It’s the offensive lines, stupid.

Y’all have heard me obsess (too much, probably) over how the fate of the losing team in Georgia’s opener will most likely stem from it being the one whose offensive line did the poorer job.  Given that, I thought this observation from Kirby Smart was of interest:

On the similarities between Georgia and Clemson…

“I don’t think we’re real similar… Their front is different than our front. We both do have experience in our front seven. Theirs is different than ours. Ours is a lot bigger, built to stop the run, and theirs is pushy, more athletic and built to rush the passer. They’ve done that, statistically, really well. They’ve effected every quarterback they play in terms of sacks and those numbers. We’ve been better in those categories, but not as good as what they’ve done.

The stats, courtesy of Josh, bear that out.

I will grant you that quarterback pressures are a somewhat amorphous stat, but even so, it’s pretty apparent that Clemson’s front has a better track record of getting after the quarterback than does Georgia’s.  That’s not the be all and end all, of course — for one thing, note that the highest PFF grade belongs to Georgia’s o-line and the lowest to Clemson’s o-line — but it does illustrate where the challenge lies ahead for Georgia’s offense.


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  1. Down Island Way

    CKS was having a kinder, gentler moment in time…getting ready for some mano a mano…


  2. This game is shaping up to be a fist fight in the trenches. The offensive line that holds up the best wins. When two equally talented teams meet, it’s the line play that makes the difference. Hopefully, these stats point to a Georgia victory on Saturday night.

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  3. Ran A

    This is a very big defense; it will be interesting to see how Clemson looks at a team that is bigger and in many cases faster than they are and how they handle that. If Georgia gets in their head early….

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  4. For me, Saturday’s game will expose if Coach Luke has the chops to be our oline coach or not. The talent is there…can he coach those big buffet busters up? I sure as hell hope he does against Clem’s halfbaked Son

    To date, Coach Luke hasn’t wowed me…definitely not like his predecessor did.

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  5. bmacdawg87

    This is what worries me. With this information, along with the injuries at wideout, all points to us trying to go all manball on them. There is no doubt to me, Venables is going to sell out to stop our run game on early downs. If we try to force the issue and wind up in 3rd and long, JT is going to be running for his life all night. We are going to need to throw a good bit and do it successfully on 1st and 2nd to try to negate their pass rush. Will we? I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ll find out in a few days.

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  6. DawgStats

    I like our chances with the versatility at RB. Cook could be MVP of game and season. If we get creative with the run game and not Coley 25 zone runs – it could absolutely be the key to winning and dominating

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  7. TripleB

    Now I’m getting really nervous. I don’t remember how JT does under pressure?


  8. DawgStats

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  9. Beat the blitz by dumping it to our TE for 8 yards…every time. As soon as they back off, let Zeus loose. Couple of wheel routes to Cook and we should have Venables making halftime changes to play softer. Second half will be about whether we have receivers who can get open and/or a ground and pound running attack to eat clock. I can’t see us getting into a shootout unless our D rush and D backfield totally fail.

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