Dominance, with a “D”

This is… impressive.

Yikes, indeed.  That front seven was hot shit Saturday night.



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10 responses to “Dominance, with a “D”

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Jordan and his posse are some bad mofos

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  2. MillyDawg

    Channing Tindall taking down that RB before he got to the corner just epitomizes the run D. Just lightning fast!

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  3. D as in Dawg

    Clemson thought they were hot snot on a silver platter, but they’re just a cold booger on a paper plate.

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  4. D as in Dawg

    NCAA is investigating UGA for Unfair LaBor Practices.

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  5. Somewhere in heaven, a trickle of blood is running down Erk’s forehead…GATA you junkyard Dawgs.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    Florida is a running team this year. They can’t throw it. This should make for a VERY fun afternoon on the banks of the St John’s this fall. Oh yeh, #FTMF

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  7. DawgFlan

    If anyone had ~12 minutes they should check out Channing Tindall’s press interview. He will probably get some “coaching” about sticking to the approved set of non-answers, but really refreshing to see such personality and passion from a guy that clearly loves his teammates and the game. Had some funny stories about JD99 and Bowers.

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    • archiecreek

      There’s an old adage amoungst offensive linemen….
      When a linebacker hollers, snarles, and yapps at the mounth…
      you can knock the hell out of him!!
      When he smiles…