“This is not a democracy.”

Damn, 268 words to say the kid’s a lazy, entitled sumbitch who hasn’t earned it yet.

I guess there’s some shit Nick Saban does have time for.


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7 responses to ““This is not a democracy.”

  1. Ran A

    If I have learned anything about Saban over time, it is that he doesn’t do anything in public without a reason. Everybody thinks he is sending this kid a message; could have been for a different player or player. Oh, and that “we have scouts here at every practice”. Anybody think recruits didn’t perk up when the heard or read that?

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Nick keepin it real!


  3. Derek

    If he practiced hard, but committed felony assault on his girlfriend Saban wouldn’t have a negative word to say.

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  4. Practice six days a week, Saturday game day is your day off.


  5. Clayton Joiner

    The “never know who’s watching” has been used in practice settings at the college & HS level for ages so I chalk this up to 1) another reinforcement of “perfect practice, makes perfect” 2) all players must buy in no matter how good you think you are and 3) you never know who is learning something about you at any given time….and Coach Saben will gladly tell a scout that your ass is not giving 100% if you think you don’t have to work at practice….

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  6. Down Island Way

    Little nicky using big words….


  7. gurkhadawg

    Reminds of Henry’s response to the Dauphin after he receives a box of tennis balls in Henry V. A simple “no” would have sufficed.

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