Your preseason SEC Power Poll

Jimbo Fisher is in the fourth year of a 10-year/$75 million fully guaranteed contract.

Fisher has not won a national championship at Texas A&M.

Fisher has not coached in the CFP at Texas A&M.

Fisher has not won the conference at Texas A&M.

Fisher has not won the division at Texas A&M.

So, naturally, this is happening.

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has seven years remaining on his contract paying him $7.5 million annually. A&M believes that is not enough on both counts following a successful first three seasons under the former Florida State coach.

A&M will soon announce a contract extension and raise for Fisher, according to university insiders, after the Aggies (9-1) were No. 4 in last season’s final Associated Press poll, their highest finish since winning their lone national title in 1939.

A&M will add three years to Fisher’s contract to put it back to 10 years remaining and he will make about $9 million annually, according to an insider with knowledge of the process. Based on the updated contract, which is expected to easily receive A&M regents’ approval, Fisher would trail only mentor Nick Saban of Alabama (recently raised to an average of $10.6 million through 2028 season) when the ink dries in College Station, according to a USA Today database.

Bidding against themselves.

Okay, the header is a joke.  But… if I did post a conference power poll today, I’d rank Jimmy Sexton number one.



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11 responses to “Your preseason SEC Power Poll

  1. Bluto, have you seen anywhere if this contract is also fully guaranteed? I have not seen that stated anywhere. If the new contract actually includes a buyout clause, it may actually not be a bad move by the school. Pay a little more per year now, but potentially save a bunch of money on a buyout if things go south at some point. That would be the only legit rationalization I could put behind it.

    If it’s still fully guaranteed, then nevermind, and all hail Jimmy Sexton.

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  2. JIMMY SEXTON: Our next lot is a vintage Jimbo Fisher, complete with 2013 national championship ring. We’ll start the bidding at $75 million. Do I hear $75 million?

    TEXAS A&M: $75 million!

    JIMMY SEXTON: That’s $75 million to the gentleman in maroon, thank you. Do I hear eighty?

    TEXAS A&M: $80 million!

    JIMMY SEXTON: $80 million to—ah, the man in maroon again. Do I hear eighty-five?

    TEXAS A&M: Eighty-five!

    JIMMY SEXTON: Sir, you know you’re the only one bidding, right?

    TEXAS A&M: Ninety million!

    NICK SABAN: (rolls eyes, gets up to leave) I don’t have time for this shit.

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  3. David K

    I wonder if this Texas abortion law is going to affect recruiting or how long until it’s used as a negative recruiting tool. If you go to A&M or UT and accidentally knock up a co-ed guess what, you’re a dad!

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    • 123 Fake St

      It’s called securing the purse, and those cleat chasers don’t get abortions. That’s their payday.

      Also, what a weird topic to bring up.

      You really think Jimbo is sitting at the kitchen table assuring Grandma and Mama their little angel can still get an abortion if they knock up some coed???

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  4. Jimmy Sexton vs. Jed Clampett … I’ll take Jimmy every time.

    I get the mentality of “get the money while you can” like this, but I would also think about whether taking a smaller raise in exchange for more security and overall program support is a better long-term strategy. If $Xm can be put into the recruiting budget, an upgrade for the players, or raises to keep my assistants, I would think that gives a coach more to build on.

    Who am I kidding? These guys are going to take the cash now with a better buyout for later.

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  5. Good Lawd, P.E. Teachers are in such high demand.

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    • Down Island Way

      Why do you think tho$e HC’$ at ut & ou didn’t blink when the conver$ation about heading to the $EC $tarted…The SEC, where Jimmy Sexton means green…

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  6. Down Island Way

    Should the saying “Everything is big in Texas” (or something like that)….wellllll, the braintrust at a&m may have lost their fucking minds, Big Time…or I have no concept of a bottomless money pit, Texas Style…

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