TFW you don’t know what goes through some folks’ minds sometimes



Although the initial tweet was a hoax and I disagree with Mr. Lynch about that purple uni, you’ve got to respect the pain he still has over those abominations he was forced to wear.

Also, this.

He was just getting warmed up.

He’s not wrong.

And one more…

Tell us how you really feel, dude.


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51 responses to “TFW you don’t know what goes through some folks’ minds sometimes

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I am aligned with Mr Lynch

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  2. KingMackeral

    I just became of groupie of Arthur Lynch.

    Preach it, brotha!

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  3. I generally agree with Mr. Lynch – our traditional look is hard to improve upon – however I don’t understand his strongly held feelings on the bulldog illustration. Both the old and new look fine – I’ve never really loved either one – and the new isn’t nearly as pervasive as the old.

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    • aim260

      The new bulldog looks like some generic clip art you’d find in Word from Windows 95. It’s an effortless insult to the rich tradition and character of Georgia Athletics. The fact that it was approved under the “leadership” of Big Ears is all you need to know. I will never buy an item if it contains that abomination.

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    • Russ

      The new bulldog looks like some clip art from 1980’s Microsoft Paint. It’s generic and horrible and should die a quick but painful death.


  4. DawgStats

    This sh*t takes the cake for dumb preseason. Games can’t get here quick enough

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  5. I don’t have a problem with the new bulldog artwork (though I do prefer the old, “jowlier” version), but yeah, the block letters need to come back. And no uniform variations beyond red shirts/silver britches for home games and white/silver on the road. Talk all you want about how special unis attract interest from The Youths, Bama doesn’t fuck with their uniforms and it doesn’t appear to have dinged their recruiting one bit.

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    So are they wearing the one color uniforms or not?
    And it’s not just the Uga graphic that’s worse, the GEORGIA lettering is worse than the old fashioned block lettering.
    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

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  7. Shewdawg


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  8. stoopnagle

    I had to look up the second alternate. I remember the “power rangers” to open 2010, so I’m guessing the other was the black helmet/pants for Ajax in 2009? That was truly awful.

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    • Down Island Way

      Do not know of Mr. Lynch’s politics nor his religious beliefs, when student athletes rep the “G” and have the ability to speak out or tweet all things UGA, you’ve got me, in this case he’s more than spot on, he’s on solid ground…

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    • 81Dog

      The black pants/white jerseys are ok. The black helmet was not ok. The Power Rangers unis were awful. Any combination of red/black pants/jerseys is awful.

      Wear the red helmets. If we switch in red or black pants with the white jerseys? Fine. Mix in black jerseys? Also fine, but only with silver or white pants. Red on red is an abomination. Our players, would look like oversized blood clots. No. Just no.

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    • Russ

      The only thing good about those black “fake juice” uniforms from Jax is that when people see videos of it we can just say that wasn’t Georgia. It was obviously Grambling getting their ass beat.

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  9. aucarson

    I’ve never understood why Clempson cherishes the purple. It’s from when John Heisman came from Auburn to start their program and he had to bring old, faded blue unis with him because IPTAY was not yet a thing.

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  10. MGW

    That’s the kind of “rebranding” trash that happens when the marketing people collide with administrators with more money than they know what to do with.

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  11. cowetadawg

    That qualifies as a public service announcement. From his lips to Administration’s ears.

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  12. The red pants should never be worn with anything other than white jerseys (and even then, only on a special occasion – in Knoxville or Lexington – I believe we were in red pants for “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”. Otherwise, it’s silver britches. I totally agree with Lynch on bringing back the classic block letters and numbers.

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    • otto1980

      Agreed with pretty much everything you’ve typed in this topic.

      If you want a special uniform come up with one that has actual silver britches not the gray.


    • poetdawg

      The red pants were worn in Lexington for the “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” game in ’78 during the Wonderdawgs season. The Silver Britches were not an option during the ’77 through ’79 seasons; home games were white pants and away were red. They came back in time for the National Championship run in’80.


  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    He makes good sartorial points, that’s for sure!


  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    For a guy who isn’t a southerner by birth he gets it. And honestly, I don’t understand why this is thought to be a recruiting asset. Sure, I know that some – maybe even many – kids are swayed by glitz, but if that what turns them on (and not playing well and winning) do you want those kids on your team?

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  15. Joel Davis

    I think the new numbers and font are so much better than the generic block letters that look like they are iron-ons from a little league team.

    As a logo, the new dog better than the old – much easier to cleanly reproduce and stand out from the background. Unless it’s going for a vintage look. However, I choose the Power G over a dog 99% of the time.

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  16. classiccitycanine

    The entire Nike redesign was trash! The font, clip art bulldog, and rounded numbers are trash compared to the old stuff. That said, I kinda like the color rush idea and I loved both alternates from last year! Red pants/white tops and the blackout ones should be in the regular rotation once a year each.

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  17. Keep going Artie! There’s not one thing he and I disagree on here. The new font is abhorrent as are the new logos.

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  18. RC

    This Artie (Ahhtie) Lynch fella may talk funny, but he’s aces in my book.

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  19. PatinDC

    i like the all red.
    I also was intriged by the “color” block game. JMHO.

    FTR I am an oldster…


  20. moe pritchett

    Red on silver
    White on silver.

    Anything else is a waste of time, energy and resources.

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  21. kokainmothershed

    Disagree with Mr. Lynch on his comparison of Bulldog logos. The old one looks like it was made to be the head of a lawn jockey.

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    • RangerRuss

      My BullDawg lawn jockey does have that appearance. I like that old one, but the new one is growing on me. Sort of like excess hair in weird places.


  22. uga97

    The most useless waste if time & hot air is arguing over colors, numbers & logos. The best logo is a black & blue tattoo that shows up on the opponents body. GATA.

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  23. MudCat's Mechanic

    Mr. Lynch it’s spot on with my complaints the past years when it comes to identity. From the power ranger crap against Boise State to the dog collars last season. Stick to tradition and bring back actual silver britches.

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  24. Jack Klompus

    This may be the most I’ve ever seen the comments section aligned.

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    • Just goes to show how out of touch our athletic department is with the fans. My family buys a lot of bulldogs gear and we wont touch that clip art logo. We’d rather go to etsy for custom stuff for the baby.

      My understanding about the classic Bulldog head on the left is that it has entered public domain, so the University won’t use it on anything official as it could be copied.

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  25. 123 Fake St

    Arthur Lynch still isn’t allowed to hold babies.

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  26. tiredofidsearch

    I agree with Mr. Lynch on all counts. And the more I look at that ugly dog on the right the more I hate it. I will never wear a piece of apparel with that monstrosity on it.

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  27. I don’t remember the new Bulldog being painted on the field? What game was that?