In defense of Brent Venables

Here’s something Smart said at yesterday’s presser:

On the performance of the offense… 
“Well, I think, you’ve got to be careful, because with the receptions, you’ve got to score touchdowns, and we didn’t.  So, we’re a very matter of fact judgement and it’s like ‘okay so we didn’t score but, why?  Why did we not?’  You go through the reasons why and you go through each play.  A lot of it was attention to detail, not converting on third down, missing a couple of explosives.  They played us very different than what you would normally say a Clemson team would play.  They prepared for speed breaks and shots and fast balls because that’s what they had given up.  They did a good job of defending that… [Emphasis added.]

I think a lot of us, after watching the way Clemson’s defense flamed out against Ohio State to the tune of 639 yards of offense, expected at least a certain degree of fireworks from JT Daniels.  That it never happened can be chalked up to some extent to the injuries to the receiving corps, but more so to the adjustments Venables made in his game plan.  What’s interesting to me about Smart’s quote is that Venables made those adjustments not because of what Georgia did well in its last four games of last season, but because of where his defense was vulnerable.

I saw comments leading up to the game that Venables is one of the best at shoring up deficiencies and I think Saturday night he showed that.  That being said, there’s only so much you can do schematically.  As Kirby went on to say, “Any time you can run the ball down someone’s throat in four minutes, it’s pretty obvious that they knew we had to run the ball there and we were still able to, so we did some really good things offensively.”  True dat.  There are few things in life more satisfying to a Georgia fan than watching an offense finish out on a game-ending drive that doesn’t even lead to a score.


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  1. practicaldawg

    If we can soften Clemson’s defensive front to the point where we can run out the clock, we can do that to anyone. There’s little doubt that opponents will have to sell out to stop the run going forward. Even with a depleted WR corp, there should be ample opportunity for shots downfield.

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  2. ben

    Was it 01 or 02 that we had something like a 13 minute, game ending drive that yielded no points? I think it was against Ole Miss?

    What Kirby and Co did on that four minute drive is something that Mark Richt would have been so proud of.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Zeus was running with so much authority on the last drive that I think Jules Winnfield would have backed down

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  4. KornDawg

    SC 2013 immediately comes to mind when the subject is game ending drives, they killed 8 minutes on that one, and started inside the five. 2011 Florida is another good one.

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    • RangerRuss

      KD, that’s the one of which I was thinking. About halfway through the drive the ol ballsack took his headphones off and just watched dejectedly.
      Fuck that old sissy muthafuka.

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      • wfdawg

        That’s the one (vs USC) where Brendan Douglas made souls leave their bodies. The UF one was great, too. Richard Samuel sacrificed his body, grinding the Gators down.

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    • SlobberKnocker

      Man, I clearly remember turning to the guy next to me after a couple of plays and saying, “It’s time me to say I’m bigger and badder than you.” And damn did they do that. Just a thing of beauty.


  5. When you can run effectively when everyone knows that’s what you have to do, that’s when you know you have won the line of scrimmage. We did that on Saturday night. Would I have liked to have put 30+ up? Absolutely, but there was nothing on offense that getting some guys back wouldn’t help.

    Until we play Bama, there isn’t another team on our schedule that will be able to drop 7 or 8 and be able to slow down our run game.

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    • practicaldawg

      Yeah. Let’s face it: conservative manball will beat every opponent on the schedule until the playoff. I guess the plan (or hope) is to gradually get better at chunk plays in the air as the season progresses. But honestly, I don’t see any offenses before the SECCG that will be able to put up big points on any defense Kirby has fielded in the last 5 years, and definitely not the 2021 version.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    Giving kudos to Venables is classy and being honest.
    Unfortunately, that class and honesty cannot be expected from CDS.
    He’s a poor ass excuse for a sportsman.
    Kirby should have given Zeus a couple of more carries and put the ball in the endzone on that last drive and then went for two on the PAT.
    To give the narrative twister Dabo a break is a huge mistake. He’s doesn’t have enough class to admit what everybody saw. Georgia kicked the stuffing out of his offense and at the end was kicking the stuffing out of his defense.
    Below is the kind of low class manure Dabo is putting out.
    It showed up on my screen when I logged on this morning as a Microsoft News Story. I’m going to change my opening page.

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    • 69Dawg

      It takes a big man to admit you got beat and Dabo has never been a big man.

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    • PTC DAWG

      UGA ended it correctly, a well placed helmet and a crazy bounce on a fumble, and the game could have been tied….all bets are off in OT.

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      • originaluglydawg

        Of course you’re right. But Dabo will never acknowledge that Georgia could have easily had 8 more (because why not go for two if you’re up by 13 with one second left?)


    • RangerRuss

      Good, goooood! Let the hate continue to flow through you. Never lighten up. Never go soft.

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    • ugafidelis

      Didn’t he blame Ross for running the wrong route on the pick 6?

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    • theorginaldawgabides

      The picture with that story is right after Milton trucked the hell out of number 36. Hit him so hard his hair stayed stiff like that lol. The kid came out of the game immediately, never went back in, and is now done for the season with a separated shoulder.

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    • UGA did beat Clemson. I saw it!


    • Muttley

      Everybody talked all summer about who had more on the line- Clemson, Georgia, or The Narrative (which suffered a terrible blow, but can be rebuilt around our offense having a quiet night).

      But Dabo has a fun season ahead now: no real opportunities to win a big one, but if he drops another one, look out…does he start getting a narrative? Is the Dabo Epoch winding down? Does the verb “Clemsoning” creep back? Not much to gain for a while and everything to lose. Gonna be a job to motivate the Clemmers or energize that base from here to November.


  7. 69Dawg

    Well it didn’t help us to lose the starting guard on the first series. Olines are like the Rockettes, they have to know the steps the other guys are going to make. When one goes down you lose the coordination. Once we weakened their Dline we were home free.

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  8. No complaints from this peanut gallery…we could have had 10 more points if Brock had come down in the endzone with the one pass and if we hadn’t hooked the field goal, but our defense played lights out and thankfully we didn’t need those 10 or more. Coach Luke also deserves some credit for getting the O line to hold even after Tate went out and for our ability to run the ball when we needed to…fantastic defensive performance by our Dawgs

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  9. akascuba

    Playing soft man coverage all night was not what I expected from Venables.

    JT not taking deep shots and Clemson’s DJ not running early and often to slow down the pass rush were the two biggest surprises for me.

    Beating Clemson will never get old. Crushing their season dreams exposing
    their entire offense as inept is glorious.

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  10. Russ

    Really hoped Zeus would break free on that last drive. But I think the offense will be fine, especially by the time we head to Atlanta.

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  11. Dawg19

    This may have been mentioned in another post already, but I give a lot of credit to Sedrick Van Pran for his performance against Clemson. That was clutch.

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  12. originaluglydawg

    And as someone mentioned in another post, the special teams play was extremely key! Keeping them pinned back against their goal line was it! You know Dabo was freaking out knowing they could get a turnover or a safety the way the Dawgs were eating up his piss poor offense.

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  13. David K

    Georgia has had one of the best defenses in the country the past few years and we have consistently been torched by good offenses. I don’t believe Clemson has an elite defense but even if they did today’s game is designed for good offenses to still have their way with the best defenses. Look what Ole Miss did to Alabama last year. The fact we scored 3 offensive points (or 10 if you want to give us the late inevitable TD) is not due to Venables being a great coach. We have huge issues on offense that have lingered the past 3 seasons.

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    • If Coach Luke gets the OL playing to its talent level, particularly in run-blocking, and the deep-threat WRs keep opposing DBs away from the LOS, look out. DW0, Bowers, Fitz, and hopefully Arik will feast in the middle of the field. This offense should be deadly sooner rather than later. That second ‘if’ is the biggest one, IMO. The Dawgs desperately need their WRs to stretch the field and make big plays. Need ’em to block better, too.


    • D as in Dawg

      Bring back Schottenheimer!! I keed. I keed.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    The O didn’t score a TD because it appeared scoring wasn’t the objective. The objective was to dink & dunk as much as we possibly could. We’ll never know whether we could’ve scored 3 or 4 TDs, because it appears we didn’t even try.


  15. TripleB

    When we got the ball the last time I thought of how good Alabama has been over the years in the 4th quarter running it down the other side’s throat. I was real proud of the way we manhandled them. It was clear we won the cage match. They were done!

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  16. magyarmattw

    For all the shit Kirby gets about “gamesmanship” regarding injuries/depth charts, does anyone actually believe Venables would have gone with such a conservative gameplan had he known just how banged up our receiving corps was?


  17. bigjohnson1992

    Coach Muschamp is not getting enough credit for this defensive performance.

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