Welcome South, brother.

Culture shock.

I’m a little surprised he didn’t hear any barking.


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    5 days bitches.

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  2. I feel like when I’ve driven through Georgia I see UGA decals on at least 25% of vehicles.

    I live in Maryland. Do you know how many University of Maryland decals I see on vehicles? Probably <2%. I see more decals for Florida (ugh) and Penn State than I see for Maryland.


  3. miltondawg

    I was in California last week. Specifically, Sonoma and Napa. I wore a Georgia golf shirt in Napa for three tastings and got a comment from one of the tasting hosts to the effect that he sees more people from the South wear something from their favorite college team than anywhere else in the country.

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  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I bark, but only on game days. 🐶😜

    It’s interesting to me to hear his observations on cultural differences. I think it gives him some perspective that I hope will elevate his game. We also now have several guys from outside the South on the team, and I wonder about their experience. I hope it is positive.


  5. stoopnagle

    If you saw the views of the Rose Bowl on Saturday, then it’s easy to see why the SEC is having money thrown at it left and right but the Pac-12 can’t seem to get any traction. Neyland will be closer to capacity on Thursday than the Rose Bowl last weekend. It was sad.

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    • Saw Stewart Montana Mandel trying to justify this on Twitter – saying something like “It’s hot, there is a beach 10 minutes away and they are playing Hawaii”.

      Well the beach is there all year. College football happens 12-13 times a year for your team, a few more if you’re lucky. Not sure why he felt the need to defend that showing of fans. As you say Neyland and Gainsville and Auburn will likely be packed this weekend to see their teams play schools with less cache than Hawaii. Ackron aint never been to no Sugar Bowl.

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    • SoCalDawg

      Not defending them, but their students aren’t back in school yet either, so that’s maybe 10k more fans max. but it’s not like they consistently fill that 100k cap stadium. it’s usually ~40k for even bigger games (save for USC). i was offered free suite tickets and decided to play golf instead since it was finally sunny, so even though I’m an avid CFB fan, that’s fits the narrative I suppose and I’m to blame as well. so i kinda see stewie’s point, even though I’m not a UCLA grad or anything.

      LSU v UCLA will be packed this week however, and likely 50-60% tigah fans. they’re already arriving in force. love it.

      I just wish it was sunday or monday and not in direct time slot conflict with our game, as I would’ve like to have seen that cajun filled canyon on saturday.

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  6. RangerRuss

    “I’m a little surprised he didn’t hear any barking.”
    That’s because he didn’t run into me. I’m an old Junkyard Dog type. I don’t give a fuck where I am. I bark. It’s what I do. I have a 41 year old case of untreated rabies. Foaming at the mouth, growling and barking are the symptoms which become more pronounced around Labor Day and don’t subside until mid-winter.

    GO DAWGS !!

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  7. uga97

    The stretch hum-v JT rode in, had ultra uv protective windows which filter all 404-gnats flags & logos.


  8. 69Dawg

    Hope he is ready for the full house experience he is going to have this year. He has already said Athens was louder for him last year at 25% than he has heard before.

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  9. debbybalcer

    When I visit CO my nephew says I care about college football than the entire state of CO. They are all big Bronco fans.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      When we played Colorado back in 2010 🙁 The Buffs sitting next to us said we had more “traveling” fans then they usually saw. What a wonderful trip and really good time (except for that last fumble and the final score). The right side of the O line didn’t block a soul on that play.

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    • miltondawg

      My sister and her family live in Denver. She is a UGA alum and they watch the Georgia games, but my BIL and nephew live and die for Broncos football. They don’t understand how I can be so rabid about college football and only into the Falcons to the extent that I watch the games if I don’t have something else that I have to do.

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      • Russ

        This is why I really, really, really HATE the NFL-ification of college football. Playoffs, super conferences, killing regional rivalries, all those things suck and will eventually kill college football. I just hope we win one soon.

        Oh, and stay off my lawn.

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        • Down Island Way

          Don’t care about your lawn Russ, “I just hope we win one soon.” is more than a true statement, it is almost a here and now thing…sec expansion will make it tough…main reason for the adventure this weekend, UGA football survives and moves on, really like the position for UGA…


          • RangerRuss

            “Don’t care about your lawn Russ”.
            Oooooooo weeeee! After all the back breaking work I put in to make my St Augustine yard the most beautiful, lush, verdant carpet that no one ever sees? You damn sure better stay off my lawn, you saltwater-tracking, leg hiking…
            Never mind.


    • I swear the only college I see more represented by UGA license plate holders here in the Springs is the Air Force Academy.


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    CFB Season is the best season. Nothing else comes close. I have a feeling that even though J.T. is a Cali-boy, he won’t be able to shake Athens for the rest of his life.

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  11. MGW

    Therein lies the PAC-12’s biggest problem in this era. Kinda hard to justify the massive financial commitments to football we make down here when the alums and fans don’t really care all that much.

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  12. Texas Dawg

    If he thinks it’s THE thing now, just wait and talk to him again after the season. Wait till he gets a full season with full stadiums and all the trappings that goes along with it. He has only scratched the surface so far.

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  13. gotthepicture

    When I picked up Sterling Boyd from the airport, the things he noticed were: 1) the number of trees & how green it was, and 2) that it wasn’t completely flat. He was from the Houston area.