Let’s welcome back…

I had a feeling this would happen after McGarity’s retirement.

Former University of Georgia head football coach Mark Richt will be honored at halftime of the Bulldogs’ football game versus Missouri on Nov. 6, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Josh Brooks announced on Thursday.

“We are so appreciative of all of Coach Richt’s contributions to the University of Georgia,” Brooks said. “His impact on Georgia football, the Athletic Association and the Athens community is immeasurable. We are thrilled we are able to honor him at Sanford Stadium this season.”

Richt’s 145-51 overall record in 15 seasons at UGA ranks him 10th on the all-time winningest SEC coach list. The Bulldogs had an 85-40 SEC record during his tenure and made five appearances in SEC Championship Games, winning twice in 2002 and 2005. Richt, a two-time SEC Coach of the Year honoree, led Georgia to nine bowl game wins, with Sugar Bowl victories in 2002 and 2007.

During Richt’s tenure leading the Bulldogs, his teams produced 84 NFL Draft picks (2002-16), including 13 taken in the first round, had 17 All-Americans and finished with 106 All-SEC selections.

“Katharyn and I are excited about being honored on Nov. 6 in Sanford Stadium,” Richt said. “Athens and the University of Georgia have been very special to us and we are humbled to be a part of the great history and tradition of the football program. We also would like to thank the people of Georgia for the love and support we felt throughout our time in Athens.”

I’m guessing he’s about to feel a little more.  I wonder how many of his former players will be on hand.  Anyway, well deserved and it’s good to see the school step up.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Black jerseys?


  2. He’s a DGD…and deserves a tremendous amount of respect from UGA

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  3. ginnys2008

    I wasn’t planning on going to any home games this year but this might make me change my mind.

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  4. Oh boy. Probably gonna catch hell over this, but I hope we don’t do our annual faceplant against Mizzou on Mark Richt day. FSU just lost in OT with a wide left field goal on Bobby Bowden night after all.


  5. Good on the athletic department for doing this. Richt was a class act his entire time here—even at the end, when he didn’t have to be—and he deserves more credit for that.

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  6. David D

    Greg McGarity day will be held at the old J&J Center on the Atlanta Hwy.

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    • whybotherdude

      I thought they held Greg McGarity day at the NCAA offices. They are the only ones that like that big eared prick.

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    • TEXBaller

      Used to watch some fine NWA wrestling at the J&J Center. Took a buddy there one night (not a wrestling night) so he could experience the J&J — he danced with a toothless Clarke County native redneck (male or female ?? — we didn’t know our pronouns then). I think we could bring our own beer in back in the day.

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      • RangerRuss

        I went to the J&J with my grandpa to watch wrassln’ when I was a chap. Abdullah the Butcher scared the shit out of me then and scares the shit out of me now. Not as much as the food at his restaurant though.

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    • Migraine Boy

      The event room of the Bulldog Inn

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    • Ole Dokes

      Took a girlfriend to see Johnny Paycheck at the J&J one night circa 1990. Don’t think she or her ilk had ever been to such a joint!


  7. stoopnagle


    I have to say, during my watch of the tech-NIU game (oh joy), I was looking forward to watching and hearing Ko’ Rick give some thoughts. I was surprised by how visibly changed he is due to Parkinsons. He was never the most animated person in the world, but it was still a shock. Despite it all, he contributed good commentary (even going so far as to say if he were Geoff at halftime he would be “tearing ass” with his comments!) while not being quite as active as he was back in his “you gotta use your spork” days.

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    • miltondawg

      I noticed that too. On an aside, I desperately wish that there was something similar to NFL Game Pass the college football fans could buy for college football where you could watch games in 30 to 40 minutes (cut out all between play lulls, TOs, replays, halftime, etc.) and if so inclined watch the all-22.


  8. 69Dawg

    I’m so glad that we are honoring him especially after McGoofy had him attend his own firing press conference. He was by far the bigger man that day than I would have been. Loved it when he came home to Athens.

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  9. debbybalcer

    I hope that covid does not screw this up. We will be there and cheering loud for Coach Richt.

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  10. bucketheridge

    Fantastic news!

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  11. SSB Charley

    Love to see it for Coach. Very thankful for all that he did for our university. He deserves every bit of love coming his way.

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  12. Derek

    DGD. I hope to be there.

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  13. rugbydawg79

    DGD For sure this is great !

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  14. akascuba

    DGD and great character person. Really happy it’s being done this season during an SEC game.

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  15. Russ

    BTW, Senator, that link doesn’t work for me either on computer or cell phone. Is it just me, or do others have problems with the link. Says I don’t have permission from this website (GTP) to view the story.


    • Russ

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    • I got the same message.


  16. 79dawg

    Hope it is not as cold and wet and sad and miserable as it was when Larry came back for that last time, but even if it is, I will still take my hat off in the rain for him…

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  17. wfdawg

    He’s a great man and a positive reflection on UGA to this day. I’m working through his book that was just released–skipped ahead to the UGA chapters and have read most of those. A lot of good memories there, and a few surprises: before the 2006 AU game, Richt had a lot of late night angst because he realized he hated the game plan. Things worked out pretty well that day, though.


  18. Hogbody Spradlin

    May he receive a huge hero’s tribute.


  19. californiadawg

    Love this move. My cheesy fantasy is after beating the ever living hell out of Bama and winning the national championship, Richt joins the team for the post-victory locker celebration.

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  20. archiecreek

    Coach Richt is a DGD!!
    He returned the Earth to its normal axis vs the hillbillies, the East Alabama Reform School (EARS), Hell SU, and the north ave. trade school.
    The fact that he’s undefeated at that hellhole on north ave. is a testament in itsownself!!


  21. Migraine Boy

    PoOcHiE! CoN MaN! ThReW tHe CoCkTaIl PaRtY !!1!!


  22. I will be there in full Richt-ophile mode. He is a DGD, and I can’t wait to see him receive a warm welcome from 92,000 gathered between the hedges. I hope as many of his former players as possible show up to honor their leader.

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  23. RC

    I love everything about this, though I wonder why they couldn’t wait a year and honor him in conjunction with the 20 year anniversary of the 2002 SEC Championship he brought us. All I can assume is that his Parkinson’s must already be pretty advanced, causing them to push this deserved tribute up a year, which makes me sad.


  24. I am really glad this is happening. CMR was a DGD and an excellent coach and was 2 or 3 breaks away from winning multiple national titles.