Your Daily Gator is confident.

Spurdog is calling for the ‘Bama upset.

They’ve already got Bryce Young benched after the Miami game.  Alabama’s missing all that talent, but not a word about Florida’s losses on offense.

There’s a fine line between cocky and delusional and they’re firmly rubbing up against it.



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55 responses to “Your Daily Gator is confident.

  1. Bluto, where I come from we’d say they were “eat up” with the delusion

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  2. Please, please, please let Dopey/Goofy call for some uniform/fake juice gimmick for the Bama game. That typically works out so well for teams against the Tide.

    Handbag fans have become truly delusional at this point. It’s not pretty when delusion meets reality.

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  3. Biggen

    I can’t fault them for UK. I don’t expect much out of UK this season but its wishful thinking to think Young will be benched during the first game. Sure it could happen. Anything could happen. But I think its more likely that Jones is benched the first game then Young is though.


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Delusional, or three sheets to the wind?

    I’m thinking the Old Bourbon Corch had a few too many and started writing checks that Sideshow Dan the Clown can’t cash.


  5. bucketheridge

    That I can still recognize Shane Matthews’s dumbass face thirty years later speaks to the trauma of growing up in the Goff era.

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  6. Ran A

    Well… First off, you have to be able to score. And they are going to struggle moving the football against Bama. In fact, if there is going to be a different QB playing in the SEC early – it’s likely at UF after that game.

    The dude is right to be concerned about Missouri and he’s also right about that kick-off. Seems like every time Georgia or Florida is there, it’s that damn noon kick-off, which is 11AM them. It always has me concerned when Georgia goes there and Florida doesn’t have Georgia’s LOS.


  7. Derek

    They can’t eat ‘em if they don’t say ‘em.

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  8. David D

    -Sun Tzu

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  9. Russ

    Get enough Coors Light into the ol’ Ball Sack and he’ll say anything.

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  10. akascuba

    SOS loves to write checks other FU coaches have to cash. He’s still got it as it being an asshole mouth.

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  11. Derek

    I will say that if Bryce Young isn’t outstanding from day 1, they are vulnerable.

    They don’t have a bunch of receivers to throw at you anymore, which is going to put more pressure on the young qb. If he’s up to it, they’ll sprint through the schedule. If he has growing pains there are a couple of spots on their schedule that could be dangerous and that includes at UF IF Emory Jones is what UF dreams he is.

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  12. ASEF

    Bama’s 2021 campaign is going to look a lot like Clemson’s 2018. Young QB and receivers grow up while defense holds down the fort. Maybe not the same results, but there’s no way Miami is even in that game in the 2nd half. I remember UNC shutting down a healthy D’Eriq in their 2nd to last game. And now he’s going to come off an ACL and scare Bama? Uh, no.

    Saban’s defense is going to be nasty this season. They’re loaded across the board. That linebacker group is going to make “dual threat” QBs regret not pulling the trigger.

    Miami and Florida don’t have the pass catcher depth or trigger men to put any pressure on the Bama offense to keep pace.

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  13. godawgs1701

    Oh man! I knew if I held on to these Cross Colours shorts long enough they’d come back! It’s 1992 all over again!

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  14. D as in Dawg

    The only thing that will stop UF from winning it all this year is the fact they will suck. If they can overcome that. Watch out!!

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  15. Harold Miller

    You could fertilize the entire state of Kansas with the manure they are slinging.

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  16. PTC DAWG

    “Your daily Gator is an idiot”…fixed it for you.

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  17. Russ

    Oh, and never forget we made the ol’ Ball Sack quit mid-season. We let Grayson Lambert set a record on his ass.

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    • akascuba

      We should never let the CFB world forget a Grayson Lambert led team made the ole ball sack turn a chicken shit and quit on his players.


  18. Just hope the daily gator don’t bite us in the ass this year..
    Hey, if anyone has any info. on catching Georgia games in New York City, please let me know. I’ve just moved back to town. Originally from Athens. When I lived here years ago I would watch the game at a few different bars. Just don’t know if they’re still doing it with the pandemic & all and can’t seem to find anything on the Alumni NYC Chapter site. Looks like American Whiskey may be closed.


  19. classiccitycanine

    I, for one, would be thrilled to see the Gators beat Bama. That said, if Bama wants to nuke ’em, that’s cool too.


    • stoopnagle

      …and then they turn right around and lose to Tennessee the next week. That would be pretty funny.


      • Got Cowdog

        If Bama bure enough nukes them (and they will if they can) then they lose to ut? That would be glorious. Then we get to watch the hilarity that ensues when the gator faithful go full on revolutionary at Mullen and Third.
        Yes, let this happen, please


  20. Spurrier doesn’t believe for one minute that they are beating Bama. Spurrier can’t stand Dan and he’s setting him up to be on the hot seat by Nov 1. Spurrier is as strategic as they come and he’s no dummy.

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  21. stoopnagle

    You know, for a program coming off its best season in recent memory and that season ending with 3 straight losses… LOL.

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  22. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    FU …..8-4 regular season with losses to Bama, Georgia, LSU and either Mizzou or UK (maybe both in which case it’s 7-5).


    • 606dawg

      UK will be a real threat. Better Oline, really good RB, and the addition of Wandale Robinson and Levis and new OC. I’m not saying UK wins, but anyone who thinks they can’t compete is looking at UK from 10 years ago.