The evolution of manball

Kirby talked about his new offensive paradigm yesterday.

Two scrimmages in, it’s still up in the air on what Georgia’s offensive identity in 2021 will be. And that’s okay with Kirby Smart. He knows that creating a game plan and determining whether the Bulldogs will be run-heavy or pass-heavy likely is a week to week thing.

“I think some of that is dictated by who the defense is. We want to dictate to the defense what we do, but, at the same time, some of what they do matters,” Smart said after his team’s second scrimmage. “Every defense we play will be different. There will be three-down fronts, four-down fronts. There will be big, small, experience in this level, experience in that level. We want to take advantage of what they give us.”

“We can identify what we need to work on, but we’re just trying to figure out who the best football players are, not who can read the signal the best and go execute,” he continued. “We’re trying to figure out who the best football players are, and that has been our intent in the two scrimmages, not to go out and trick the defense. We’re going out to play fundamental defense. Now, it will become a little more scheme because we need to figure out exactly what each guy can do and what he does well and who we want to become.”

All in all, this sounds like a man who knows what an offense needs to do in this day and age.  Now, he just needs to let go and allow his offensive coordinator to do just that.


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19 responses to “The evolution of manball

  1. 69Dawg

    It sounds great but lets see it in operation. My biggest concern is the slow starts we made in a lot of games last year. If the offense starts slow with Clemson we could dig a hole we can’t get out of. Munson out.

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  2. Ozam

    If the evolution of manball is to exploit a defense’s weaknesses via run or pass, then I’m all for it! Trying to pound eight man fronts, not so much.

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    • Ozam

      That being said, what we do not want is a lack of explosiveness, shortened games, and low scoring. Collectively these allow lesser opponents to stay in the game.

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  3. spur21

    I’m not worried at all. I’m just going to enjoy seeing the team on the field.

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  4. practicaldawg

    The idea of airing it out more and spreading the defense sounded more feasible when we thought we had the receivers and pass catching TEs to execute it. I’m not so sure anymore, so I’m expecting the offense to skew more toward manball, at least in the first few weeks.

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    • theotherdoug

      UGA has to spread them out and pass or we will see 7 to 8 guys in the box again. When MSU loaded the box Daniels and Pickens ate them up, and the same thing but with a different WR has to happen this year.


    • pantslesspatdye

      Man, given the injuries, I would love to go man ball. I’m with on the passing is everything approach, but let’s go old school on the mofos


  5. moe pritchett

    If CKS CTM put together a 12-13 play 85 yard 8 minute drive that’s 70/30 run/pass and score.
    If they put together a 6 play 85 yard drive 70/30 pass/run and score. Air it out.

    I don’t care how they do it, but do it long, hard, deep, consecutively and frequently.
    And let the defense turn the three and outs.

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    • aim260

      Now I need a shower…


    • rigger92

      That’s pretty much it. Keep the ball and take it home. Let’s just hope the D can hold up. Wildcard is the ST, need Pod and the punt team on point too. In this new “NFL Lite” there is not a single down or unit that can just kind of go through the motions.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Real men don’t have to shove it down the field. They comfortable enough with themselves to throw it too.

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  7. Doesn’t it feel like Nick Saban had to go through this exact evolution a few years ago to get back to winning national titles @Senator Blutarsky? Clemson taught him that lesson.

    I hope we’ve learned it now too. We’ll see.

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  8. Ran A

    Apparently they were able to run on the defense Saturday. If you can run on “that” defense….. Kirby is going to be tempted to run a lot – I have to believe that he has learned his lesson and understands the importance of throwing the football – not only too win now but to recruit for later. Heard Mack Brown over the weekend. He made the point that having the right QB can change your program much quicker than in the past, because of how offenses have changed and heard someone else pointed out “that” and the rule changes no the defensive side.

    Stick to the script Kirby… Your offense is coming around.. 🙂