were up at the half in the Natty. I had seen that movie. I feel pretty strongly that I’ve seen this movie, too. Hope I’m wrong!!! Not saying we can’t recover and even win it all, I just feel like this game has more potential to be a catalyst than a confirmation. Hope I’m wrong!!!


  10. PTC DAWG

    1st drive for UGA…a TD, all on the ground. You guys wait.

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  11. Granthams Replacement

    I am loving these kind of problems on the OL.


    • Down Island Way

      Understanding CKS is an above average crootin’ machine, how many of the current UGA football OL can be blamed on the excellent crootin’ skills from the “Pitt Boss”…or the current OL coach…cause you almost feel a drop off coming…(it’s still early)…


  12. setzer613

    In reality the Clemson game is nothing more than a preseason bowl game. We win, it is great and it could be leverage to getting to the playoff if we lose the sec championship game. So we MIGHT get in.

    Lose the Clemson game and run the table and lose the sec championship, no playoff.

    Lose Clemson and run the table and win the sec championship, then the Clemson game means almost nothing. We are playoff bound and sitting as the number 1 or number 2 team.

    None of that is ground breaking news. But this gives us a chance to see what our depth is like early on and what the potential will be come late October when must likely everyone is back including Pickens and Blaylock.


  13. uga97

    Winning this game [outside of Athens vs #2 team in country] without Tykee, Darnell, Pickens, Gilbert, will be quite a statement & will count as MAJOR points for CFP consideration. 2 weeks!!

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  14. CB

    This might actually be addition by subtraction. Ericson seems have it all down between the ears and is a reliable snapper, but athletically he struggles picking up stunts and is susceptible to getting put on skates when bullrushed.

    That said I’ll 10/10 take a reliable snapper with weaknesses in other areas as opposed to somebody who is prone to sail it into the end zone. Doesn’t matter how physical you are, if you can’t snap you shouldn’t be playing center.

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    • Darin Cochran

      No offense to Erickson, but just looking at him, he doesn’t look quite as…how shall I say this nicely??….in shape as some of the others. Van Pran looks kinda short and compact and built like a tank. I seen some highschool footage of him and he is a bull. Remember, we beat out Bama and LSU for that kid. KS and Luke have brought in some real studs as of late; Van Pran won the “Ironman Award” at one of those Under Armor camps when he put up 185 lbs for 30 reps on the bench press! I read that Fairchild put up 640 on the squat in HS and could bench press over 400 lbs. Laske put up 600 on the squat. I heard Micah Morris could bench close to 450 and this kid Jarod Wilson that everyone is talking about could clean 300 and put up over 500 on the squat.
      Anyway, my point; I know Erickson is a veteran, but he’s just never come across to me as a real mauler. He’s remained right about 300-305 the whole time he’s been here and that’s not always a bad thing, but he just doesn’t come across as a real monster, like some of our big uglies do. Either way, hope he gets better soon, but I think we’ll be fine. Just thinking outloud I guess….

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  15. spur21

    We Good