Already in mid-season form

Nick Saban and the media, a classic love story…


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40 responses to “Already in mid-season form

  1. Geezus

    “Clamp Cats” … isn’t that an early Cure song?

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  2. I know me and Corn Pop used fight the “Corner Cats” back in the day…cause when you’re a jet, you’re jet all the way.

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  3. spur21

    I know as a UGA fan I’m supposed to hate Saban but damn he knows how to zing the press.

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  4. Those corner cats are all the hip and the jive these days daddy-o
    Not that I expect anyone to get my drift, so why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here?

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  5. Saban gives a short lesson on aggressive corner play while simultaneously giving a master class on passive aggressiveness. No arguing the man is a genius.

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  6. David K

    It’s weird how a personality that makes you condescending and annoyed about everything can coexist with being a great recruiter, leader and motivator.

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    • Good observation. He must be able to turn it on and off like a spigot…all part of his genius I guess.

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    • californiadawg

      I think his condescension really comes alive when he’s talking to the media or during any activity that takes him away from coaching and recruiting. Like most type A sociopaths he can turn on the charm when needed, especially in living rooms.


  7. whybotherdude

    Google in the three houses with internet in Alabama were blowing up Corner Cats and Clamp Coverage last night.

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  8. Bulldawg Bill

    Unlike The OBS, Saban doesn’t feel the need to zing the teams/coaches he beats regularly. The games do all the talking.

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  9. Leggo5

    I’m using this exact quote from now on, whenever somebody tries to make small talk with me about the UGA game this weekend…cause they know I’m a “big UGA fan”.


  10. RangerRuss

    That’s a room full of assholes, shitheads and one ginormous dick that they’re all clamoring to suck.
    Piss on all of ’em.

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    • Down Island Way

      What satan is performing here is a service for the media types, next time he brings up stray cats and hose clamps we’ll hear some thing like…”now we have talked about this shit before, are we gonna have a test next week”…

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  11. This asshole thinks he is the smartest guy in the room everywhere he goes. We aren’t spitting atoms here Nick. It’s football.


  12. mg4life0331

    Of course he could be making shit up and its not like we would know anyways.

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