I didn’t think it was possible to include ‘Auburn’ and ‘zen’ in the same sentence, but…

Grasshoppers, this deep thought is brought to you by friend of the blog Ed Kilgore.


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14 responses to “I didn’t think it was possible to include ‘Auburn’ and ‘zen’ in the same sentence, but…

  1. dawg100

    You can take the Auburn fan out of Auburn, but you can’t take the Auburn out of an Auburn fan!

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  2. This was a great show by Will Leitch – highly encourage people to listen to the whole thing


  3. Ran A

    I think I can help here…. If they are from Alabama, they go to Auburn because the other choice is Bammer. If they are from Georgia, they go to Auburn after not getting into Georgia.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      I’ve always said, ” If you can’t go to a god school, you can go to Auburn”. I’ll add, Auburn Sucks!

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    • theorginaldawgabides

      Fallback school for two states.


      • divingduck7

        Lol I always say it’s a backup school in five different states, including it’s own. I don’t know if that’s true but for the sake of the put down I will assume MS, TN, and FL are sending their unwashed to the farm as well.


    • Down Island Way

      There is only one reason as to why you don’t go to #AUBURN SUCKS! the way you want to be…existence of the barn for one reason- to keep the live stock away from the general population on date night…second reason- if you don’t have a friend…third reason- indoor plumbing, that may not be in your old pasture, here at the cesspool, it’s in the feed area, behind the door with the half moon on it…fourth reason-to make others appear smarter than they really are…fifth reason….#AUBURN SUCKS!


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    No one goes to Auburn as their first choice. They go to Auburn because they were rejected by Georgia or Bama, and thus they become War Teaglesman.


  5. According to Master Pai Mei all people from Auburn bray like asses

    Oh, and Auburn SUCKS


  6. 123 Fake St

    Vince Dooley went to Auburn.


  7. Ozam

    Auburn isn’t a school it is a cult. 😁