It’s that time of year again, thankfully.

I thought about posting this last week.

Then I thought about posting it yesterday.

Then I thought about posting it tomorrow.

But fuck it, by the time you see this, I’ll be on the road headed to Charlotte and it’s the way to express in the moment how my heart embraces this stupid, silly, wonderful sport that, even with all the baggage attached to it these days, still tugs at my passions.

Thank you, Georgia football and college football, for making me feel this way.



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44 responses to “It’s that time of year again, thankfully.

  1. Castleberry

    See you up there and Go Dawgs!

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  2. Salty Dawg

    GO DAWGS!!! SIC ‘EM!!!


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  3. Good that you posted this. Forwarded it to my boss from the UK. She referred to it as ‘footsie’ today on a call after I mentioned the game tomorrow. What a wondrously preposterous example of the game we love. Go Dawgs.

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  4. Auburn sucks, Go Dawgs beat Clemson!

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…a local derby between amateur students…”

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    • legatedawg

      Ah yes. I’ve never forgotten that turn of phrase. It was filmed in November 2007, with AU smarting in the wake of the first Blackout, and Saban’s first Bama team was licking its wounds from a loss to the Looziana- Monroe Warhawks. So, an accurate enough description for when it was made.


  6. gurkhadawg

    Football season has officially begun. Now get’um boys.

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Not for nothing, I love Stephen Fry. Just an absolutely brilliant, kind, thoughtful, and very funny human being.

    Thanks for posting this, Senator.

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  8. classiccitycanine

    College football, for all its problems, still has some magic left in the tank! Go Dawgs! Beat Clemson!

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  9. SCDawg

    I’ve seen this video 100 times and still look forward to watching it every year you post it. Great annual tradition here at the blog.

    Go Dawgs

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  10. Heading up tomorrow morning … game on Saturday and golf at Myers Park CC on Sunday. Probably tailgating at the bar in the Westin.

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  11. pdawg30577

    This will be me tomorrow:

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  12. mg4life0331

    I love this post and I love your blog. Thank you very much and Go Dawgs.

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  13. Jon Godfrey

    Fuck Auburn

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  14. Texas Dawg

    As I have said on here before. Anyone coming to this blog expecting rational thought and common sense when it comes to college football has come to the wrong place.

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  15. Got Cowdog

    I will be unsupervised at the farm, watching it on the HD TV attached to the side of the RV. Cold, cold beverages and big old bone in ribeyes. Sunday my sons and their friends are coming for the dove shoot and staying through Monday. I’ll not be back until later in the week, I’m fixing to go RangerRuss for a few days. Go Dawgs!

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    • RangerRuss

      I’ll have the iron maidens repainted, mags reloaded, cold Corona in the beeferator and the sonic cleaner plugged in and cleaning fluid warm. We gon give that bitch of your’n a good scrubbn’ and going over.
      Looking forward to seeing you again, Uncle Got.

      Go Dawgs!


  16. Russ

    Love it, Senator! Thanks for this and for allowing us to crash your pad. Safe travels!

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  17. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    some of us have to wait til Sunday morning to watch the game.
    Go Dawgs!

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  18. Permission to come aboard in 2021 once again, Good Senator… Sic ‘Em.

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  19. …. with the classy added bonus of those AU guys @ 1:20 misspelling something again.

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  20. mp

    I actually vamoosed from CLT to the beach to watch the game with Dawgs (or indifferent) vs those cursed orange heathens that I live amongst. Enjoy the game and Uptown for those attending!

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    • mp

      Also if you are in Charlotte and someone has Good Morning Vietnam from Wooden Robot brewery on draft, you can thank me later.


  21. Shewdawg

    I love the casserole of adjectives.

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  22. Already boiling peanuts for tomorrow. Go Dawgs!

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  23. ugafidelis


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  24. NotMyCrossToBear

    Go Dawgs!!


  25. 86bone

    I got me some M&M going right now….no, not rap music…
    Manhattans & Merle
    Go You Fucking Silver Britches💪🏼

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  26. rigger92

    VT looking like they should have since the old Beamer passed the torch.

    Nothing fancy like shooting birds and fishing for me. Just trying to save some pecans from the dang squirrels and killing time tomorrow with yard work, deck sealing, and car washing if need be. I’m just glad it’s not an 8p start, wish it was 3:30.

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  27. practicaldawg

    I’ll be in a red shirt and silver britches in the crowd. Hoping to add to my ND and Rose Bowl moments, but will take a blowout win too.

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  28. Morris Day

    Been in PCB all week. Breaking camp tomorrow morning and heading north back to Lake Blackshear. Got some buddies coming to join for B&B on the dock. Bulldogs & Beer! Go Dawgs, whip that Tiger ass!

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  29. archiecreek

    It’s time….

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  30. RangerRuss

    Clemson sucks.

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  31. Dawglicious

    As I begin my pre-gaming with 2 or 3 fingers of Baileys in my coffee, the warm fuzziness I feel as I watched this wonderful video will soon slowly start to intensify into the one thing Mr. Fry neglected to mention: the burning, petty hatred I feel for Clemson. I raise my mug to each of you. Go Dawgs. Woof. Sic ‘em.

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