The quarterback whisperer’s got work to do.

I’m really looking forward to what Jones does against Alabama.



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  1. Hope they get at least half a hundred hung on their jort wearing asses

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  2. ASEF

    That assumes Jones starts against Alabama. 1 game, Dan’s already got a QB controversy brewing.

    ‘Bama lost a starting LB for the year, but they’ll still break a running QB in two. So will Georgia. Dan picked a really bad year to reprise the Nick Fitzgerald thing.

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  3. I’ll admit that I’ve yet to rewatch the game yet but my first instincts were that our offense was on the verge of some great things Saturday night. We played sloppily and made a lot of unforced errors. I don’t say that to take away from Clemson’s defense but; it really felt like we were getting in our own way more than they were playing at some really high level. I left excited about our offense’s potential rather than concerned about the lack of points they scored. Maybe I was wearing rose-colored glasses and didn’t know it though.

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    • akascuba

      I’ve rewatched it twice to make up for not going. I agree Clemson’s defense looked about to break that on that last Georgia drive. Zeus was finally unleashed and ready to eat.

      Good news Kdawg Georgia beat Clemson as usual.


  4. godawgs1701

    Can’t believe Emory Jones hasn’t gotten better going against that Gator defense every day in practice.

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  5. siskey

    I see it being a true old-fashioned Alabama ass whooping. Dan will likely say something in the lead-up about how far the teams are apart from one another and Young will take advantage of some emotional blitzing to get out to a 28 point lead. From there Mullen will begin flip-flopping quarterbacks and when the dust settles Bama will win 49-10 and Mullen may do some kind of hysterics in the post-game press conference.

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  6. Dawglicious

    I’m really looking forward to see what Bama does to the Handbags.

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  7. miltondawg

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the line is on Bama UF next week and if UF is in the +18/19 range like Miami was. I feel like the line will be more in the +13.5 or +14.5 range with UF at home.

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  8. mg4life0331

    Mullet having jortman: “Well our guy had more rushing yards”

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  9. I watched some of UF’s game last night. That first pic Jones threw was scary bad. He locked into one receiver and never took his eyes off of him. Threw it straight to the DB who saw it and baited him. Was in the red zone too.


  10. Whiskey Dawg

    Let us sit upon the ground
    And tell sad stories of a Grantham defense.
    How some have been deposed; by passes to the end zone,
    Some haunted by the ghosts of third downs converted;
    Some burned by wide receivers: large and fleet.
    All murdered by another Bama defeat.

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  11. Russ

    All I know is I will be pissed if Bama beats Florida worse than we do.

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  12. practicaldawg

    According to UF fans, EJ is out and they already have a new Heisman candidate in “AR-15”.


  13. uga97

    Scoring D matters as much as Scoring O if u want to get drafted high in the NFL. Let’s hope the TDs start coming in droves to push that NIL $ up!


  14. PTC DAWG

    Can they both lose?


  15. gshock36

    My guess is that EJ is out by halftime of the Bama game and AR is the starter for the rest of the year. He’s good from what I’ve seen but not enough to scare me. We are going to shut those guys up in October. There’s a lot of teeth gnashing over our offense, but we were a missed chip shot field goal, a dropped pass in the endzone and a score in the fourth quarter on our final drive from putting up another 10-14 points on the board. I don’t think we’d be hearing as much noise if it was a 20-3 or 24-3 outcome.

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  16. Castleberry

    Here’s a compressed game of each snap in UF & FAU. They’re running a completely different offense this year. QB run and swing passes. The amount of QB run they’re doing is dicey for an SEC team. They’ll need injury luck to make it through the year. Their backup looked better than Jones and that can’t be a good thing in terms of getting any true #1 ready for the conference slate.

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  17. californiadawg

    Speaking of QBs, seeing some smoke on Twitter about JT sidelined with an upper body injury. Looks like Beck is expected to start?