The flip side of setting the bar low

This ($$) made me laugh:

What’s one team from each Power 5 conference that you think will exceed expectations this season? — Andrew G.

Ari Wasserman: Here we go.

Georgia, SEC: It’s very easy to toss out the 1980 jokes or point out that it’s when rather than if Georgia ends up choking this year. When it comes to expectations, I think it’s fair to say that people expect Georgia to fall short. But when I look at the Bulldogs this year, I see one of the most talented teams in college football, one with a quarterback it can trust. Combine that with a very manageable schedule and the fact that Alabama lost a ton of talent after last year, and Georgia is the team I’m picking to win the SEC.

You can’t exceed expectations unless you crap all over them first.

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5 responses to “The flip side of setting the bar low

  1. Ran A

    This guy should run for President

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    • Down Island Way

      Picking UGA football to win the sec, this dip stick has no idea WTF he’s mumbling about, somebody has been feeding him rat poison…when it comes to ranting, stumbling, idiotic quotes about FU being the sec winner this season, those are the butt heads I’m most concerned with walking around in the general public…cause they have No Fucking Idea what they are doing with a key board and a enter button….#FTMF

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  2. Teacher Martin

    That would be nice, but seeing is believing. Fingers crossed.

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  3. practicaldawg

    The more offensive players we lose to injury or personal issues, the higher they will set the bar. They are already writing the “underachiever” pieces for later this season.

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