Ticket bleg

Looking for decent tickets for the opener?  Well, NCDawg is here to help.

I have two UGA/Clemson available last week. Instead of selling to a stranger on Ticketmaster, thought I could offer them to a blog reader at cost. They are lower level, section 1339, 30 yard line.

My cost was $270 each.

If you are interested, indicate that in the comments and include an email address to which she can respond.

(And, before you ask, no, I’m not taking a broker fee.)  😉


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26 responses to “Ticket bleg

  1. thunderdawg42

    I’d take ’em! dprose91@gmail.com


  2. scdawg2

    I’ll take those tickets. jeff@fundraisingsc.com


  3. Colin Sturgis

    I’d take ’em too if it doesn’t work out with thunderdawg. If anyone else is looking to avoid ticket fees and has 2 tickets, let me know. jcolinsturgis@gmail.com


  4. Remember the Quincy

    Senator, if you’ll allow me…I have two tickets, upper deck middle of the end zone (section 502, row 9). I have them listed on StubHub but would love to know they’re going to a Dawg fan. $150 apiece (which is what I paid, including fees).


  5. Biggen

    This sounds like this could be a good weekly post of sorts, Senator. Let those of us looking for tickets post here and those that want to offload do the same.

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  6. The Truth

    Bravo, Senator! This is called community, ya filthy animals!


  7. Catherine Bickley

    Congrats to Thunderdawg for being first to reply. I know the tickets are in good Dawg hands with one of our bloggers.

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  8. Illini84

    I remember about 10 years ago I had two extras to sell and I put them on eBay. A young lady responded and wanted to meet in the parking lot of Wal Mart. I said “It may not be my place to tell you this but you need to arrange to meet somewhere more secure than that”!


  9. spur21

    What a great community you have here Senator – kudos 🙂


  10. gurkhadawg

    You sure can’t beat the fees. Stub Hub charged me fees of $150 per ticket. Fucking thieves!


    • Remember the Quincy

      Holy geez. How much did you pay for the tickets that the fees were that high? I have listings for tickets I’m selling to every home game, and my fees aren’t too bad.


  11. unicoidawg

    Well on that note…… does anyone have a North Campus Parking pass they’d let go at a decent price. Dang University decided we didn’t donate enough and took our parking spot away a couple of years ago. Been flying by the seat of my pants since. Anyways figured it would be worth a shot.

    Thanks and GO DAWGS!!!!


  12. If one of you Sanford Suite holders want to give away your VIP passes for a cupcake game (private jet taxi and limo service to campus included) I’m your Huckleberry. 😁

    P.S. I’ll tip well so as not to embarrass you.


  13. bigjohnson1992

    Hey All. Not sure why I haven’t posted this earlier. I’ve mentioned in the past that I own a few bars and restaurants in the Charlotte area. One of my locations, named ‘The Bulldog’ is about a 10 min walk to the stadium for the game on Saturday. It’s located on Winnifred st. Google bulldog beer winnifred or go to our Instagram page, @bulldogbeerandwine. I bring it up because I wanted to invite anyone going to the game to drop in sat afternoon for a meet and greet. I’ve often wondered when and/or if the guys on this blog would ever be able to put a face with a username. You also have the ability to park there free of charge for the game. I have one of the bigger parking lots in the southend area. ‘Earlier the better’. I’ll be there sat afternoon before the game and would love to meet whoever is in town. I also have 4 extra tickets for sale.

    2 – 519 row 1 13-14 $200 each
    2- 109 row wc 13-1 $400 each (solo back row)


    Thx. Go Dawgs!


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  14. Stephen S. Roberts

    I have two and due to death in family I will be letting them go… face value $125 each GA upper deck.. about 10 yard line.. I paid 40 for parking.. thats 2 tix and parking for $290… I will leave my number… 423-718-4682


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