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Stetson Bennett, IV. Legend.


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Game day post, here there be Dragons edition

Seth Emerson has some “everybody calm the fuck down” wisdom for the fan base this morning.

I suspect they’re both gonna play today.  For that matter, if Daniels wakes up this morning and feels like he can go, it wouldn’t surprise me if he does.  (By the way, is Courson back and in charge of Daniels’ treatment?  Just wondering.)

As far as the rest of it goes, I don’t think this team is going to have a hangover from the Clemson win.  I do, however, think the offense isn’t going to be all that this week, even if it is playing a defense that, while good, isn’t up to Clemson’s level.  For one thing, if Daniels doesn’t start, whoever plays quarterback is going to be told to play it safe.  For another, I anticipate some tinkering this week on the offensive line.  Finally, there hasn’t been much word this week on the receiving corps getting some of the walking wounded back.

As far as the Blazers’ offense goes, well, if Clemson could only manage three points despite winning the turnover battle, I’m not expecting UAB to light up the scoreboard.

I think they’d be happy with a grinder of a game and I suspect Kirby’s gonna give them what they want.  The pick ’em spread is 26.5, which is a little too rich for my blood.  I’m thinking something more like a comfortable, workmanlike 27-3 win.

Share your thoughts and observations in the comments, as always.



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Your (non-Dawg) Game Day post

Today’s slate of games:

That is a rather full day.

Oregon-Ohio State is probably the game with the biggest early stakes, but I’ll be hoping for amusing outcomes in the Tennessee and Georgia Tech meetings.  Texas-Arkansas might be fun.  And we might find out a little something about Kentucky and Mizzou.

What’s of interest to you?


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‘Mornin’, folks

Rise and shine.


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