SEC Power Poll, Week One

So, how was your week?  Better than LSU’s, probably.  Other than that, lots of cupcake feasting going on.

  1. Alabama.  Miami, you’ve fallen for one of the two classic blunders. The first being never get involved in a land war in Asia but only slightly lesser known: never play the Tide in an opener when a top-20 ranking is on the line.
  2. Georgia.  This may be crazy to say after the Dawgs took down the number three team in the country, but I’m really looking forward to watching how this team improves over the rest of this season.
  3. Texas A&M.  Five turnovers, and the Aggies still win by 31.  Your classic cupcake opener, in other words.
  4. Florida.  They played a cupcake and all the Gators got for it is a quarterback controversy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  5. Ole Miss.  COVID, schmovid, the Lane Train rolls on.  But I still have no idea if that defense is better.
  6. Auburn.  Yeah, I know it was Akron, but Bo Nix, 20-22?  Is it time to crank up the Heisman machine again?  (I keed, I keed.)
  7. LSU.  So much for this team’s problems being about last year’s coordinators.
  8. Kentucky.  Again, ULM is no great shakes, but outgaining your opponent 554-87 is damned good even against air.
  9. Missouri.  Outgained by Central Michigan and only up by three midway through the fourth quarter is no way to go through life, son.
  10. Tennessee.  There’s a difference between having a good athlete playing quarterback and a good quarterback playing quarterback.  The Vols are about to find that out.
  11. Mississippi State.  Six turnovers will get you down by 20 in the fourth quarter to La. Tech.  Somehow, the Bulldogs clawed their way back to the biggest comeback in the program’s history.
  12. Arkansas.  Rice with a 10-point lead in the third quarter was not the prettiest start for the Pittboss.
  13. South Carolina.  46-0 over Eastern Illinois.  Savor the moment, ‘Cocks.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The Admiral got blown by East Tennessee State.


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27 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week One

  1. akascuba

    Vandy losing easily to a rudderless directional school is pretty bad almost Georgia Techian bad.

    FU finding a QB controversy that excludes the forward pass. Bet that pleases the Ole Ball Sack.


    • Biggen

      I can’t tell if Vandy is serious about football (serious for Vanderbilt anyway). I’m sure they love those conference checks rolling in but they are beyond bad at this point. How many fans are going to these games?


    • And this is only the sixth year ETSU’s had their football program back. Yikes.


  2. Candy should be #24 on your list.

    I was wrong about LSU. Maybe UCLA is putting it together under Chip Kelly, but there is no reason that collection of talent should have lost like that. Coach Oeaux, you are officially on the hot seat. Chizik 2.0 may be an insult to Geno because Orgeron isn’t intelligent or intelligible enough to get an SEC Network gig.

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  3. practicaldawg

    According to several USCjr fans I heard from, they are back. One said “we never would have beaten Eastern Illinois that bad with Muschamp” with a straight face. In other words, don’t be surprise if a cannon ball comes across your bow in the next few weeks.


  4. HirsuteDawg

    What if Clemson isn’t as good as everyone seems tho think they are?


  5. wfdawg

    Nice work on The Princess Bride reference, Senator.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    13 LSU
    14 Vandy

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    I may have KY a little higher.

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    • Nil Butron is a Pud

      That’s what she said…


    • Castleberry

      Was just coming to say the same thing. Also, UF maybe too high. Lots of QB run and swing passes. Good luck with that when you’ve got future millionaires starting and playing backup on the opponents D-Line (e.g. your conference schedule).

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  8. argondawg

    At least Vandy got blown by ETSU. So that is not nothing. You might have left out a word there Senator


  9. UK opening up the pass and their QB caught my eye…I hope they give FU a nice beat down after Bama beats FU…right now, without a shoe toss, not sure if LSU can beat FU…I hate FU is the bottom line

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  10. Nix’s QB line against Akron was an eye-opener, until I remembered that Greyson Lambert once went 24–25 against an actual SEC team and Mark Richt still ended up getting canned two months later.


  11. originaluglydawg

    I’ve got Old Miss higher than Florida. They’ve got the QB and receivers to scare the hell out of anybody that can’t compete in a shoot out.

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  12. TEXBaller

    My top five with comment:
    1) Bama – Canes are 4th-5th best (at best) in lousy ACC. Not much competition. The Freak not so freakish in the green and orange.
    2) Dawgs – when you run two walk-ons onto the field to play WR, you know you’re in deep shit. But that damn defense was STOUT!
    3) KY – The Cats gotta a cerebral QB ya’ll. Beware.
    4) Ole Miss – I was impressed last night. Offensively & Defensively. Otis, my man, was balling. Cracking heads. They gonna give some folks fits in the west.
    5) TAMU – I guess? King threw three (3) interceptions. Was never overly impressed with him @ Longview. Talent everywhere but QB will be a sore spot for the AGS.
    ***LSU – for having two world class DB’s and all that talent, something ain’t right. Hasn’t been. The balance of the schedule doesn’t bode well for Stupid Ed. Going to be interesting in a couple of weeks when they head to Starkville. Really a make or break game. Lose it, and Ed is gone! 4-5 wins….max (my under 8.5 bet looking good). Scott Woodward to Sexton; “You did make sure Jimbo’s contract did not have a buyout, right?” I love it. Corn Dogs are over the top obnoxious. Silenced now.

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    • Tex, I like your top 5…I think too many folks have TAMU higher than giraffe pussy…like you I think they’re the 3rd maybe 4th best in the SEC west.

      As much as I hate to say it, I think Auburn might be well positioned in the West…those assistant coaches are good, and might be enough to give them a puncher’s chance each week, not to mention the portal was kind to them in the off-season. (Auburn sucks)

      Your 5 makes sense to me.


    • classiccitycanine

      I’d probably put TAMU ahead of both KY and Ole Miss (for the moment), but I agree that the Senator has KY and OM too low (and LSU too high by a slot or two). I picked KY to be 2nd in the East with their new offense and things are looking good so far.