Your two-sentence take on tomorrow

Comes from Bill Connelly ($$):

The Blazers were, for all intents, purposes and occasionally limited offensive output, the Georgia of the Group of Five. Now they get to face the real thing.

Sounds like we’re gonna be treated to back-to-back grinders, Dawg fans.

And what Bill means by “occasionally limited offensive output” is this:

UAB almost certainly doesn’t have the offense to scare the Dawgs for 60 minutes; the Blazers haven’t finished better than 92nd in offensive SP+ since their return to action…


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55 responses to “Your two-sentence take on tomorrow

  1. gurkhadawg

    Every game from here to December is an opportunity to get tuned up for Alabama in the SECCG. Maybe work on some downfield passing tomorrow? Cause UAB ain’t gonna score.

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    • Exactly…experiment, open up the playbook

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      • Spell Dawg

        Well…I would counter you don’t want to show your hand if your opponent is holding garbage. Let them fold and don’t show your high cards until the big showdown. Get it out of reach and get the young bucks in as early as possible, that’s what I’m hoping to see.


      • Down Island Way

        If # 18 is the starter, book is open…if # 18 isn’t the starter, book might be limited to a few easy pages, or heaven forbid…full frontal “manball”…

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    • Skeptic Dawg

      I love your thinking here Gurkha, but deep down you know this will not happen under Kirby. We will see less and 20 pass attempts this weekend and north of 40 rushing attempts. Kirby will play things close to the vest in an attempt to control the game, which in turn will lead to a closer scoring game than necessary. And that is if we are able to actually score touchdowns…something that our offense apparently struggles with.


      • biggity ben

        And then all the high flying WR recruits will yawn and change it to the OU/OSU games. Le sigh.


      • gurkhadawg

        Skeptic, I think based on past games you are probably correct. Saban made a comment several years ago, I think after Bama lost the NC to Ohio State in a shoot out. In effect he said: Instead of winning with ball control all year, we should have run a more wide open offense more often. We would then be able to execute better when we needed to. Again, that’s not an exact quote but it is what he was getting at. Kirby would be wise to follow his mentor’s advice.

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  2. ASEF

    On paper: Old fashioned battle of field position and turnovers. Reality: I think they have no one to keep up with Cook and tackle White/McIntosh.

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  3. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    UAB is a good football team that wins its G5 conference regularly. This will not be a walkover by any means.

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    • If this game is not a walkover, I would question Georgia being ranked #2. Backups or not – we should have significant athletic advantage across the board.

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      • In other words – “You’re either elite, or you’re not”.


        • Harold Miller

          Keep choppin’ wood, keep the main thing the main thing…

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        • Skeptic Dawg

          Dash, we are not an elite team at this point. Our defense appears to be out of this world elite at this point. Our offense? Not even close. We have seen this play out time and time again over the years…a world class defense paired with a plodding offense equals games closer than they should be and an untimely loss to a lesser team. In short, Georgia football.

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          • Darin Cochran

            “Not even close…” ?? Huh?? Not sure how you can say that after one game. Especially when that game was against the #2 team in the nation with 10 starters back on a D that was one of the best in the nation last year. Watch what that D does to the rest of the poor ACC over the next couple of months and you’ll understand what a monumental task we had.
            You better reserve judgement on this O for a few games…JMHO.


            • Skeptic Dawg

              Darin, you are 100%. Lots of season left to play and improve. In my first sentence I stipulated at this point. That being said, I do find it strange that our offense could not scratch after practicing against our incredible D all spring and fall. It’s possible that 1) our D is 85 Bears great or 2) our offense is what we saw last weekend or 3) Clemson is not as good as we thought.


      • It won’t be a a walkover, rest assured.


  4. siskey

    This game concerns me but I don’t think that the team will play down to UAB’s level. I think that this will be a close one at least for a half and as long as we don’t have multiple turnovers we will win by a score close to the closing line. That being said, UAB is a well-coached team with a great defense and Coach.

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  5. David D

    I’m already drinking. You can never been too sure.

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  6. ben

    As UGA fans, we need to hope Bill Clark finds a big time job somewhere else. If he ends up at Tech or Auburn, that could present some problems down the road.

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  7. artistformerlyknownasbman

    Hi, my name is Nakobe Dean, and I’ll be your host for the afternoon, along with my friend and partner Nolan Smith. We’ll be joined by our co-host Jordan Davis, with guest appearances from Devonte Wyatt and Jalen Carter, along with a special performance from Channing Tindall and the Electric Blues.

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  8. 3rdandGrantham

    We will give up more points than expected…and perhaps score more as well. Because, well, that’s how CFB generally works.

    Dawgs on top: 31-13.

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  9. waltergeiger

    methinks kendall milton goes off this saturday. we shall see.

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  10. RangerRuss

    I’m looking forward to a mostly stress-free game. Grill some chicken and sip some brews.
    I have set my phone to remind me to text my Clemson buddy at 2:50pm and ask him what time it is in Charlotte.
    10 to 3.


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  11. Dawgs control the lines of scrimmage. Dawgs win by 3 TDs.

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  12. Faltering Memory

    Win. Lose, lose. (in other words, UGA wins, but the press explains how we didn’t score enough, let them score too much, or should have played a better opponent.)

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  13. sirjackshea1980

    Same balance, less opposition, more points, really pretty simple. Plays that Clemson could stop, UAB proly wont.

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  14. Scotty King

    Much ado about nothing.
    We kick their asses.

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  15. biggusrickus

    It’s UAB. On talent alone Georgia will win the game comfortably. If the offense clicks at all, they’ll easily cover.

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  16. The only thing missing in all this fear-mongering about UAB is the quality of their long snapper.

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  17. Got Cowdog

    On the bright side? If UAB plays UGA tough and actually scores a touchdown or two, Clemson can forget about the playoffs….

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  18. The best part of the Mason “played Clemson with a rib injury” jab is that JTD played Clemson with a lingering oblique injury (Supposedly sustained in the preseason). So what was the point of that? I know he has to have “Hot takes” to be interesting on the radio – both He and A. Murray have figured out that riling up the UGA fans gets their names blasted across twitter more than anything else they say. Pretty annoying actually.


    • Got Cowdog

      The last time I got riled up by Hutson Mason was the intentional grounding against South Carolina. Come to think of it, You’re right. That was annoying as hell.

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  19. TripleB

    I actually think this is a very telling game for UGA. As much as I like Monken and JT Daniels, I feel like they have not had much success together against a good defense. This game reminds me of Cincinnati last year. If UAB has a good defense, albeit less talented than Clemson, I hope to see Daniels perform well anyway. If not, I will wonder whether he can play like a big time QB when we play teams like Alabama or even Florida.

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  20. Matthew McKinney

    UAB is a cut-blocking team. Watch out.

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  21. “Don’t open the playbook” is loser talk. Saban doesn’t do that. NFL teams don’t do that.

    When you open the playbook enough and have enough options, there are so many things to prepare for it doesn’t matter.

    It is better to open the playbook and get GOOD at things than hold everything in secret and then fuck it up when the time comes to execute in a game.