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The Integration of Georgia Athletics

If you’re interested in the historical record showing how integration proceeded in Athens related to UGA’s sports programs, Jason Hasty at the Hargrett Library has put together a bunch of materials exploring the topic.  Check it all out here.


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The game is closer than you think.

At least according to this al.com preview.

  • Quarterback:  Even
  • Running back:  UGA
  • Receiver/TE:  UAB
  • Offensive line:  Even
  • Defensive line:  UGA
  • Linebacker:  UGA
  • Secondary:  Even
  • Special Teams:  Even
  • Coaching:  Even

Still, there’s only so far you can go with that.


The Bulldog’s weaknesses fall in line with UAB’s strengths but they still have a wealth of talent that overshadows that of the Blazers, specifically a defense that held a high-powered Clemson offense to only three points. It’ll take a herculean effort from the Blazers to pull off the upset but it’s possible if they win the turnover battle, establish the run and take advantage of Georgia mistakes. Advantage: Georgia



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The hunted become the hunters.

Here’s the official announcement.

The acceptances are already rolling in.

Now comes the question about timing.  I hardly believe the Big 12 is going to play at fourteen until Oklahoma and Texas leave.

Not to mention, as Andy Staples pointed out, I have a hard time thinking OU and UT will be on board splitting conference revenues by fourteen instead of ten.  In other words, send in the lawyers.

By the way, this is one sprawling conference now, from Utah to West Virginia to Orlando.  That should make for some terrific mid-week travel plans for, say, women’s volleyball players.  Academics?  It’s all for the greater good, girls.


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Your two-sentence take on tomorrow

Comes from Bill Connelly ($$):

The Blazers were, for all intents, purposes and occasionally limited offensive output, the Georgia of the Group of Five. Now they get to face the real thing.

Sounds like we’re gonna be treated to back-to-back grinders, Dawg fans.

And what Bill means by “occasionally limited offensive output” is this:

UAB almost certainly doesn’t have the offense to scare the Dawgs for 60 minutes; the Blazers haven’t finished better than 92nd in offensive SP+ since their return to action…


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Whatever will they do?

Two quick hits from Jake Rowe about tomorrow’s matchups:

Georgia’s quarterback vs. UAB’s secondary: We don’t yet know who will be behind center for this matchup. JT Daniels is dealing what is, by all accounts, a fairly minor oblique injury but it’s one that could keep him out of this one. Whether it’s him at quarterback or Carson Beck, the Bulldogs really need to take care of the football. Whoever plays the position has to make good decisions and play within the offense. That means making the correct read on RPOs, getting the Bulldogs out of the wrong play against suboptimal looks from the defense, and staying ahead of the chains. It also means cashing in on the opportunities in the passing game when they present themselves.

Dawgs247’s Take: UAB’s secondary is pretty experienced outside of freshman cornerback Mac McWilliams, who led the team with three pass breakups last week. The Blazers will likely load the box and try to thwart the run game, so Daniels and/or Beck will have chances to bite off chunks of yardage. Cashing in on those opportunities and taking care of the football will allow Georgia to control this football game from start to finish.


Georgia’s offensive line vs. UAB’s front seven: No matter who plays quarterback, the Bulldogs need to get the run game going. It needs to channel the energy it used to hold the football for the final four minutes and 49 seconds against Clemson last week. UAB’s front is athlete but it’s not the biggest, most powerful that the Bulldogs will face. The UGA front five has to played a focused game and handle UAB’s pressures while also getting movement in the run game.

Dawgs247’s Take: This is a matchup that favors Georgia and maybe in a big way. Yes, the Blazers will be aggressive and try to force the Bulldogs into obvious passing situations, but that could result in more big plays from the run game with more guys near the line of scrimmage. The biggest key, however, is the focus. Mental miscues can make life tough on the quarterback and knock the offense off schedule.

Last week, the run/pass ratio was 31/30.  What do you figure this week’s will be?  How hard do you figure UAB sells out against the run?  Does the re-jiggering of the o-line start tomorrow?


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Today, in “the backup quarterback is the most popular player on the team”

Gotta give Mike Griffith kudos for bringing some strong “hey, I’m just asking” vibes about Georgia’s quarterback situation.  Chef’s kiss in particular for getting this hot take from legendary quarterback Hutson Mason:

Former Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason, now a college football analyst for ESPN and Atlanta’’s 680 The Fan, said this could evolve into an explosive situation.

“If I’m JT Daniels the only way I wouldn’t play is if they didn’t put the equipment in my locker,” said Mason, who in his senior year of 2014 beat Clemson and played through a rib injury. “If I don’t play for a week or two, and No. 15 comes in and plays well … it makes for a tougher decision for the head coach. You don’t want to lose that job.

“There’s a reason Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Farve were notorious for never giving any of their backups any reps. All it takes is one game to open the door.”

The “played through a rib injury” is an especially nice touch.  Suck it up, JT!

We don’t know the state of Daniels’ health.  We don’t know who’s playing quarterback Saturday.  We don’t know if it will matter against the likes of UAB.  And we sure as shit don’t know what’s in Kirby’s head about this.  (Or Monken’s, for that matter.)

In other words, it’s simply an exercise in talking out of one’s ass.  What’s the point?  To quote Peggy Noonan, “Is it irresponsible to speculate? It is irresponsible not to.”


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Old enough to drink…

Old enough to promote.

Sauce for the goose, and all that.  I tells ‘ya — what a time to be alive.


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Moar fan friendly

Give him credit — Josh Brooks is still bringing it.

Hey, it may sound like small stuff, but at least he’s making more of an effort in a few months than McGarity did in a decade.  Take your wins where you can get them, peeps.


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