Dear Idiots,

You’ve got to hand it to the Alliance geniuses.  One day in, and they’re already making enemies.

Maybe all the PR bullshit wasn’t such a good idea, eh?

Meanwhile, Greg Sankey’s all “if you don’t hang out with the other mean kids, you can’t violate antitrust law”.

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21 responses to “Dear Idiots,

  1. stoopnagle


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  2. Russ

    This is like watching a slow moving train wreck, except no one gets physically hurt.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    See… and people keep saying CFB is going to be homgenized and nationalized, but they ignore stuff like this that will keep the regional drama flowing in perpetuity.

    This Alliance won’t last long. Apparently, Dave Wannstedt was told at the FOX Sports meetings by people who should know (the television partner of the B1G, Pac-12, and the remains of the Big XII) that the B1G will soon admit KU and Iowa State, the Pac-12 will take Okie State and KSU, and the ACC will take WVU. So after that happens, the only piece on the board that makes any sense to be worth anything to anyone is Notre Dame.

    What do you think happens if Sankey, playing some 3D Chess, puts it into the minds of others that to get into whatever sized playoff happens in 2026, you have to have conference affiliation? Will the “Alliance” survive that? I don’t think so. Mainly because it will appeal to those schools outside the SEC who hate ND’s continued special dispensation that leads to playoff blow out losses. Will all 41 schools vote as a block then?

    Then what happens when Warren makes overtures to ND, knowing that the ACC has first contractual rights to ND’s conference future?

    Yeah… the drama is just getting started. This alliance is less the German-Russian non-aggression pact, and more like the powder keg of alliances that exploded into WWI. Anyone doubt that Sankey is holding the match?

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    • 69Dawg

      I think you nailed it. If ACC only takes WV then they are saving a spot for ND. The new playoff can cut ND’s balls off if they vote that the participants must be in a conference. I have always thought that for the damn AD of ND to be treated as if he was the equal of a conference commissioner was stupid. BYU should have sued the hell out of that years ago.


  4. classiccitycanine

    The Alliance is nothing more than sour grapes from the hypocrites who would have happily taken OU/TX, if they had come to their conference instead of the SEC. The Alliance bears zero threat to the SEC.


  5. cowetadawg

    Some attorneys get to have all the fun bringing the consequences to the idiotic actions. Nice work if you can get it.


  6. chopdawg

    Eff the effin’ Alston lawyers. Alliance only one day old, and already they’re threatening to sue. About what? Nothing that’s come even remotely close to happening.

    Greg Sankey and the SEC must be paying their fees.


    • With all due respect, how do you know what the 3 conferences have discussed?


      • chopdawg

        Yeah, you’re right, I’m sure the first thing on the 3 conferences’ to-do list is to figure out how they can conspire to cap the student-athletes’ grant money.

        After that they’ll think about how they’re going to schedule intersectional football games, and how they’re going to get some TV network money, and how they’ll get their member teams into the Playoffs, little piddling stuff like that.


      • trbodawg

        I think your header has this part of the thread covered.


  7. Don in Mar-a-Lago

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  8. Man I thought you were writing a love letter to all of us.

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  9. bigjohnson1992

    I don’t think the SEC is done expanding. After snagging these two, the recruiting efforts for a few more are now underway. The ACC will be the next to be poached, and neutered. More kill shots coming.