The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat

Tell us you’re an ACC program that lost on the last play of the game to an FCS school without saying you’re an ACC program that lost on the last play of the game to an FCS school.



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27 responses to “The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat

  1. D as in Dawg

    I picture some college kids leaving the bar at 2 am, setting a dumpster on fire, and rolling it down the street.

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  2. Derek

    At least the ACC has Knoxville.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Related: ND is really building a resume this year

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    • Down Island Way

      Between nd, fsu, a&m, ut and the u and the respective coaches blathering on about it’s their fault for team performances and their seasons progress accordingly, lets keep the playoff system as is for the next 20ish years…

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      • practicaldawg

        Agreed. The current system works fine: let the No. 1 seed have a de facto bye week (i.e. play ND first round), and let the No. 2 and 3 seeds play into the title game. Seems to be working fine.

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    • Spell Dawg

      The pic is funny, but the video is so much better. Watch it a few times and look at the different faces in the crowd. Shocked, stunned and disgusted, it’s so hilarious.

      Jermaine Johnson is getting what he wanted; he was the bell-cow of the D once again, but mannnn, what a long season he has in front of him.

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  4. pdawg30577

    At first I was confused, thinking this was Deion Sanders’ team, and my reaction was “Well, shit, we’ll never hear the end of this.” Imagine my relief when I did a quick search and realized I was mistaken.


  5. As one who lives 25 miles away from FSU it’s always great to see them choke at the Doak. I only hope that they continue to plumb the depths of miserable play as has been exhibited so far this year.

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  6. Unbelievable … I was shocked when I saw that last night. There goes another potential positive for Clemson’s resume. Could it be the best case for Clemson is that they only had a 3 point loss to a potential SEC champion?

    Oh and by the way, Oregon is likely in if they end up as a 1-loss Pac 12 champion.


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      After two weeks there doesn’t appear to be a team in the PAC 12 North who can beat Oregon so the Ducks are likely in the PAC 12 Championship game. Win that and they are PAC 12 champs and if undefeated or even with one loss in the playoff. I’m betting the ACC is left out this year.


  7. Anon

    Miami’s performance has me thinking saban losing is his shit last wasn’t a one act play. He thinks Bama could run into UF s and have their comeuppance (as he predicts). Look for more theatrics from him this week.

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  8. TEXBaller

    The 30 year Jameis Curse continues….sold their sole. Karma is truly a bitch. I love it!

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  9. Russ

    LOL. Almost Competitive Conference.

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  10. mddawg

    Miami: almost loses at home to a Group of 5 team.

    FSU: hold my beer.

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  11. srhoades14

    So…by proxy…Jax St vs ND…sould be a nail biter of a game 🤣

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  12. DawgFlan

    Yeah yeah the transitive property is not a thing but UGA beat UAB by 50 who beat Jax State by 30 who beat FSU who was an OT field goal away from beating ND…

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  13. bmacdawg87

    What a day. Get a paycheck big enough to run your schools athletics for a year and pick up a W on the road

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