We’re at Georgia Tech! We can’t do that!

Say what you will, the man ain’t that dumb.

While the alliance announced this week between the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 has few if any certainties as far as what the partnership will look like, Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury assured that it won’t affect a most significant aspect of the Yellow Jackets’ existence – its annual game with Georgia.

“They’ll definitely stay part of the football schedule, of course,” Stansbury said on an appearance on 680 the Fan Thursday.

Stansbury was speaking more broadly about the four ACC schools with in-state rivalry games with SEC schools – besides Tech, Clemson (South Carolina), Florida State (Florida) and Louisville (Kentucky). Part of the alliance’s plans include interconference scheduling.

“Those in-state rivalries, for the four of us that have them, are just too important to our states and our programs,” Stansbury said. “This definitely won’t affect those in any way.”

Translation:  I’ll believe the Alliance delivers better scheduling when I see it.  In the meantime, a bird in the hand, and all that.


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27 responses to “We’re at Georgia Tech! We can’t do that!

  1. stoopnagle

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    How else will they ever get a sellout at Historic You Know Who Field?

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  3. originaluglydawg

    LOL..UGA should tell them that all future games with them will have to be in Athens. Dawgs don’t travel to UAB or Charleston Southern or even Georgia Southern, so why travel to ATL to play a cupcake?
    (not a real suggestion but just a jab at Nerdnation)

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    • UGA hasn’t lost at BDS since the turn of the century. No reason to stop going there. (Especially since they’ve lost a few times in Athens over that frame.)

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      • theorginaldawgabides

        Shit, if not for the absolute worst call in UGA history, 1989 should be the last true loss in that high school stadium.

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        • Russ

          Okay, sorry for the repeat below. I was anxious to point out that we’re in the midst of a 15 game win streak in Atlanta (neither I nor the NCAA recognize Al Ford’s treachery).

          We need to hammer that point home to the nerds at every chance we get. Make this the new drought until we win 10 in a row regardless of location.

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      • 79dawg



    • jcdawg83

      Seeing Georgia fans take over Grunt Field and Bobby Dud stadium makes me smile, I don’t want that to end. About 10 or so years ago the tech media guide had a cover photo of an aerial shot of their stadium. I guess the only sellout crowd photo they could find was from the Georgia game and the stadium was obviously over 50% red. A tech buddy of mine who gets season tickets still hasn’t gotten over that picture and I make sure I remind him of it so he won’t.

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  4. classiccitycanine

    I’d never forgive them if they cancelled COFH (unless they were dropping down to D-III football or something like that).

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  6. siskey

    Ask yourself how irrelevant Tech would be if they didn’t even have the possibility to beat us each season? It would be worse for them to never play COFH than it would be for us to never play any of our other rivals.

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  7. Russ

    I was looking at it last night and realized we’ve won 10 in a row at Mark Richt Field against the nerds. If not for Al Ford’s cheating ass, it would be 15 in a row. Of course, the NCAA got one thing right by vacating that “win” by Tech. Never forget that Tech lies and cheats.

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    • RangerRuss

      Absolutely gotdam right, Russ. That’s one of many reasons to keep gt on the schedule.
      PAYBACK !!
      Of course that’s no way to go about your professional and social life. That would be psychotic. But this is college football where abhorrent behavior is acceptable. Be it manner of dress or drinking, excess is the order of the day as well as long memories. I won’t forget or forgive their cheating.
      Now that the gt program is at a nadir is the best time to stomp a mudhole in their candy ass at every opportunity. The only time to stop is when they quit. You know, as Steve Spurrier quit.
      Piss on a bunch of nerds.

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  8. 81Dog

    here’s a thing that makes me happy. In the last 15 years, Auburn has beaten us the same number of times as Vandy and Tech. They havent beaten us in Athens during that time, unlike Vandy and Tech. Keep the Bees on the schedule, it’s nice to have a home game in Atlanta every other year.

    FTMFs. All of them.

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  9. Bulldawg Bill

    “…a bird in the hand, and all that.”
    In this case, A bird in the hand shits in the hand that holds it!!!


  10. uga97

    Wow, didn’t realize he was now the ACC commissioner. Congrats on the promotion.


  11. rigger92

    Off topic: Senator, I don’t know if you’re still lurking or will ever see this. All the same, I appreciate the added content as we get closer to game week. Getting revved up for the season starts with you throughout the summer and you add to my enjoyment quite a lot. So, thanks.

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  12. tiredofidsearch

    We need to keep them on the schedule at least until we avenge that 8 game drought and get at least 9 on a row on them.

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