A question of strategy

Just wondering:  to be in man coverage, don’t you, like, have to have a man covering?


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  1. Derek

    Safety bit hard on that eye candy.

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  2. Am I the only one who profanely told ESPN what they could go do yesterday on Twitter?

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Why do announcers need to talk constantly? It is painful to listen to anyone besides Todd Blackledge for color.

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    Why was Pitt/Ut on two channels?

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    • David K

      My only thought was ESPN had the US Open tennis final starting at 4 and they had to air that. if they put the Dawgs on ESPN2 and the UT/Pitt game ran long they would have to switch to tennis and nobody would see the end of that game. So they shifted that game to ESPN2. They probably figured the end of a close game was better tv than the start of our game. They just left the UT/Pitt game on ESPN as well.


    • akascuba

      To get people to load the app.

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  5. whendawgsfly

    I hope that is the last game I ever have to watch with RG3 announcing. The only silver lining to ESPN cutting over to our game late was less time with that crew.

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    • Hobnail_Boot

      I thought RG3 was better than most.

      The announcers were clearly bored. I don’t mind the occasional history lesson but can we at least say the names of the players making tackles?

      Had to pull out the roster.

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      • Joel Wenger

        I thought RG3 was pretty good for a first time announcer. He gave no platitudes which was refreshing. I also was pissed that ESPN did not bother to give proper play by play regarding the players involved with each play. Later in the game it kept me plenty busy figuring out who was involved on each play.


    • Biggen

      Give me RG3 any day over Reba McEntire, ugh, I mean Beth Mowins any day.

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  6. beatarmy92

    The play design on Bowers’ long TD was beautiful. First the wideout cleared the safety by cutting across the middle. Monken flared the back out in the flat, and the remaining coverage but hard on that leaving Bowers to just turn up the sideline wide open.

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  7. The announcers spent the entire first quarter discussing 9/11. I was waiting for the Dick Cheney sideline report, but it got bumped for some commercials.

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    • Anon

      But they did break the news that somebody was paying somebody else reparations for something that happened sometime. That was what I deciphered.

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    • didntgotheredawg

      No mention made of a monster Jordan Davis tackle by hawking the UAB QB from behind. It’s like trying to focus on the dawgs through the chatter at a wine and cheese party. At some point Mel Kiper will have that clip playing on draft night, but RGIII is too busy talking about RGIII. Nobody tuned in to hear you dude.

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  8. 81Dog

    Is it possible with last season and a full spring/summer/fall program, Stetson is seeing the open guys he sometimes didn’t see after going from 4 to 1 on the depth chart in less than a month last year? No, he isn’t suddenly Joe Burrow 2.0, but you have to feel like he has been working and improving the last year.

    Also, floating Beck as the starter only to roll the Mailman out at the last second, meaning UAB spent all week preparing for JT, then scrambling to prepare for Beck, only to get something they were unprepared to see, is the most Machiavellian Kirby move ever. All warfare is based on deception. 🙂

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    • akascuba

      It’s the invisible man defense Grantham used after SBIV got hurt. Worked last year for FU.

      When Beck was in the game I saw JT and Stetson having a lot of fun together each comfortable in their roll on the team.

      When SBIV goes in I see Beck walking alone head down not watching the game. That’s the opposite of leadership and earning the respect of your teammates.

      I’m not in any rush to bury Beck. He still has time to get his issues fixed. The clock ticks louder every week.

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      • otto1980

        Agreed, I don’t won’t to write the kid off but, impressions aren’t good and he needs to be pushing now for the job next year. If a QB enters the transfer portal my wager is on Beck. The body language going on to the field for his last drive and making zero attempt to tackle the defender also seemed subpar. RG3 was terrible but did have a point on trying to tackle the defender after the INT.

        Hopefully Vandagriff gets some time in mop up duty in the future.

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      • jdawg108

        So the 5th year senior and the anointed started are relaxed and joking around.

        And the 19 year old playing his first collegiate game is anxious and putting pressure on himself, plus disappointed for not being the starter. Not to mention this is his first home game instead of a crowd.

        Everyone is judging him. Saying he’s a bad teammate. Sample size one. Maybe we hold off of taking him over the coals?

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        • originaluglydawg

          I just wish everyone would read your post and take it to heart. Some just seem to be looking for the negative side of everything. Beck will be fine with some more experience. I think we’ll see him some against South Carolina and he’ll be much different in a good way.

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          • sirjackshea1980

            What it boils down to, always boils down to Ug is that folks here think they know more about the kids than the coaches, who see them, work with them every day and…depend on their performance to make their boat payments. Misinformation and bullshit is everywhere.

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        • akascuba

          Not judging or rushing to any final conclusions.. Just a fact first look was bad when compared to how others have handled their chance.

          I sincerely hope the light comes on for him the team needs him. it’s a long season let’s let it play out before making snap decisions about anyone.

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  9. Down Island Way

    Don’t know if there is an issue with techniques or snap counts or holder or injuries on the UGA football field goal team, missing two 30ish yard fields goals in two weeks is an issue….

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  10. BA Baracus

    Really glad I did the free trial of YouTube TV’s 4K package before yesterday. That broadcast started on time, thankfully


    • californiadawg

      How you liking it? I might switch to YouTube TV over DirectTV Stream which kinda sucks.


      • BA Baracus

        I love it. I don’t think I would pay the extra $19/month for the 4K package permanently, but the base service is great. Definitely the best streaming quality & best interface of any of the services I’ve tried. The only bad thing is that they let their contract with Sinclair expire, so no Braves or Hawks games now, but I have other options for those.


  11. DawgFlan

    Play action is a beautiful thing.

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  12. mg4life0331

    The good teams usually have someone covering in man coverage. Or in the general area. The bad teams mess up or can’t keep up. This correlates with our ability to score on Sisters of the Poor and not the Cincinnati’s, Bamas, and Clemsons in the world.

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  13. Salty Dawg

    Thank you for posting that clip, Senator. I did not get to see that beautiful sight because of ESPN’s hatred for the Dawgs.

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  14. Clayton Joiner

    Yes, that’s usually a big part of that coverage…

    And as for that garbage TV coverage, Wtf? For us to score twice before they actually get us live and off the app was total BS. They had UT on 2 channels. Terrible

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  15. ogeecheedawg

    I had to mute the TV and listen to Scott Howard and Eric Zeier out of sync rather than endure the blathering of those two ESPN guys

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  16. Russ

    Thanks Senator. Now you have to make up for shitty ESPN “coverage”. Your load never gets lighter. 😉

    And you’d think ESPN would catch up the fans who couldn’t see it but no, they had to yammer on about anything not related to football. RR had it right. Never thought I’d miss Beth Mowins.

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  17. spur21

    ESPN for the loss. I was frantically pushing buttons on 4 different remotes trying to find the game. Finally got a terrible picture on some channel (NETFLIX ?) I’m not subscribed to and then it goes away because of some infraction then I’m back to ESPN 2. What a cluster fuck – ESPN SUCKS.

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  18. Ran A

    Crowd knew it before their defensive backs did


  19. Ran A

    Little truth here guys. That could have been the Muschamp kid and Georgia wasn’t losing this game. And that’s isn’t taking anything away from the monster game that Stetson had. Georgia was that much better than this team, who beat Jacksonville State 31-0, who beat FSU last night.


  20. gurkhadawg

    I’m being a little snarky, but would someone like to post a montage of JT hitting receivers downfield in stride? ( not long passed that receivers stop for and win a jump ball with the DB)

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