Gotta git buttah

Most of the post-game concern I’ve seen regarding the offense was over Monken’s playcalling and JT’s game, but for my money, there was a bigger issue than either of those — the perimeter blocking by the receivers was wildly inconsistent all game.

Here are a couple of clips illustrating that.

Overall, it seemed like the downfield/perimeter blocking was better on running plays than it was on pass plays.  Burton was a good example of that.  He laid down a couple of good blocks in the fourth quarter that opened up White runs, but badly whiffed on a couple of outside screens where if he had blocked his man, the play would have gained good yardage.

This really felt like an area that suffered because of all the injuries.  The offense was missing the help from a few experienced hands and I have the feeling that Burton’s up and down night was a good indication that he wasn’t 100%, either.

The good news is that Georgia’s offense, like nature, is healing.  I expect this to improve in the coming weeks.


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  1. Justin Robinson is one of those guys who needs to get his chance. He’s big and physical.

    Speaking of physical, the game-killing drive at the end was a beautiful thing to watch.

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  2. practicaldawg

    Realistically, how many of the “healing” are we likely to get back in the coming weeks? Blaylock? Serious question. I can’t figure out what expectations I should have with WR and TE availability.

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    • Biggen

      Washington for sure. Not sure on Jackson. He seems like his injury is lingering.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Blaylock was on the sidelines in pads. I infer from that fact that he was an emergency WR in case injuries high the guys who werdcready to play. If so, that is a good sign that hd will be able to play midseason.

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      • practicaldawg

        Yeah I have to belive they will be extra conservative bringing him back considering what he’s been through and also the fact that we don’t need all our WRs at risk until October.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    I noticed the same thing. Mitchell and McConkey weren’t ready to be effective blockers. Some of the batching about Daniels is because guys receiving passes in the flat couldn’t get extra yards due to ineffective blocking by wide receivers.

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  4. I think our offensive struggles are being overblown. Obviously we didn’t perform as well as we could and will, but we also moved the ball pretty consistently to have such a field position advantage. Upon rewatching, it seems to me a lot of it was us shooting ourselves in the foot leading to drives bogging down. I also think Kirby realized early on that Clemson would have no success against our defense and went more conservative. I know we all want more points, and Kirby does too, but Clemson has a veteran defense and really we just needed to avoid making any major mistakes, which we mostly did. I think over the course of the season, getting our top talent back along with development, will have our offense clicking just fine. It could’ve been 17-3, 20-3, even 27-3; herbstreit said as much near the end that it felt like it was 30-0.

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    • sirjackshea1980

      Agreed, general, and so does JT: “We gotta be a little more explosive, which is tough to do with what Clemson did today,” Daniels said. “They played a very conservative soft zone. They dropped eight a lot and did a lot of things they hadn’t shown.” nuff said?

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    • DawgFlan

      Agree. We were a missed field goal, a wrong route by Smith, and a couple of penalties away from from 23-27 points, and had Zeus not gotten that last first down we had a chip shot FG for another 3.

      We need the WRs to grow up and get healthy, and I think they will, then we’ll be fine on O. The OL has enough talent and did a respectable job against the best DL they will face, including Bama.


    • Russ

      Agreed. Not as close as the score indicated. We missed a FG early and ended the game inside their 10 yard line.

      Losing all those receivers hurt and Clemson still has a very good defense. We won’t see another like it until Atlanta.

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  5. DawgFlan

    Looks like Smart may know what he is talking about when it comes to he importance of WR blocking. We need these young guys to grow up, and thankfully the schedule sets up pretty wellfur them to do so, at least until WR/TEs get back healthy. Did anyone notice how MRJ blocked?


  6. mg4life0331

    Oh I suspect our offense will get better due to our schedule. It was like that last year as well. I also suspect we will get some weird stat analysis like..
    “Georgia’s offense is elite, heres how”

    No, no its not. We scored three, and I don’t care what excuses someone can come up with. Its pedestrian at best, and not because our WRs cant block sometimes.

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    • Derek

      How many teams will be able to control the run with a light box and commit that many numbers to the pass? Not very many.

      They played two deep safeties and laid their corners off. They relied on their best unit (DL) and experienced LB’s and our patch work OL to limit our run game. Even still we were able to run it late when we needed to.

      I’m not concerned because the competition drops off and we will get healthier/better at receiver and more cohesive up front over time.

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    • mg4life0331

      Ok, well remember this when we play a decent team at the end of the year. and we try to win a game by scoring 20.

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  7. 69Dawg

    I see you younger people are not used to vintage football games. Us old farts saw this for what it was a 1964-1980 Erk Russell special. “If they don’t score we will never lose.” What better tribute on Vince’s birthday than beating Clemson 10-3. Ole Vince was run through the living room beside himself and Erk was having a post game cigar. That 74 yard pick six was a Junkyard Dawg thing of beauty.

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  8. This is where a really miss Pickens. He’s a really good blocker. I think people look at his antics and assume he’s a prima donna WR but he’s really not.

    I still remember him having Swilling on skates down the sideline when we broke a long td run against Tech 2 years ago.

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  9. Scotty King

    I’ll be the Anti-Dabo and say Clemson has a stout defense too. That said, I just can’t like/admire Skalski – too much Boz in him.

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  10. Texas Dawg

    People make fun of Kirby when he demands that ALL the receivers block if they want to get on the field. You see what happens when they don’t. Catching passes only happens on 5-7 plays a game for you if you’re lucky. The need to block happens on every other play.

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