Dawgs247’s defensive depth chart for game one

Hey, it’s less than two weeks ’til the opener, so why not take a stab at it?

My short take on their picks is that the front seven is ridiculously loaded (Kirby’s gonna be able to rotate to his heart’s desire) and the secondary, not so much.  And even with that, I find that my cornerback anxiety has calmed somewhat, mainly because it sounds like Kendrick has lived up to expectations so far.  Depth at safety and STAR is a concern because of Tykee Smith’s health, but it’s comforting that Brini has followed up his excellent performance in the bowl game with a solid preseason.

And if this is true…

As we said prior to camp, Anderson should probably just have his own role. He’s going to see some action at the STAR/nickel position. He’s also going to rush from the edge, specially on obvious passing downs. Anderson will probably get some traditional snaps at the JACK linebacker position, too. UGA is going to try and get him on the field as much as possible.

… somebody’s about to have a monster season.



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19 responses to “Dawgs247’s defensive depth chart for game one

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Just win, baby!

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  2. r1valry

    He mentions Kendrick being away for personal reasons? Don’t recall that.


  3. Russ

    I always get nervous about Kirby focusing on rotation uber alles but he seems to do a good job with it, so I guess that’s just my inner Munson. Looking forward to Davis and Carter dominating the middle, and Mr. Anderson and Mr. Smith going full matrix from the edges.

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  4. Biggen

    The front 7 is absolutely loaded with talent. I’m not sure its ever been this loaded before.

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  5. ASEF

    Anderson is key. Those hybrid, multi-level guys are just force multipliers for defensive coordinators.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    So who has a bigger game vs Clemons, Anderson or Dean??

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  7. whybotherdude

    To me it looks like Brini is the MVP of the D right now, playing star/nickel and the first back up on either safety spot. Hope he is in shape as he will be on the field almost continuous when the D is out there.

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  8. uga97

    Call Andersons hybrid role.. “The Sledge” Star/Jack + Speed Edge.

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