The state of my state of mind

Bill Connelly ($$), on this week’s SP+ ratings:

Georgia won’t get a revenge opportunity against Alabama until the SEC Championship at the very earliest, but if what we’ve seen through two weeks is any indication, the Dawgs might once again have the talent to challenge the big dog if or when given the opportunity.

Georgia’s 56-7 win against a UAB that had — past tense — a top-15 defense was a massive Week 2 statement, one that, combined with the predictable Alabama sleepwalk past Mercer, closed the gap atop the SP+ ratings a bit. Alabama’s ratings slipped a bit after beating a lower-tier FCS team, 48-14, but Georgia’s rose as well, and after trailing by 8.1 adjusted points per game a week ago, UGA trails Bama by only 1.8 points now.

It’s not that I’m holding out confident hope that this is the year Georgia takes down Alabama.  It’s that I no longer think it’s crazy when somebody else suggests it’s a reasonable possibility.


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37 responses to “The state of my state of mind

  1. Ran A

    Never thought there was an 8 point difference between them anyway. These two teams are about even.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Kirby already knows how to get ahead of you know who. Just has to learn how to close.

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  3. The automatic pessimism is tough to shake but it belongs to a different era. This is real.

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  4. Gaskilldawg

    Yes, we can beat Alabama. Yes, Alabama can beat us. Certainly Alabama would be favored; it has earned that presumption.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am not in the confident hope stage either, but I am getting to the reasonably optimistic stage pretty quickly. In years past, the UAB game would have been a win, but not a statement. There would have been a number “a win is a win” comments, iykwim.

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  6. 123 Fake St

    It’s nice to have an ACC like schedule this year. Get everyone healthy and some experience before facing off against the Elephants.

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  7. 86bone

    Just relax and watch it all play out boweees!
    Oh, and start cooking a tri tip and drinking Manhattans….makes for a superb weekend💪🏼
    Go Dawgs🐾🐶

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  8. MagnusDawgus

    Georgia opens as a 32 point favorite over the chickens. This juggernaut thing is growing on me.

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  9. akascuba

    At this point of any season I just hope they get to the SECCG. I’m enjoying every game until proven wrong. This is sooo much better than talking season.

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  10. Anon

    It’s gonna happen. When errbody get well.

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  11. towniedawg

    Anyone still hanging onto the notion that Kirby is wedded to “manball”? That Kirby is calling the offensive shots?


  12. ASEF

    I’d expect Georgia to beat Alabama right now. Mainly because I don’t think the Bama offense could hold up right now against Georgia’s D. Ton of talent on that side of the ball for them, but not a lot of experience at a lot of positions. Line seems discombobulated for stretches. It’s an erratic unit that hasn’t learned “how to win,” as coaches say.

    Which is why Saban is on the warpath for the foreseeable future. He’s seen some Georgia tape. He knows they’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

    If both teams hit that game healthy, it’ll be epic. But I suspect Georgia will be hungrier. That’s important when everything else is roughly equivalent.

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  13. We have a point to make to Beamer, Jr. and the Lamecock faithful. They came to Athens 2 years ago and stole one (look at the game recap – the outcome was a pure fluke). We need to flex our muscles like we did yesterday and let them know they have a snowball’s chance in hell of pulling an upset. No mercy, no let-up. Just take them behind the woodshed.

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  14. 81Dog

    The worst thing you can do with a team you should smoke is to give them a reason to think they belong on the field with you. The longer you let them hang around, the more they believe they can win, and the more you start pressing. If this has occurred to me, I suspect Kirby has considered it. Whatever happens this week, UGA coming out flat isn’t going to be a problem. We gonna hit them with a pocket full of flash. 🙂

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  15. Get the OL squared away, a healthy receiving corp and JT fully ready for prime time….and I now believe this is our year. We van ride this D to the promised land which is Kirby’s signature. BELIEVE!!

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    • Off topic…if 1Dawgs Texas license plate reads this blog, I was behind you today in Winter Park. Enjoy the trip!


    • JaxDawg

      “We can ride this D to the promised land…”

      That’s what she said.

      And yeah I agree. I can’t remember the last time I watched a front 7 as scary and entertaining as this bunch. A decade from now, I might be reminding my currently 5 year old boy what it was like to watch this bunch.

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  16. Salty Dawg

    I think this is it. This is our year to fucking win it all!!


  17. Castleberry

    Not for nothing, but the way some of the heir apparent QBs have struggled at Clemson, tOSU, A&M, Florida, etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if Young hits a few bumps either. After surviving App State, the Miami win isn’t as shiny as it was a week ago.


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