Moar fan friendly

Give him credit — Josh Brooks is still bringing it.

Hey, it may sound like small stuff, but at least he’s making more of an effort in a few months than McGarity did in a decade.  Take your wins where you can get them, peeps.


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30 responses to “Moar fan friendly

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Sounds very positive.
    if the games didn’t last 4 hours maybe you could still get by with inadequate infrastructure at sanford.


  2. RangerRuss

    A good ol Ballpark frank and a frosty draft beer are hard to beat…

    What? You say no beer at Sanford Stadium? Damn Volstead act.

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    • Harold Miller

      When every someone mentions the Volstead Act I thing of Michael Shannon in Boardwalk Empire.

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    • Got Cowdog

      Oh yeah. I have to put in a shameless plug for my buddy Jeremy Harris of Harris meats. They’re a little off the beaten path on 441, just outside of Homer. He keeps 21 day aged ribeyes on hand, which are amazing, but their hot dogs are the best.
      Got Sr. and I stopped in the other day to grab some steaks…I got a pack of hot dogs.
      Dad says “We’re gonna need a bigger bun.”

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  3. akascuba

    No question there are a lot of things needed to make Sanford Stadium a more fan friendly environment. Lip stick on a pig is all I’ve ever seen from my seat at best. Real fixes will take time and a long overdue master plan which for once I think may finally happen.

    What Josh is doing are quick easy actions to make things more fan friendly. Just knowing he actually gives a shit about regular families is light years beyond his former boss who DGAS. I applaud this action and look forward to more improvements.

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  4. dawg100

    The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

    “Improving by 1 percent isn’t particularly notable—sometimes it isn’t even noticeable—but it can be far more meaningful, especially in the long run. The difference a tiny improvement can make over time is astounding. Here’s how the math works out: if you can get 1 percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.”

    Keep it up Josh!

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  5. Bulldawg Bill

    Refillable cups….now THAT would be amazing!!!!

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    • Down Island Way

      Red solo cup…you’re my friend…

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    • gurkhadawg

      They had those at BOA stadium. Had a separate fill station with no line. Pretty nice.

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      • 79dawg

        I believe the Benz pioneered this. I think the pro stadiums can make it work, financially, because they are selling alcohol which has higher margins – getting people drinking soft drinks out of concession lines helps keeps the lines short and helps them sell more alcohol. At least I think this is the financial strategy.
        At Sanford, the fountain drinks are probably the highest margin item, so they want folks buying those (the cost of a fountain drink is almost zero); as I recall, the margin on bottles is much less (i.e., Coke gets significantly more for each bottle sold as opposed to a fountain drink).

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        Yeah and they charged something like three times what the Benz charges. Even for a Collector’s cup, 9 bucks is awfully steep.


  6. Granthams Replacement

    The food/beverage revenue is split with youth sports teams, bands and clubs. Not much of a sacrifice for UGA , hopefully none for the youth.

    When he starts removing the draconian tailgate rules I’ll be impressed.

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    • RangerRuss

      I miss tailgating. My ol pal Gary used to set up in front of the Geology building. Got to talk to everyone from Coach Dooley to ol red panties himself. I was amazed that Coach Dooley remembered me from our one meeting where I was hauled into Colonel Brownlee’s office in the early 80’s. Seems Mike Steele and Tim Crowe had used my climbing ropes to rappel off a railroad bridge and got popped by Athens finest. I took my ropes and snap links, promised Coach I wouldn’t contribute to those two bruiser’s delinquency again and got the hell out of Dodge. Coach even recalled my name from that brief encounter.
      I hope Michael Adams gets bleeding hemorrhoids so bad he has to use panty liners that fall down his pants leg and stick to his Florsheims.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “When he starts removing the draconian tailgate rules…”
      “Draconian”? I believe they did. they’re allowing tailgating where I park!!


  7. Gaskilldawg

    McGarity’s entire career was as a athletic association employee at UGA and UF. He always had a convenient parking space, seating in an athletic association suite, and never had to stand in line e with common folks for restrooms of food and drink. He had no idea what the game day experience his ticket buying customers had, and since he never experienced it their experience was not on his radar. The J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics wasn’t interested enough in the common fan to care.

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  8. wts1976

    Crazy when a price reduction seems like a monumental change from the past. Sadly, it’s true. Glad to see Brooks give us season ticket holders at least the impression that he appreciates us.


  9. Remember the Quincy

    Brooks is giving us a bigger wiener in exchange for not having to bend over quite as far…

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  10. Bring back Posses’ and the red plastic cups!

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  11. PTC DAWG

    Senator, sadly, I think some here would complain if those prices said “free”.


  12. 123 Fake St

    This is good IMO. Little deeds like this goes a long way.

    For everything else, why not bring in Billy Payne as a consultant? He’s a DGD and the former head of ANGC.


  13. TripleB

    Don’t forget that this is in addition to really nice ice!

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  14. bigjohnson1992

    How are we supposed to mix bourbon with bottled soda?

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  15. I am glad there are 90k people willing to suffer the shitty environment of football stadiums so I get to enjoy the roar of the crowd from the incredible comfort of home. Thanks everyone!

    You couldn’t pay me to attend a football game anywhere on the planet other than in a box. It isn’t worth the pain and suffering.