Has Georgia settled on a starting o-line?

You tell me.

UGA went primarily with Jamaree Salyer at left tackle, Justin Shaffer at left guard, Sedrick Van Pran at center, Tate Ratledge at right guard, and Warren McClendon at right tackle in scrimmage No. 2. Afterward Kirby Smart, without mentioning that starting group, he indicated that the Bulldogs may have found their starting five — for now.

“We’ve really settled into the five that are repping with the 1s,” Smart said. “We just rotate to get depth. We rotate guys around and there’s still good competition at tackle, there’s good competition going on at center, when Warren’s been healthy to practice since his return from the injury. So he’s been able to practice some and do some things. And then Shaffer and Tate have been primary at guard, but we’ve shuffled some other guys around at guard to get different guys in there. So, I feel good about our depth at offensive line, you know, and we still have time to determine who the starting five will be, in terms of the tackles. But it’s not like we’re out there doing musical chairs. I mean, they play 20 plays one way and they might play 20 another way just to get the best guys on the field.”

Reading between the lines there — and, yes, I’m just speculating — it sounds like they’ve been really hoping someone would step up to take the left tackle spot, allowing Salyer to move inside, but it hasn’t happened yet.  “Yet” being the operative term.

With two weeks to go, it’s about time to start installing the game plan against Clemson, and that means stability on the o-line takes priority over developing options.  But it’s not a one-game season, nor is it one is which Georgia plays top five teams week after week.  All of which is to say that the starting five who take the field in Charlotte may very well not be the same five who take the field in Atlanta.


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18 responses to “Has Georgia settled on a starting o-line?

  1. munsonlarryfkajim

    That was another answer that didn’t inspire confidence

    Starting 5 in Atlanta? Let not get ahead of ourselves. We should be there for sure, but stranger things have happened.


  2. Ran A

    Mims in the long run – but your not starting a freshmen at LT in the opener against Clemson’s D-Line. But would just about bet you that he’ll be getting 1/2 the reps by end of season, if not more.

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  3. Bulldawg Bill

    Get past Clemson and we should have plenty of games until the next real competition to shake down the OL.
    Sounds pretty good to me. Of course, YMMV.

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    • originaluglydawg

      This is exactly the luxury Clemson has had during it’s amazing run making the CFP. Georgia’s not going to have it as easy as Clemson, but with Auburn and Florida (supposedly) down a mite and SC and TN down a great bit, there will be opportunities for evaluation and development.
      Also, getting out of the mode of “playing to the level of the opponent” would help. Close games against lesser teams is maddening and keeps your number ones on the field. I wanna see this team run up some scores.

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    Couldn’t agree more. He was challenging the young tackles, who have both missed some time for different reasons, to stay and try to win those jobs at some point in the season. Meanwhile, he’s got a big game to win and Salyer does it best outside right now. So you’ve got to find your other best 4 and it sounds like they have. Time to install for Clemson. Position battles to be continued…

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  5. I’m surprised Shaffer is still with the 1s. He wasn’t bad last year but wasn’t great, either. I fully expected some combination of van Pran, Erricson or Webb(or any of the other 4-5 star guys) at that G and C spots. Maybe he’s improved.


  6. junkyardawg41

    I think Salyer at LT says more about a desire to be a run heavy offense against Clemson as much as anything. (I think the WR/TE injury bug is influencing that more so that a Kirby Manball approach)


    • spur21

      I really don’t care how we get our yards as long as we get them. If we can run against Clemson then by all means run.

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    • RangerRuss

      Salyer is at LT to protect Daniels’ blind side during passing plays. He’s the Dawg’s best and most experienced lineman at this point. I’m sure he’ll do fine as a run blocker at LT also. Keeping the QB’s uniform clean is his job there until someone steps up and allows Salyers to move to LG permanently.
      Clemson sucks.

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  7. Down Island Way

    As we speak, the north avenue fucking trade school is searching for their protracted pocket protector to hide in and not participate in that annual ass whuppin’ against UGA football and proudly proclaim nerdfootball hasn’t lost to UGA football, two years in row….


  8. ugafidelis

    Is Truss just not progressing like they had hoped?


  9. uga97

    Good 5 for Clemson. Salyer at LT reduces the hives. Van Prann spent his entire HS years in the trenches, facing blue chip, manchild Dlinemen in Louisiana. He’ll do great vs Clempsun.


  10. CB

    Smart money seems to be on Salyer at LT against Clemson and move him inside immediately after.