Marc Weiszer’s six predictions

Good fodder for discussion:

  1. One-loss Bulldogs

  2. Expect more movement on the offensive line

  3. Tight ends will be fed

  4. The team scoring record will be set

  5. Georgia’s freshmen will make presence felt

  6. JT Daniels big prize at end of season is more likely to be …. Leading Georgia to a national title than being a Heisman Trophy finalist.

And my thoughts about those:

  1. Likely.  Barring injuries, that schedule makes it hard to find two regular season losses.
  2. Agreed.  I still think it’s better than even odds Salyer finishes 2021 playing inside on the line.
  3. I’ll believe it when I see it.  I want to believe, though.
  4. Really, given the way offenses have evolved since 2014 and the level of talent Monken has at his disposal, it’s time.
  5. Somebody does every season, so who will it be in 2021?
  6. I can live with that, and I expect JT can, too.  Although I have to say if Georgia’s playing for a natty, it’s hard to see how Daniels isn’t at least invited to New York.

Your thoughts?


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63 responses to “Marc Weiszer’s six predictions

  1. gastr1

    I have a hard time believing any of our players will put up the big numbers necessary for Heisman consideration. Hasn’t happened for anyone in a couple of decades, really (I mean, if Gurley couldn’t rack up the stats for that, can anyone?…)

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  2. From his lips to God’s ears

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    • I’ll take 1 loss to land. National championship, and forgo a Heisman pick…no complaints from me

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      • RangerRuss

        Don’t make me put on long sleeves and come in that walk-in cooler you call home, FD.
        15-0 pal.

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      • Got Cowdog

        Just. Beat. Clemson.
        You have to beat the man in front of you…

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        • Ole Uncle Got is the voice of reason…get past those klempzen sacks of shit…damn skippy…

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          • RangerRuss

            Clemson has a senior led D line and a big, tough young QB. The last time they had a similar team those toothless, tobbacy chewing, heifer breeding, rejects from polite society went 15-0.
            Well guess what? No, not chicken butt. The Dawgs have a team just as loaded, a bit banged up for sure. But I believe the Dawgs are a tougher sort with a hunger that has been fed only by frustration. They should pull away from a winded and not as deep CU in the second half for another UGA victory. We’ve seen it before. Someone remind Kirby to collect the rent check from Dabo on the way out as we own their ass.

            Clemson sucks.

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            • Bulldawg Bill

              “…rejects from polite society…”
              So just WHAT do you know about polite society???
              I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’!!


  3. practicaldawg

    Which TEs will be fed? The top 3 on the depth chart that aren’t available due to injury or personal issues, or a walk-on TE that’s yet to be named?

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  4. Derek

    5 outta 6 ain’t bad.


    • Down Island Way

      1.- Zero loss Bulldogs
      2.- Not a new topic for UGA football
      3.- In Monken we trust (fingers crossed)
      4.- Simply stating 600 points over the season =40 ppg
      5.- What Bluto said…
      6.- # 18 do have his work cut out for UGA football

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  5. 11-1 feels right
    Spot on with the OL movement. I think the starting OL vs Florida could feature Mims at LT.
    I’ll believe it when I see it re: TEs
    The scoring record needs to be set
    Given the state of the WRs, I think AD Mitchell is the best bet
    Not sure about either, to be honest. Bama is still Bama.


  6. Clemson matters. If 2-5 happen, we don’t have a loss. If we’re not elite enough to beat the CFP teams now, then what’s missing?

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  7. rigger92

    I’m not ready to give up on the opener yet but I understand that someone wanting to make a season prediction and be sincere about it would.

    Another injury or two? Yeah, I’d say 1 loss. And it would have to just be the opener. I don’t really stay up on FL or KY but I can’t say with sincerity that either of them will surprise anyone this year.

    The state of our O is a solid as it’s ever been. Proven coordinator/staff, experienced and talented players at every position. It’s hard not to be excited about it. If they’re not producing at a top 5 level it should be obvious where the problem is, be it a position group or coach.

    I’ll worry about the D if our O is underwhelming. Also, a bit concerned with the absence of Coach Sinclair and if there are impacts from that. Boom better not let his buddy down.

    If Clemson beats us, at least I hope it’s just because they played better. If we are sloppy I will be pretty upset considering how strong our roster is.

    Winning it all? Eh, no expectations from me. Just win the East and I’ll be happy. If we don’t win the SEC I’ll be down and frustrated with the caveat that we better look good doing it, don’t throw any shoes or the like.

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  8. bucketheridge

    i’d rather “more movement on the offensive line” meant pushing people around more than last year.

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  9. 1) That’s been my stance since mid-afternoon January 1, and I haven’t changed my mind.
    2) I think it depends. If the offense plays well in Charlotte, I would be very hesitant to shuffle guys around.
    3) The Bulldog siren song – my only response is “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
    4) The schedule sets up well for it. The question is whether Kirby is willing to keep ringing up points on the scoreboard against overmatched opponents.
    5) Yes because there’s always a freshman that breaks out.
    6) I hope so, but I don’t think we’re in the playoff without JT as a Heisman finalist. I don’t think Bama can be beaten with just a “game manager” at QB.


  10. Clayton Joiner

    If we were “full tilt” in wk 1 I would say 0 loss Dawgs…but with so many “day to day” guys coming back to Athens with a W will take more than 1 breakout Frosh performance…likely in the secondary IMO.

    Let’s Go Dawgs!

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  11. Terry McCullers

    To get to the playoffs I think we have to beat Clemson.


    • If we lose to Clemson and win the SEC with 1 loss, we’re in.

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      • Skeptic Dawg

        EE, you are spot on…win the SECCG and the Dawgs are in the playoffs. My hang up is that if we are unable to beat Clemson, why would I believe that we are capable of beating Alabama in the SECCG? I see the opener as the beginning or the end…the playoffs for the Dawgs begins or ends with the first game of the year.


        • I’ll reserve judgment until I see if we lose, how did we lose. Get run out of Charlotte? You probably have a point. Lose a close one? Possibly you can chalk that up to injuries. Win a close one? Know you have to play better in the SECCG. Win comfortably? Bring on the Tide.

          The bottom line is regardless of the outcome on September 4, we’ll have to play our best game of the year of December 4.


      • The Truth

        Can’t get blown out by Clemson, but barring that you’re absolutely correct.


    • bucketheridge

      I get where you’re coming from on this, but I actually don’t think that it matters one way or the other whether we beat Clemson or not so long as it’s reasonably close. Either way, we’re going to have to beat Alabama in the SEC championship to get in. In other words, I don’t think we can beat Clemson and lose to Alabama and still make it. Fair or not, I think the SEC championship is going to be a play in game again.


  12. charlottedawg

    Think so on #1 (assume this is just for the regular season) and I think it’ll be Clemson. I just don’t see a path to victory that weekend. We don’t have anyone to defend the pass and we have nobody to catch passes. (Facts: Gilbert, Washington, Pickens blaylock, out, Jackson, Burton rosemy jacksaint, Fitzpatrick: injured. The fact that we’re talking about addonai Mitchell a 3 star recruit means we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel) to expect the offense to be anywhere close to being able to hang with the 35 minimum Clemson is going to score is as unsubstantiated of optimism as the people who desperately wanted stetson Bennett to be a workable solution post Arkansas last year.

    Rest of the schedule looks pretty easy so assuming we don’t stub our toe against Florida, we should be a nice 11 win sacrificial lamb to Alabama to boost their SOS a little bit.

    Que angry comments including “why even watch the game man!!!??!!!”.


  13. Biggen

    Nothing about the defense??

    I’m not sure about our DBs (with injuries and transfers), but our DL and LBs are insane this year. It should easily be the best front 7 in the entire country. I’m looking forward to watching them play.

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  14. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Oh good Lord, the “Georgia will finally get the TEs involved with the passing game this year,” thing has basically become a meme at this point, hasn’t it?

    You’d think Kirby would demand it simply because of how he’s recruited there and he can’t keep selling big time TE recruits on hopes and dreams (or straight-up lies), but it still hasn’t materialized.

    No. 6 on the list is far more likely to me than No. 3 at this point.


  15. RangerRuss

    All the injuries piling up are cause for concern. I think it shows the Dawgs are going at each other hard every day. Putting in the work now to be in midseason form by Sept 4th. Let those ass sucking taters be the ones with the loser attitude of acceptable losses. Winning ’em all is the best way to ensure the Dawgs are standing tall at the end.

    Clemson sucks.

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  16. willypmd

    I’ll take the under on one loss
    It’s funny, I read that as more trapping and pulling movement on the OL, not more positional movement. Maybe both? 😂
    I second your take, talent hasn’t been the issue scheme has
    If Monken is better than peak Bobo (I think he is), we’ll all be thrilled
    Got to go AD Mitchell here
    Seems strange that we would win it all and JT wouldn’t win the heisman. I’m not sure I see a pathway there. If JT doesn’t play at a heisman level, I don’t think we win it all


  17. MGW

    Long as that loss doesn’t come in Atlanta we’re in the playoff.
    Of all the position groups, I think OL is the most difficult for someone outside the program to have an informed opinion about. I don’t have one.
    I can’t see how not; we’re loaded.
    Can’t bring myself to say “playoff or bust” but if the O doesn’t go off this year there’s a problem.
    I’m hoping that happens on D because we’re all set on O. I mean AD stepping in big time early in the season at WR could be a big help while the rest of that group recovers but we need someone special on D, badly.
    If he ain’t at least top 10 in votes, I don’t see how we make the playoff without switching to the triple option. We’re a passing team with a lot of good receiving talent in what’s now a passing league.


  18. munsonlarryfkajim

    Fuck this one loss shit. It’s time to eat

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  19. PTC DAWG

    The scoring records means squat to me…get to ATL and win…then let the chips fall where they may.


  20. DawgFlan

    Kirby’s low key nature in the last few press conferences have me stumped. He knows what a championship team looks like. He hasn’t challenged any of the players, position battles, or the team in general. I want to think he is playing it poker cool with a royal flush in his hand. If so, 15-0 with a pile of broken records, lopsided scoreboards, and individual awards. But until I see us kick Clemson in the teeth and crush their souls, I’m nervous about the possibility that Smart may be nervous…

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  21. stoopnagle

    If I get to choose, I’ll take a loss to Clemson if I get a win over Bama. All. Day. Long.

    I’ve become a bit more bearish about Charlotte, but it’s not like Clemson doesn’t have its own problems. We’ll come to play, it’ll be a great game, and win or lose, we’ll still be a factor if we take care of business.

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